The five elements

Hey guys;

Confused by the title? Well you’ll find out later why this post features this title…

So, the second field trip for the introduction to hospitality and tourism industry class has jjust ended. Overall not too different from the last field trip, apart from the hotel and the lunch buffet of course.

Like with the last field trip, the university vvans were supposed to depart at 6:30AM. But however, not too many people showed up and we ended up departing a bit late.

The hotel chosen was the Sofitel So Bangkok, which turned out to be located not far from Lumpini Park. The journey to the hotel was pretty awful, mainly because of the traffic jams inside the city. I listened to music on my phone, as always.

Just like the Royal Orchid Cheraton that we visited last month, this is a five-star hotel, and the atmosphere of the lobby clearly reflects that. The smell was truely unique, albeit not all that pleasant. We immediately went up to the 7th floor, to a meeting room where the hotel staff would give brief presentations about the hotel.

As too few people have arrived, the presentations didn’t start until quite some time later, I think it was like past 9AM or something like that.

The presentation basically consists of information about this hotel. Remember the ‘five elements’ in the post title? Well, this hotel uses the so called ‘five elements’ to decorate the hotel and its room. These elements are metal, wood, water, earth, and fire. As this is quite a well-known hotel with websites and whatnot that you can use to learn more about these elements, I’m not going to go into detail about them.

The presentations lasted until around 11AM, of which the hotel tour began. Just like with the last field trip, we explored the various kinds of hotel rooms, namely in this case, one hotel room for each of the five elements. I’d say I like the earth room the most just because it’s blue and…blue is my favorite color, so…yeah. The tour didn’t last as long as the hotel tour during the last field trip, as we didn’t tour the back-end functions like the laundry and the kitchen. Just like with the last field trip, I took lots of photos and videos.

After the hotel tour there was of course the buffet for lunch, at roughly 12PM as usual. There were loads of food to choose from. I ended up eating five plates of food (four of which I managed to finish) and three plates of dessert (all of them I managed to finish). I must say, the foods and the desserts were really, really good and I love them, especially the salmonn, the ice cream, the chocolate and the shrimp spring rolls.

After lunch, it’s time to head back to the university. This time, the journey didn’t take as long as the traffic was quite light. I listened to music on my phone, once again. That marks the end of the field trip…

Overall, I must say the trip waas quite good, especially the food, with pretty much puts the science club field trip on the 23rd of June to shame. For this trip I paid nothing and I got a wonderful buffet with lots of amazing choices for lunch in an air-conditioned restaurant. But for the sscience club field trip I paid 100 Thai baht but I only get a boxed lunch with rice, some chickens and some eggs to eat in the middle of the sweltering heat…

Oh, remember about the operations management class that I was supposed to skip today? Well turns out the 12PM class was canceled, I bet at the very last minute or at least in the morning (people in my group told me about it, but I decided to verify the information myself by using my phone as a wi-fi hotspot and log on to the system from my laptop to check, and…indeed the class was canceled). So this practically means that I didn’t miss any important content from the class, and…on the other hand, it’s a good thing that I attended this field trip otherwise I would’ve came to the university for literally nothing…

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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