My orientation camp diary is now available

Hey guys;

Last month, I shared with you my diary from the Hua Hin trip, in PDF format.

This month’s orientation camp is no different. So today I proudly share with you all the diary discribing my experiences throughout this camp, below.

The content is pretty much a copy/paste of the blog entry I’ve written here on Monday or so. I know the title looks somewhat bland, but…you know, I’m not a good title designer. Of course, the cover page shows the photo that I tthink is the best photo taken during the trip, and a table of content is there to make navigating easier, albeit unlike the Hua Hin trip, there is no entry for prior to the first day of the trip. Also I’ve added the alt-text to the photo on the cover page. It may not be visible, but screen reader users should notice it as your screen reader would find it. I realized that in my last diary, I didn’t put any alt-text on the photo on the cover page, but that was because I do not know how to do it back then. Now I finally figured out a way to do it in Microsoft Word…

Also regarding my future diaries…I’m highly considering sharing all of my diaries from Dropbox in the future, given that for Google Drive I have to visit Google Drive on the web, navigate to the public folder, manually open the diary file, and then manually copy the embed code into a post like this one. With Dropbox, I can just copy the link into the post, and that would be easier, though the accessibility of Dropbox for screen reader users is still to be tested more extensively, and I think that will play quite a major factor as I want everyone, including those who relied on screen readers, to be able to download and read my diaries offline.

Actually in fact, I just made the diary available on Dropbox via a shared link as well. You can access it via this link.

For screen reader users, please let me know whether Google Drive or Dropbox works best for you. If you already have me on Facebook, you can just comment on my Facebook post containing a link to this post, which should be up shortly after I published this post. Alternatively, you can let me know via private message as well, both on Facebook and on Line (if you also have me on there).

Anyways, I hope you like my diary for this trip…

Update: I gave Dropbox a try, and…from my testing, Dropbox is just as accessible as Google Drive. This means that, from now on, all of my diaries will be hosted at Dropbox.

Also…the diary from the Hua Hin trip have just been updated. Namely, I’ve added the alt-text to the photo on the cover page. This change may thus not be totally visible to everyone, but those of you who relied on screen readers should notice some difference.

You can grab the new version from here.

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