It’s all about the music

Hey guys;

So, earlier this morning as I just wrote about the musical last night, today there was yet another event; an event that I did not expect.

The event in question is the band competition, which is pretty much the same competition as last year, abeing organized by the music club of MUIC.

Overall, even though I only stayed for the first half, I can tell that the competition waas great. Unlike last year where Thai songs seem to have dominated the first half, this year there was a mixture of both Thai and foreign songs, with the last band that played before the brake choosing to play only foreign songs.

The competition, according to a post in a group chat, was supposed to run from 4PM to 6PM, but as the performances dragged on, I realized that it wouldn’t be the case, and…I figured that it can’t be, given that there were six bands and each bands would be playing like two to three songs.

As the event consists entirely of listening to songs being performed by various bands, there isn’t really much to write about. The use of stage lights was quite extensive, I must say, just like last year. And just like last year, I took lots of photos and videos.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for this post…as this is not an overly big or interesting event, there isn’t really much to write about.

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