A great musical

Hey guys;

So, the musical that I’ve been talking about has finally taken place, and…oh boy, what a wonderful performance it was! The musical last night was just great in every way, from the use of light and sound to the performance of each cast.

The musical last night is called ‘The Addams family’. It was staged by MUIC’s musical and choir club. The show was supposed to start at 6PM, but somehow there was a slight delay. I booked a seat iin the fourth row from the stage, which is fine. I requested a middle seat and…the seat I was given was quite great.

Originally I thought that this musical would end at 8PM, but…after I hear the announcement of a short brake after the first act, I knew that I was wrong and that this musical is going to be very long. To be honest I do not expect this from a MUIC club, given how last year’s musical performance turned out to be (remember the Mean Girls musical, anyone)?

Right from the very first scene, I can tell that more effort has been put into this musical, compared to last year’s musical. The casts seemed to be very, very well prepared. Unlike last year’s musical, the use of light and sound was very, very extensive, with sound effects. Last year’s musical was pretty bland in terms of light and sound. Last night’s musical resembles the Beauty and the Beast musical last year, as far as light and sound goes.

As I just mentioned, the casts seemed to be very well prepared. Every line, every word and every emotional expression were being conveyed very well and in a manor that truely hooks the audience. No wonder many people chose to stay and watch on after the first act, including me.

In terms of the plot…all I can say is that this musical is based around some love affairs between the children of supposedly two families. As the title of the musical suggests, the entire musical revolves around the interacction of different family members. Last year’s musical also involves a love affair, but it was between two high school kids, and the entire plot was very different as last year’s musical revolves around the interaction amongst high school kids and the interaction between high school kids and teachers, not between members of the same family. But in both musicals, the endings were at least happy endings. For last night’s musical it ended with the marriage being successful, and for last year’s musical it ended with everyone being good friends again after going to a prom towards the end of the school year.

As I said already, last night’s musical was very long. After the first act there was a short brake, followed by the second act. The musical didn’t really end until like close to 9PM. My phone was running low on battery but I managed to keep it alive by charging it through my laptop.

Overall, last night’s musical was absolutely amazing, and the level of complexity clearly shows that a lot of effort and time has been put into this musical. This musical took literally the entire academic year to prepare, compared to last year’s musical, which took only around 3/4 of the semester to prepare. In fact, for last year’s musical the preparation didn’t really kick into high gear until like the fifth or the sixth week of the semester and back then the signs that the musical was hastily prepared were quite apparent even on the day of the performance (last year, I was there observing the entire development process of the musical, from the audition to the dress rehearsal). It seems that whenver I was not there to see through the musical’s development process, the final performance turned out to be really good but whenever I was there to observe the development process, the end result was not very good.

And…guess what, last night’s musical will not be the only musical I’m watching this semester. There will be another musical coming up on tthe 10th of July, this time organized by the drama class. For that musical, I’m going to try to invite my friend as well, that is, if shee can make it. Even if she doesssn’t give a definite ‘yes’ or ‘no’, I’ll probably just go ahead and book two seats, just in case she says yes on the night before the performance or in the morning of the day of the performance. As the musical is free, I don’t really mind if my friend can’t make it even though I booked a spair seat for her.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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