My diary from the Hua Hin trip with exchange students now available

Hey guys;

After every residential trips, I would create a diary documenting my experience. The recent Hua Hin trip is no exception. However, the diary for this Hua Hin trip is special as it includes an entry detailing the events leading up to the trip – mainly, the development of this trip, from the invitation for a dinner on September 24th all the way to the dinner meal on the night right before the trip.

You can view and download the full diary from below. It’s in PDF format, so requires something that can open PDF files like Adobe Reader. As for screen reader compatibility, I’ve tested the PDF file with NVDA, and I can say that from my own testing NVDA was able to navigate around the PDF document without problem. The photo on the cover page has no alt-text though, so NVDA, Jaws and other screen readers won’t be able to properly detect the image.

Basically, the content is exactly the same as my blog entry about the trip. When composing that entry, I tried to write it in a way that makes it suitable to be put into a diary entry as well, so that I do not have to rewrite my experiences over and over again.

The title may look a bit bland, but that’s because I’m not that good at designing the title, plus I want to keep it simple. Any suggestions on how to make the title look more beautiful is very welcome.

P.S. For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook and also happen to have me on Line as well…if you want to help make the title more beautiful, just send me a private message, either via Facebook Messenger or Line, and I will give you the Microsoft Word file which you can edit. Once you’ve done editing, just send the edited Microsoft Word file back to me and I will convert it back into PDF format and update the version shared in this post.

I hope you like my trip diary.

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