2019 wrap up

Hey guys;

So, with less than ten days until 2019 draws to a close, I think it’s about time I wrap up the entire year. With the close of 2019, this decade would officially come to an end and so I plan to write a wrap up of the 2010s as well.

On the wider world…2019 is perhaps dominated by the trade war between the US and China and Brexit. I’m sure there are a whole host of other events, I’m not going to go into detail as you should’ve known about them already given that they frequently make headlines.

In terms of my life…2019 has been a good year, despite all the setbacks and yes, this year has been full of setbacks. Despite the setbacks though, this year there were lots, and I mean lots, of events, especially trips. In total, there were nine trips, two of them were residential trips.

Just like previous years, I would like to go through what I think are the best and worst events of the year. Let’s start with the best events of the year…

Best event of 2019: Hua Hin residential trip (October)

This needs no further explanation, as the Hua Hin trip with exchange students was absolutely amazing. It was what I can call a ‘perfect trip’, whereby everything went according to plans/expectations. There were literally no major setbacks at all. For further details on the trip, you can read either the blog post I wrote about earlier, or the diary file that I shared earlier.

Second best event of 2019: Orientation camp (November)

This, too, needs no further explanation. The only thing that kept it from being the best event alongside the Hua Hin trip are the three major setbacks that I’ve mentioned in both the blog post and my diary entries about the camp. But overall, the camp was still very good and enjoyable, and I made some new friends during the camp. Lots of fun activities, and the accommodation was reasonably good.

Third best event of 2019: The ‘disappearing Bangkok’ and the ‘unlock the ocean’ day trips (March)

For the third place, I decided to give both of the day trips in early March the same ranking because…to be honest, they were equally good. Since they were just day trips, I cannot give them higher rankings, especially with the onset of both the Hua Hin trip and the orientation camp. Both of the March day trips feature lots of activities; the ‘disappearing Bangkok’ trip is more like a sightseeing trip whereas the ‘unlock the ocean’ trip is more based on doing practical work in the field. Although the ‘unlock the ocean’ trip features fewer activities compared to the ‘disappearing Bangkok’ trip, the duration of each activity is longer for the ‘unlock the ocean’ trip.

Fourth best event of 2019: Suan Soan Pradipat day trip (September)

Yep, this year is truely the first year where residential trips and day trips took up four of the five best events. The Suan Soan Pradipat day trip in September was unique in a sense that it was the very first trip by train that I was able to write about on this blog as it did not involve my family members. But on to the trip itself…it was quite a good trip, although I did not really do much. In a sense, it was more like a day retreat to the beach.

Fifth best event of 2019: My international business negotiations group presentation (July)

Previous years all of the best events have either featured trips of some sort, or other kinds of events. But this year is indeed the first where an in-class group presentation made the list of best events. Although during the presentation day there were three groups, I would like to focus on my group in particular because…the work that my group did was simply amazing and it’s the uniqueness of my group’s presentation that made me choose it as the fifth entry on this list. Rather than a boring PowerPoint presentation, my group chose to do a series of news talk programs combined with a small role-play. What was even more amazing is that this whole thing only took a few days to develop, through hard work. Though we never really know the exact score we got, but I bet it was a very good score.

Now, let’s move on to the worst events…

Second worst event of 2019: The science club day trip to the waterbird breeding center (June)

If a day trip is able to make it on to this list, you can bet that the trip must be pretty bad, and this trip organized by the science club back in June was certainly bad. The weather was very hot on that day, lunch was not that amazing, and it seems that people don’t do enough effort to take care of me and ensuring that I won’t get left behind. Not to mention that it rained rather heavily on the way back which meant that I have to get someone to go and order me a Mcdonalds for dinner because it was raining! But at least that person did ordered what I’ve asked for…

Worst event of 2019: The various setbacks throughout the year

Throughout the year, there had been various setbacks that ruined my plans, one way or another. The PM2.5 pollution early in the year, for example, forced the cancellation of my Friday class, which happens to be on a day where a day trip is being organized. Since I assume the class would not be canceled I decided not to sign up for the trip. The abrupt cancellation of the class meant that I’ve practically let a day trip slip away (though I did noticed that a number of people also pulled out of the trip due to the air pollution). The setbacks during the orientation camp are also examples of setbacks I encountered this year. Perhaps the most notorious out of all the setbacks is the fact that, for whatever reason, I failed to secure a place on the science club trip I mentioned earlier the first time around. Although eventually I gdi get to go but I have to wait for almost a week until I was told that someone dropped out. That whole period of uncertainty is really undesirable at all. But since the trip turned out to be bad anyway, I guess it might have been better if I rejected the offer…

Anyways, that’s it for this post…a post wrapping up the entire decade should be up very, very soon. And lastly, merry Christmas everyone.

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