A new header image to celebrate my dream coming true

Hey guys;

I know, I just changed my blog’s header image last month, but…I really can’t resist the temptation to celebrate my dream coming true. And…what better way to celebrate that by changing the blog’s header image.

This new header image is also the first header image that does not feature my inflatable toys in a pretty long time. It’s basically one of the photos taken during the Hua Hin trip. The photo looks really beautiful; credit goes to the exchange student who took this photo for me using my phone’s camera. The lighting may not be perfect as by the time this photo was taken it was like 6PM or so, but who cares…the views are simply stunning.

Basically this photo is a photo of the outside area of my accommodation. The building (not sure if it’s the house I stayed in) is clearly visible, as well as the swimming pool, and some palm trees in the bback.

Oh in addition to the blog’s header image being changed, the icon for this blog has also been changed, after I finally figured out a way to do so. Now the blog’s icon is the photo used as my profile picture on Facebook, Whatsapp and whatnot. The icon may not be clearly visible when viewing this blog though, but those who saw my Facebook posts should now see the new blog icon. And…of course, the photo I’m talking about is also one of the photos taken during the Hua Hin trip. Once again credit goes to the exchange student who took the photo for me.

In addition to the new blog header image, the very same photo is now used as wallpapers on both my laptop and my phone (the new dark appearance feature in iOS 13 helped make the photo look more desirable).

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…I hope you like my new header image.

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