Oh, I forgot about the trip on the 23rd

Hey guys;

So, yesterday I wrote two posts, the first one about the musical on Wednesday, the second one about the band competition. But going through my blog again just now, I realized that I did not write a separate post about the science club field trip last Sunday. So…here I am, writing about this trip…

Back in early March of 2016, as I was about to lose hope of a residential trip, I finally got a message saying that a place has opened up and that I can join the said residential trip to Pattaya.

On Thursday 20th of June, 2019, as I was about to lose hope of a day trip that I had been waiting for for a while, I got a message saying that a place has opened up and that I can join the trip to a waterbird breeding center in Chonburi.

Noticed the similarities there? Yeah, both trips share one thing in common. The fact that I was able to join those trips is only because of pure luck and magic. This pretty much reinforces my view that 2019 so far has been a year of setbacks and bad luck. And this was made worse by the level of support and care I received during this trip because it is pretty awful, a far cry from the level of support and care I received during the two field trips in March (though to be fair I paid a lot more for those two trips).

Anyways…let’s move on to talk about the trip last Sunday…

As I mentioned already, this trip was organized by MUIC’s science club. The trip is basically a day-long visit to a waterbird breeding center in Chonburi province.

I arrived at the campus a bit before 7:30AM, only to find the lobby empty. I waited…and only just before 8AM, did people showed up in significant numbers.

We pulled out a bit later than scheduled. During the journey I just listen to music on my phone, as always. We stopped at a big service station, where I decided to grab some Mcdonalds (not a full meal, though). We arrived at the waterbird breeding center around 10AM or 10:30AM, can’t remember the exact time.

After we arrived, there was a brief introduction to the breeding center. Originally the purpose of the center is to breed waterbirds, as the name suggests, but gradually the center has grown to accommodate wild animals confiscated from illegal wildlife trade. There were lots, like lots, of animals at the center, ranging from primates, macaques and even slow lorises to various species of bird.

After the brief introduction, we went on a guided tour around the center, visiting various enclosures where the animals are housed. I took lots of photos and videos, as I usually do, but there were a few zones that photos are prohibited. There was one animal who was apparently so lonely that he decided to pretty much screech in very loud volume, supposedly just to grab attention and to let every living things know that he exists and that he is really lonely. That’s pretty sad…I guess he’s just like me, but in a lot worse condition…

During the tour, there was constant sound of thunder, and it did eventually rained. But luckily the heavy downpour started after the tour have ended. Lunch on that day was nothing more than a box lunch with rice, eggs and chickens. Cold water was available, and that’s pretty much it.

In the afternoon, we were divided into three groups, working on enclosure enhancement activities. I was assigned to a group that worked on like a feeding tray for slow lorises. Due to safety reasons, I can only stand by and watch. But at least that gave me an opportunity to take even more photos and videos.

The enclosure enhancement activity pretty much took up the entire afternoon. A group photo concludes the trip, at around 4PM or so. During the journey back, we stopped at pretty much the same service station, and I requested for a Mcdonalds again, but this time I went for the full meal. For your information, a full meal Mcdonalds for me includes a jumbo-sized french fries, 10 pieces of chicken nuggets, three pieces of chicken strips, and large coke. Other than eating, I pretty much just listen to music the entire journey back to campus. We arrived at around 7PM or so, and that pretty much concludes the day…

Oh, before I forget…as I mentioned already that the level of support and care I received was awful…I really, really mean it. Basically, throughout the day, I was on the verge of being left behind a number of times. It seems that no one was willing to properly take care of me, even though they knew that I’m visually impaired. Thinking about it, had my friend came with me on this trip, my day would’ve been much, much better as I knew that she would always stay with me. Maybe next time if there ever is a club trip I might as well forward the trip registration form to my friend and ask if she could perhaps join me as well…I really do not want to be left behind again…

Overall, this trip was…fine, but not very good, mainly because of the level of support and care that I received. On the trip’s evaluation form, I gave an overall satisfaction level of 2, just because of that.

Oh, and today there was suppose to be another field trip, but because of group work for brand management, I have to voluntarily withdraw, which kind of sucks but that’s fine as I think I already have lots of trip (remember I still got another field trip next Tuesday). All in all, the post midterm exams events series looks set to be a very, very big event, with lots of smaller events contained inside it.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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