Second residential trip has been confirmed

Hey guys;

This really sounds too good to be true. A second residential trip, just a month after the first…but it is indeed true.

So this morning, after my international trade and finance class, I received a SMS message telling me that an unknown number has been trying to call me, and then there’s a LINE message. Not from one of my contacts, but from someone completely unknown to me. When I examined the message, the supposed second residential trip is explicitly mentioned, basically asking me to confirm my place. Without much thought, I decided to say yes, and…soon enough, the sender invited me into a group chat for the trip.

This trip in question is called ‘Orientation Camp for Disability’, which, as the name suggests and according to the information one of the disability support staff sent me earlier, is a residential trip specifically designed for undergraduate students with disabilities. Could I have said no to this trip earlier when I was asked to confirm my place? Well technically yes. Given that I just had a residential trip (indeed a really amazing residential trip), I would already have an event to be given rating as the best event of 2019. But as this trip is originally my plan before the Hua Hin trip was formulated – plus, who wouldn’t want a second residential trip when it’s relatively easy to secure a place on? But on the other hand, if I have just declined my place on this trip, I would have another weekend, plus potentially a long weekend, to organize an even longer trip than the Hua Hin trip. Actually thinking harder about it…by confirming my place on this camp I may have indeed just let the opportunity to organize a longer trip with exchange students slip away…

As for how I think this second residential trip would be…well, as it’s a trip explicitly designed for people with disabilities, I expect it to be at least good. Could this second residential trip beat the Hua Hin trip? Well we’ll have to see, but I think even with way more participants than the Hua Hin trip, this second residential trip would still not be able to beat the Hua Hin trip. Yeah, this Hua Hin trip is so great that virtually nothing can beat it. But who knows…maybe there might be the so called ‘first trip to beat the Hua Hin trip’ at some point this semester.

Looking more widely into other possible events…this Thursday there’s an on-campus activity organized by the science club, but it’s going to be a small activity, so won’t be too exciting. The photo club is also organizing an activity next week as well, called ‘dark room’. These two small events would pretty much complete the series of events before the midterm exams. Including the two upcoming events, this series of events would consist of ten eventts (two tripss, and six other smmaller events). If no other trips with exchange students take place between now and the end of the semester, the Hua Hin trip would become the defining feature of this semester, just like how the post-midterm exams from June to July became the defining feature of the last semester. In addition, there might be one or two food fairs after the midterm exams. Other than that, I guess there’s really nothing else to look forward to after the midterm exams, except for the second residential trip. But for some reason I do have a strong feeling that there could be a third residential trip after the orientation camp. Could there be a so called ‘grand residential trip’ lasting like five nights or more after the final exams? Well I do not know. I hope there would be one, but that is highly contingent on luck.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

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