Is the cycle of unending setbacks and bad luck returning?

Hey guys;

The title sounds quite depressing, right? Well that’s because what happened throughout this week really made me feel bad. Put simply, this week has been literally nothing but setbacks, at least three pretty big ones. But at the same time, there were three events that took place.

Since the first setback is related to the first event, I think it makes sense to talk about that event first…

The first event this week was a straw pouch decorating activity, called ‘Ex-straw-dinary Day’ by the animal lovers club who organized it. It took place between Monday and Tuesday. In this activity, participants basically get a pouch containing a glass straw and they have to decorate it, in whatever way they wish. Since I can’t draw due to my vision impairment, I decided to just paint the pouch with solid colors. I joined the activity on both days.

The first day went pretty smoothly, the activity was held at a well-lit place which made it relatively easy to paint the pouch. I also received a good amount of help from either the organizers or other participants. The end-result is a blue and green straw pouch, painted exactly the way I wanted it to be.

But the second day…this is where the first setback kicked in. Rather than being held at a well-lit place, the activity instead took place inside an area with tables but literally no lighting, making it very hard to paint the spouch as the only source of light is the sunlight coming from the outside. Also during the second day, the quality of help I received wasn’t as good or as much as the first day. Although in the end the pouch turned out the way I wanted it to be, but…somehow the person who helped take care of the corner spots and other hard to reach places ended up painting the lit of the pouch as well, which isn’t really what I asked for. Oh and just so you know, this second pouch wasn’t for me; I ended up giving it to one of my best friends (the girl who had been in the same class as me for the past two semesters, and who is also in my international logistics management class this semester). Right after I finished with my best friend’s pouch, I thought of decorating a third pouch, this time for my Hua Hin trip companion, but the organizers ran out of glass straws, and possibly pouches as well, so that’s quite unfortunate…I really want to give something I designed myself, using my capabilities, to her before she returns to the US after the semester ends…

Now that I’m done with the first event and the first setback, let’s move on to the second event first before moving on to the second setback…

The second event, called ‘I learn from the paper’, which is effectively a flashcard making activity, was organized by the volunteers club on Monday. It was, I would say, very similar, if not identical, to the flashcard making activity I participated in the past. But the main difference here is that I actually received quality help from one of the organizers!

Basically, the person who helped me actually do pretty much all the hard work for me – drawing and coloring. I just had to tell him what I want him to draw, and he did the job of drawing and coloring them for me. I decided to ask him to draw my laptop, my mobile phone, one of my inflatable rings and my walking stick. The final work turned out pretty good, exactly what I wanted.

Now let’s move on to the second setback…

This second setback happened literally the same day as the first setback. Yeah, two setbacks in a single day! Basically on Tuesday I went out for dinner as usual, I went to one of the restaurants known by a number of exchange students as ‘steaks and curry’. When I got there, which was like past 7PM, the restaurant was extremely full. As a result, the service quality I received was absolutely awful. Getting a waiter/waitress to come was a pain, my noodles was taking longer than usual, etc…everything on that night was pretty bad. It took me until like past 8PM to be done with dinner. Oh, and just to make things worse, on my way back, as I was leaving the snack shop (I felt like I really need to go to the toilet so I decided to abandon the idea of buying snacks), I encountered a few students whom I can perfectly describe as trolls. They decided to get me, using pretty much the same dirty tactics that the trolls back at my high school did to me, mainly false accusations.

With the second setback and the second event out of the way, let’s move on to the third event, and the third setback…

Today there was a food fair. It was…pretty much a typical food fair, a large one this time, unlike the one last Thursday. There were lots of food options available. I decided to go for the largest possible-sized salmon and some nachos, along with a fruit soda drink. All of them tasted really good. After that, I decided to grab some popcorns and some cookies. Turns out, the cookies were made by a girl whom I met some time back, can’t remember when, but possibly two semesters ago or something like that. There were two kinds of cookies that she made available; the dark chocolate cookies and the original cookies. I decided to buy one of each just to try. Turns out they tasted really good so I went back to her stall and…guess what, asked for…ten dark chocolate cookies and ten original cookies, for a total price tag of 400 Thai baht. My intention was not to finish all of them today, but to keep them as breakfast in the future. Alternatively, I could save some for one of my best friends and/or my Hua Hin trip companion, if I chose to do so. But these cookies are not durable goods, so they won’t last long…

After buying the cookies, I decided to stay at the girl’s stall and hang out with her and one of her juniors who was also the stall keeper. Since I had nothing to do or nowhere to go, I pretty much stay at her stall until like close to 4PM, to which point I decided to head back to my dorm.

And…now, here comes the third setback! The AIESEC club is organizing a small trip next Friday. There is a good chance that my Hua Hin trip companion will go. I really want to join, but…I got a yoga class, from 10AM to 12PM, but this trip runs from 8AM to like 1PM. It’s really unfortunate, being unable to join a trip just because of a single two-hour class. I could skip the class just for the sake of going on a trip with my Hua Hin trip companion, but that would mean I would lose attendance points, and would pretty much broke my running streak of perfect attendance, which is something I don’t want to do.

Overall, this week has been nothing but setbacks and instances of bad luck. I really hope that this cycle won’t continue, otherwise I may have to take back what I said earlier that…’things are finally changing in the positive direction’. I guess the final straw that would trigger me to take back that statement is if the upcoming orientation camp turns out to be horrible. Could there be light at the end of the tunnel, E.G another trip that is born out of a dinner meal discussion? I don’t really know…

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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