Header image updated

Hey guys;

So, after a long time without changes to the blog’s header image, it’s finally time that I change it, and…here it is. In fact, it is indeed a while since I posted anything regarding changes to this blog, and that is because there hasn’t been much changes, if at all, in terms of features/functionalities and appearance; literally most, if not all, of my recent posts are concerned about my life events.

The new header image is…of course, a photo of one of my inflatable toys. This one features a inflatable duck split ring that I bought just two days ago, which has now become my favorite inflatable toy.

It took me a little while to get the image right; since I want this photo to be usable as a wallpaper for my phone and my laptop, I ended up retaking the photo several times and, for the laptop version, I even have to crop the image. But at least both versions are from the same base image file…as for this blog, I have to use trial and error, since I want the whole ring to be visible and after a couple of tries I think I finally got it right. When not logged in, the whole ring is visible, including the whole of the duck head. But since I’m logged in as an admin, the admin bar occupies the top portion of the screen (thus cutting off parts of the duck head), which is not a big deal as since you guys won’t see the admin bar, you’ll still get to see the entirety of the ring, including the duck head, in all its glory (at least for the desktop site; I can’t say the same for the mobile and tablet sites).

Anyways, that’s it for now…I hope you like my new header image.

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