Summer holiday has drawn to a close

Hey guys;

So, after roughly a month or so, the summer holiday is now drawing to a close. Technically, this upcoming Monday is the start of a new academic year, and…as it turns out, my final and shortest academic year. This is because, for this upcoming academic year, I only have two semesters instead of three. Yes, I’m almost done with my first undergraduate degree, in international business. It has been a long journey since the start of university life back in September 2015, I must say, and this whole journey involved me changing my major once. Once it’s over, I’ll have a post up summarizing this whole thing… But since my first class is on Tuesday, I actually get an extra day of holiday, though I may choose to hang out at the university instead of staying at home.

So, what’s going on this summer? Well, not much, really. The only real event worth talking about at all is my visit to my best friend’s house on August 1st.

This visit took place almost two months after the first, back in June. Once again my best friend bought me something – a new inflatable toy, of course. But other than that, nothing too special. In fact, these visits have become somewhat routine, to the point that there’s not much to talk about anymore as all of them are pretty much the same – the only thing we did was just chatting. It’s good to spend hours chatting in person, don’t get me wrong though, but it’s just not that exciting to write about anymore. The first time visiting my best friend back in December 2016 was surely very exciting and there’s certainly lots to write about (that’s why it had its own post), but subsequent visits after that…well, maybe not so much, but they do still get their own posts on here. This visit is to be the first one that doesn’t get its own dedicated post, and I think that’s what will happen from now on. Maybe I will still write dedicated posts for these visits; I’ll see…it’s just that throughout this summer I had been quite lazy and all.

One interesting thing during this visit is that, my best friend decided to show me some reaction to IB results  videos on Youtube. I must say, they were pretty interesting and that do inspired me to create my own reaction video, but this time, it’s…reaction to my university grades. But…guess what, to this day I still haven’t done it. Yeah, laziness pretty much sets in, and I don’t really feel like doing anything else.

With that positive event out of the way, let’s now get to the big setback…yes, even during the summer holiday, there can be setbacks…

Remember the residential trip I was mentioning in some of my earlier posts? Well, turns out, it never happen, for whatever reason. Yeah, just another setback to add to the mountain of them already this year…why is it that this year just has to be a year full of setbacks? Basically, throughout 2019 so far, pretty much nothing has gone my way. Perhaps the only thing that has gone my way this year is that, I got to work with someone I really like for one of my group projects last semester (I hope you know which group project I’m referring to), and at least the groups I’ve been working with throughout the semester were good. With all of these setbacks, 2019 is really beginning to look more like 2016 (remember that awful year, anyone)? Yeah, it was one of the worst years yet in my living memory. Actually 2013 was also an awful year, but that was mainly because of the trolls. Actually no, 2013 was an awful year because of a combination of the trolls and a certain tragic event that I’ve covered on this blog already long ago; use the archives function to find it but here’s a hint – it was in June.

Right now, the only way I can get a residential trip this year at all, is to try and organize one myself. Yes, I’m specifically referring to organizing trips with exchange students. Typically, for the autumn semester, there would be lots of exchange students, and…this means that there should be lots of opportunities to organize a trip. And…to make it happen, I think I can’t just float the idea and hope that these students will come up with a date and invite me anymore. I have to actually propose a date for the trip. And if they agree, I should tell them to maybe find a few more people who would also be interested and are available on the same date, and then, proceed with the actual planning of the trip.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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