A happy love story in a musical performance to end the post midterm exams events series

Hey guys;

So, the musical that I had been talking for quite a few posts now has finally taken place. It’s a pretty good performance, I must say, and given that it is organized by the drama class (the class under the same teacher that organized the Beauty and the Beast musical last year), I do not expect anything less from tonight’s performance.

For this musical, which is about Cinderella, I decided to book seats in advance. I booked two seats, in  case my best friend (the girl who normally sat next to me in international business negotiations class) would like to come. Initially, when the announcement about this was first posted in a club group chat, I do not know whether I should book two seats, or just one, or just turn up on the day without booking. I asked my best friend, and since she didn’t give me a definite ‘yes’ or ‘no’, I decided to book two seats, just in case. The tickets don’t cost money, so the fact that she couldn’t make it today is no big deal.

Just like The Addams family musical two weeks ago, there is a brief registration before entering the auditorium. But for tonight’s musical, I must say, registtration is pretty chaotic. I booked two seats in rows J, but got moved down to rows H, and…then, eventually I was moved again (due to my tickets being messed up), first to rows B, but at the end the teacher for this class intervened and tell the organizers to let me sit at the very front row, which is extremely nice but…I don’t know why they have to get the bookings messed up in the first place…but anyhow at least I got to sit in a seat so close to the stage that I do not need to use the zoom feature on my phone when recording videos or taking photos.

In terms of light and sound, just like the Beauty and the Beast musical last year, the use of light and sound was extensive, and seemed very professionally done, especially given the short amount of preparation time (according to the speech given by the teacher at the very end, the class started working on it in the fourth week of the semester). The lights in some seens, especially those with mmusic, switched back and forth between different colors, almost like a disco. The soundtracks used conveys the emotions and mood of the scene pretty well, just like with the Beauty and the Beast musical last year.

In terms of the plot…well, simply put it, this musical is about a girl, an ordinary girl living in the countryside, despite all the odds, manages to marry a Prince. Pretty cool, isn’t it? An ordinary citizen of the kingdom manages to suddenly become a part of the ruling royal dynasty…

Originally, the musical was supposed to start at 6PM, but it suffered a delay and didn’t kick off until past 6:30PM. Right from the start, I had a feeling that this musical is more going to be like a children’s story, since the very first line that is spoken is ‘Once upon a time’, which is a pretty common opening line for a children’s story. Then, towards the end, the last line that is spoken is something like ‘And they live together happily ever after’, which is once again a popular closing line for a children’s story I guess. Just like with the other musical two weeks ago, I took lots of photos and videos. To make sure I do not have to use my laptop (which is also runnning low on batttery at that time) as a charger for my phone, I made sure that my phone is as fully charged as possible. Unlike the musical two weeks ago, this one is very short, lasting only about an hour or so.

Overall, I really enjoyed the performance today. Except for the registration part, everything else was done very well. The use of light and sound was pretty extensive and certainly very creative. The musical, as I said already, is very short, but that is preetty much to be expected from a musical that only took like eight or nine weeks to prepare, as opposed to a musical that took an entire academic year to prepare.

As there aren’t any more events between now and the final exams next week, tonight’s musical marks the conclusion of the post midterm exams events series. All in all, this series contains sixteen events (four field trips, two musicals, two on-campus club activities, two dinners (I’ll talk about the second dinner that took place last Wednesday briefly soon), a band competition, a group presentation, a conference, an exhibition, a visit to my other best friend’s house, and a mini food fair). This is already more than last year, where there were just nine or ten events. Basically after the first field trip and ta visit to my other best friend’s house, there is at least one event per week.

Now, on to the dinner last Wednesday…

The dinner last Wednesday was…well, just an ordinary dinner with some of my exchange friends. We ate at a sushi place close to dorm, and I decided to literally go all out and order fifteen pieces of sushi and a bottle of coke, costing almost 300 Thai baht.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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