Unveiling a photo gallery of my inflatable toys, plus a few minor changes

Hey guys;

Today, I proudly present to you all, the photo gallery of my inflatable toys. I’m sure you all know by now that I really love inflatable toys, and whenever I managed to buy new ones I love to take photos of them when they’re inflated.

I actually began work on a public gallery to show off my inflatable toys for months now, using the same platform as this blog initially. You may or may not have known about my gallery on WordPress.com, but whatever…it doesn’t really matter. Recently, however, I found it increasingly difficult to keep the gallery up-to-date. This is mainly because once I took photos of my new inflatable toys, I would have to manually upload them to the media library of the gallery, and then manually edit the galleryy page, and then manually add the new photos to the gallery. Also whenever any of my inflatable toys pop, I would have to go in and manually remove photos of them. This became too much of a task, so…just moments ago I decided to pretty much get rid of it. That’s why I said a while ago that the WordPress.com gallery, whether you’ve known about it or not, doesn’t really matter anymore as it’s gone.

So, what’s an alternative? Dropbox, of course. Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, Line, Whatsapp and whatnot, may have known about my Dropbox gallery already since I shared a link to the gallery with you in the past. The big advantage, and the main reason that made me switch, is the fact that the gallery is automatically updated whenever I add or remove photos from the folder. I basically created a special folder for photos of my inflatable toys and just put the photos there. Since Dropbox is integrated with Windows Explorer (Windows 7) and File Explorer (Windows 10), I can just copy these photos across from the camera uploads folder once I imported them from my phone. Best of all, there’s no need to regenerate the gallery every time as the changes I made on my computer would be visible on the web as well.

You can access the gallery using the main navigation menu. The link may or may not open in a new tab, I’m not sure what’s the default for menu items. It’d be wonderful if I could actually change this setting, but…oh well…

In addition to the unveiling of the photo gallery, I also made some minor changes to this blog, namely renaming a category and subsequently a menu item that is linked to it. Specifically, the category ‘alternate history’ has been renamed to ‘my life (alternate timeline)’. This makes a lot more sense since a post discussing things in an alternate timeline would be mainly on the perspective of my life and nothing else, so the name ‘alternate history’ is pretty meaningless.

Anyways, that’s it for now…I hope you like my gallery and my inflatable toys…

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