A good start to the post-midterm exams events series, plus more events to come

Hey guys;

Title says it all. Today, with the field trip that I had been talking for a while now, marks the start of the post-midterm exams events series. Tomorrow will see the second event (I will discuss that later). Next week, there is one on-campus event, but just like all the others, it is considered to be a small, minor event. After that, there is another field trip, this one is from the science club, but whether I actually get to go on that is yet to be confirmed. After that, there’s the second field trip for the introduction to hospitality and tourism industry class on the second of July. That week may also see a musical performance, I’ll have to see. All in all, after today’s trip and tomorrow, two events are expected, with the possibility of a third event, if my place on the science club trip is confirmed. Other than that, there could be more unexpected events that would just turn up out of the blue.

Today’s trip was, as I mentioned time and time again, the first field trip for the introduction to hospitality and tourism industry course. The trip is basically a visit to a Bangkok hotel. The hotel that was chosen is the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers.

For joining this trip, students practically have two options: Going with the university vans, or joining the class at the hotel itself. For convenience, I chose to go with the university vans. This meant waking up around 4:45AM (to get my phone fully charged up), and arriving at the university before 6:30AM. When I first arrived, there were literally no one there, but soon people started to arrive, and, turns out, the vans were pretty full.

The vans were suppose to leave at 6:30AM, but for some reason the departure was delayed for a while, and I think we finally pulled out at close to 6:40AM. Since it would be quite a long journey, I did what I always do – listen to music, and…use the new inflatable ring I bought some weeks ago as a neck pillow.

We arrived at the hotel around 8:15AM or 8:30AM, somewhere between that, and then we went to the meeting room, where we waited for the hotel staff. I was very fortunate that I ate breakfast at my dorm before leaving, since we didn’t stop along the way at all.

The first part of the trip consisted pretty much of the hotel staff giving presentations about the hotel and a bit of digital marketing concepts. After that, it was all about exploring the different parts of the hotel. I would also like to mention that, right before the presentation starts I managed to get the person sitting next to me to help place my phone on charge, for a while, just to get extra battery for photos and videos during the hotel tour.

The first area that we visited are the hotel rooms. We visited a pair of standard rooms, or ‘deluxe’ as they called it. The rooms were pretty much like the regular standard hotel room, with beds that can accommodate two people in each room. The next room we visited is an en-suite room, which has a separate bedroom with a built-in bathroom, and a living room. Just like the deluxe rooms, this en-suite room is designed for two people. The next room we visited is more or less the same as a regular deluxe room, but has access to the club lounge, which is immediately the area that we visited next. The club lounge is basically a pretty spacious hangout area where guests can spend pretty much the whole day there.

The next area that we visited is the laundry room, which is located all the way down in the hotel basement, only accessible via stairs and having to walk through the hotel’s back office. I guess since the laundry part is not meant to be for guests, it is located so hidden away. Apparently, although the hotel does its own laundry there, it also accepts laundry requests from other hotels that may not have the means to carry out laundry themselves.

Next, we visited the kitchens, which, just like the laundry room, is located in an area hidden from guests. There are a few kitchens, and…they basically cook food for the hotel restaurant, I assume.

And…finally, the last area that we visited are the swimming pools. We also walked pass the fitness center. There are two pools, small pool and big pool, as you would expect from a hotel.

After the tour, it’s time for lunch, which is just before 12PM. We ate at the hotel restaurant, and…it was a full buffet, with lots of food to choose from.

For me, I ate pork, duck, chicken, sushi, fish, pizza, grilled salmons, spaghetti, and chocolate cake. The last two I actually couldn’t finish as I was too full. But the food tasted really good, and I enjoyed it. There might be other drinks as well, but I just stick to water.

After lunch, it’s time to head back to MUIC. Once again I took the university vans back, listening to music and using my inflatable ring as a neck pillow along the way. That pretty much concludes the trip…

Overall, I must say, the trip was quite good. The food was amazing, and there were lots to choose from. The presentations in the morning does get kind of boring, but at least they didn’t last for too long. The hotel tour was pretty fun, getting to see all the different areas of the hotel. I can’t wait to see what the second field trip will offer…

Now, let’s move on to what’s going to happen tomorrow…

Well guess what, tomorrow I’m finally meeting up with my best friend! The last time we met was in late July last year, which is almost a year since. From our latest discussion, we have fixed the time to be at 5PM tomorrow, but that can still change. Also, since I have a brand management assignment involving interviewing people to do, I decided to seize this opportunity to interview my best friend and her brother. This would give me two samples, which is just one sample short of the minimum requirement of three samples (this is the same assignment I was talking in my last post). I was earlier going to interview my friend who is in my international business negotiations class when we met right before the exam on Wednesday, but I forgot. I was also going to try to interview people during today’s trip, but I couldn’t find the right setting to do so. If I want to be on the safe side, I could also interview my best friend’s parents, which should give me two additional samples, bringing the total sample size to four people, but I’ll see how the interview with my best friend and her brother goes first before deciding. I could of course ask my international business negotiations classmate whether she’s free after her 2PM class and if so, I would like to interview her. I could also interview disability support service staff at the learning center, which should give me a couple of samples. And, as a last resort, I can always interview my mom and my dad which would give me two samples, or just…approach random people and ask to conduct an interview.

Oh…since we’re now on the subject of brand management…I would also like to point out that the midterm exam for this subject has given me lots of trouble. It’s really hard, and I don’t think I did well. Given this, combined with the fact that I don’t really like the teacher, I might choose to raise the white flag (I.E withdraw from this subject). As this is my major elective, I don’t have to take it again if I don’t want to, which I certainly won’t. Business-to-business marketing, and digital marketing (if I could find out the subject code), are pretty attractive alternatives to consider.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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