First week of the second half of the semester, and…already three events

Hey guys;

I know, it seems too good to be true, but it is. The first week of the second half of the semester has yet to end properly, and…already three evvents have taken place, all of them pretty much came out of the blue, especially the third event…

The first event was…guess what, the dark room activity, organized by the photo club on Monday and Tuesday. Somehow they moved it to this week, or they may have actually intended to hold it this week, I can’t remember what they said during the first meeting…but anyways, the event was all about taking photos, with different light colors as the backdrop. It was pretty fun I guess, and I managed to take some pretty good photos.

The second event was…a small food fair, organized by the hospitality management students. Just like the club expo, it was organized at the new MUIC building. Other than that there’s nothing to talk about since it was just another typical food fair, with food available for sale.

The third event…oh boy, this one really came out of nowhere, literally. It’s basically an extention to my dinner plus a stroll.

You might be thinking, why would I write about something like that when it’s usually so boring? Well, what made it special and made me turn it into an event (by taking photos and videos of course) is the fact that I went out with exchange students!

When I said that this event popped out of nowhere, I really mean it. After I’m done with my main dinner meal, I decided to stop at Bundit House/Bundit Home to hang out and…to waste more time. By then it was just past 7PM. Realizing that there was no one around, I was about to go back to my building to do a bit of exercise by walking up the building a couple of laps. But then I heard people talking not far away…possibly inn English. I knew that around this area and indeed around MUIC, whenever I heard people talk in English, I can tell with almost certainty, that those people are exchange students.

Given that I’m not in a hurry and also that I want to waste time, I decided to investigate and…a friendly, familiar voice greeted me. That voice belongs to none other than my Hua Hin trip companion. After I told her that I’m just wasting time and that I have nothing to do for the night, she decided to invite me to go for a meal at Central Salaya. Apparently, she was not alone, she was with two other exchange students (one of them was one of her friends who came on the Hua Hin trip as well). I decided to accept the invitation without delay. After all, what better way to waste time than going out with exchange students for a while?

We took a taxi to Central Salaya, and we picked McDonalds. Since I was pretty full I decided to order an ice cream, some chicken nuggets and french fries and coke. We just sat, eat and chatted. Once everyone finished, we went for a little stroll, some of us did managed to buy some stuff. My Hua Hin trip companion also bought me a McDonalds T-shirt (yeah, I just knew that McDonalds have T-shirts available as well). Originally one of the exchange students wanted to get a haircut, but we couldn’t find a barber around there. After we’re done with everything, we decided to head back to our dorm.

Overall, I would say that this week so far has been pretty good, although it is overshadowed by the international logistics management midterm exam, which was pretty hard, and also the upcoming international trade and finance midterm exam, which I have a strong feeling would be very hard. But the fact that I have had three events that literally came out of nowhere was pretty cool; maybe this was another sign that my fortune is indeed changing in a positive direction, after all the unluckiness and setbacks during the previous months, at least on the non-academic side anyway.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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