Some end-of-year changes and cleaning up of the blog

Hey guys;

This post is mainly to inform you of some changes that you may or may not notice on this blog I’ve just made. Mainly, to tidy things up a bit and streamline some stuff.

The first change is that all the posts where I wrap up an entire calendar year will now have a special tag assigned, in fact you can even find this special tag in the navigation menu, as an item under ‘My life’. This also means that I have to go back and edit every single end-of-year wrap up summaries that I have on this blog. At first I thought I have the summaries all the way back to 2010, as I think I’ve written an end-of-year summary back then, but somehow I couldn’t find it in the archive. So the posts under the special tag only contains end-of-year summaries from 2011 up until 2019, unfortunately. And no, I’m not going to spend time rewriting the 2010 summary, as…I think I may have forgotten most of the details I’ve written already, namely the best and worst events. True the 2010 residential trip to Kanchanaburi in January was the best event of 2010, but I’m sure there were other events that could/would be on the list of best events as well. Of course the trolls could/would be on the list of worst events, but again there could possibly be other events on that same list as well. Or…maybe, I didn’t really pay attention to these details back then and hence did not even care much about an end-of-year summary. But…anyways.

Oh, another related change is that the link to a photo gallery of my inflatable toys has been moved under the ‘My life’ menu item, in order to make the whole navigation menu fit in one single line.

The second change is not really noticeable unless if you go back and browse through my posts. If you do, you may have noticed that some posts, or indeed a lot of posts, may be missing a tag or tags. That is because I decided to clean up the tags list, by removing tags that were either duplicates of other tags one way or another, or didn’t really make sense, or were only suitable for one-off occasion/event because they were too specific. Before the cleanup, I had over 100 tags in my tags list, but after the cleanup that number went down to just 36, which is a lot more manageable. And this brings me to a related topic, that is, from here on out, where ever possible I’m going to use the so called ‘umbrella tags’, which I defined as tags that can be used across multiple occasions/events/posts, one way or another. For example, the events tag would be used for all posts relating to any form of event, whether it’d be a musical, a prom, a food fair, etc. Likewise, the trips tag would be used for all trips, whether it’d be a day trip or a residential trip. The residential trips tag might be considered an exception, though. Even though this tag is quite specific, but so far residential trips have occurred often enough that it justifies having a special tag for this occasion.

So…that’s pretty much it for now…e

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