Wrapping up the first half of 2019

Hey guys;

I know, I was meant to write this post last week, but I either forgot, or was too busy with university work…

But anyways, six months have passed since the start of the year. On the wider world, 2019 so far had not been all that interesting, except for Brexit which more or less dominated the headlines as the UK government struggled to get the agreed Brexit deal through parliament. In Thailand the first proper general election in like eight years was held on the 24th of March, and it was also the first general election that I get to vote. And in recent weeks, tentions with Iran have increased, especially after a few attacks on oil tankers in the region.

In terms of my life, the first half of 2019 was not as good as it really could have been. Setbacks were quite common, to say the least, but at least I managed to join quite a good number of field trips (five to be exact), and…at least a sudden change in fortune a couple of weeks ago did keep 2019 from being more terrible.

In terms of events, the first half of 2019 does not feature too many events, the majority of those events are concentrated in June. There could have been more events, particularly field trips, but for the first three months due to the fact that I have classes on Fridays I was unable to participate in those trips. But at least I did join two field trips, like…two really, really good field trips.

As I mentioned already, setbacks were quite common throughout the first half of 2019. The main one, really was the fact that due to scheduling conflicts, me and my best friend were unable to meet up, which meant that I didn’t get to pick up the inflatable ring that she bought, and…that ring ended up getting lost, which is possible one of the worst things that could have happened to me. The other setback was when I initially was unable to join the science club field trip two weeks ago due to the fact that I can’t give in the trip fee in time, but that setback was eventually negated by a sudden change in fortune and…well, more unexpected events, E.G the AIESEC club field trip (June 21st), The Addams family musical (June 26th) and the band competition (June 27th).

On the academic side, the first half of 2019 had actually been quite good. My grades last semester was not too bad, and…in terms of group work the groups I worked with were at least acceptable. This semester, I would say, is probably the most interesting semester yet (I will talk more about that when I do a wrap-up post for this semester soon). Also, this semester is I think one of the very few semesters where all of my midterm exam results are quite good, at least 70-75%.

Right now, the second half of 2019 is underway, and…already things are looking quite good, with a field trip on Tuesday and…of course, my group presentation on Wednesday, which as I mentioned in my last post, is probably the most creative, mind-blowing presentation yet. What is wonderful is how fast this presentation has developed, from little more than bulleted summary of the case study and possible theories to a presentation in a form of a news program within a span of just a few days (the big progress was actually concentrated in that group call on last Sunday night). This makes other presentations that I have done, as well as the ones that are coming up, feel really bland and boring.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…hope that the second half of 2019 would be better.

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