Is this 2019 or 2016?

Hey guys;

Another day, another setback kicks in. Today I learned that, unless if miracle happens, I’m not be going on that damn trip next Sunday the 23rd of June, thanks to the fact that I was unable to send in my 100 Thai baht donation in time.

Look, this is literally just a few days after the first setback, which is the fact that the inflatable ring I’ve been waiting for since December/January is now gone forever, meaning that the six months of wait was a complete and total waste.

Though the second setback is completely unrelated to the first, the fact that it happened just a few days after the first is really like a personal insult.

All of these two setbacks, combined with possibly other setbacks since January, is slowly turning 2019 into 2016. Remember 2016, anyone? Yeah, it was that horrible, dreaded, dark, torturous, painful, unforgiving year, with tons and tons of setbacks. The fact that 2016 even had a residential trip was purely down to miracle and magic. And…the fact that I even enjoyed a reasonably good New Years countdown was, you guessed it, down to pure luck and magic (though the then two-year long friendship with that someone whom I mentioned already from time to time does have an influence). So far, 2019 has been the exact and complete opposite of 2018. True 2018 started off with some setbacks, but overall 2018 was an amazing year, mainly because the number of amazing, wonderful things outnumbered the number of setbacks, to some extent.

So, what’s this damn trip about, or what even is it, you readers may ask. Well I guess I have no choice but to give you an overly simplified explanation of what this goddamn trip is…

This trip, is a one-day trip, organized by the science club. This trip is basically a visit to a breeding center, which mainly takes care of animals rescued from illegal wildlife smuggling, at least that’s what I know from the brief info the organizers posted in the club’s Line group chat.

Normally, for other trips, filling in the online registration form (or in the case of the volunteers club trips, filling in the form, printing it out and give the hard copy of the completed form to the organizers) would be enough to secure a spot (or hopefully). But not this trip. The online form only acts as an expression of interest in the trip. Just filling in this goddamn online form is not enough to secure a spot; a well-timed donation of 100 Thai baht, which operates on a first come first serve system is also required. This is utterly gross!

And…you know what’s worse? The timing of the donation is designed in a way that basically ensures that I absolutely got no chance to join the trip. 12PM, during the time of which I was still on the road. This is not just gross, but also extremely unfair. As fairness is part of my core values, I consider this kind of practice completely unacceptable.

Today (June 15th), there is actually a conference that I signed up to and the science club did confirmed my spot. Honestly I want to withdraw due to what happened yesterday, but…I decided not to. I decided to force myself to attend this conference. Of course I will be taking photos and videos. Not because I enjoyed the conference, but…purely just for the sake of it.

So…what next? Possibly horrible midterm result for brand management, no further trips (apart from the one on 2nd July), possibly no inflatable ring from my best friend, etc…I really can’t see any positive things up ahead, all I can see are just setbacks and further disappointment.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…things aren’t going in a good direction at all, isn’t it.

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