Christmas holiday has drawn to a close

Hey guys;

So, after four weeks, the Christmas holiday has drawn to a close. On Monday, my next and final semester will begin.

Overall, this Christmas holiday had been pretty uneventful, just like the past years. On the day before New Years eve, though, I did went to visit my best friend at her house of course.

In the past, I use to write a dedicated post to something like this, but since this has now evolved into a yearly event and given also that it’s pretty much the same all the time, I felt that this kind of event no longer deserves its own post. But spending time with my best friend is still good, nonetheless.

One highlight I would like to talk about is the lunch. In the past, for lunch and/or dinner the food use to be something home-cooked, E.G noodles, or chicken, but this time it was…pizza, and…as it turns out, it was the pizza with one of my favorite toppings (I’m not sure how to describe it in English). In addition to pizzas, there were also garlic bread, which tasted pretty good. Another highlight is the chocolate chip cookies for deserts. Unlike the chocolate chip cookies I ate in the past, this one was home-made, by my best friend’s mom. It tasted absolutely amazing, and I’ve requested to take twelve of them home for my breakfast at dorm next week. Thanks once again for the wonderful cookies…

So, what’s coming up for this final semester? Well, since the tour packagement class is being offered and that six students have registered for this class (according to the last time I checked), there is a good chance that a field trip would take place, similar to how it is being organized last year. But since there were only six students this year there might be only one trip. As for when this supposed trip would take place…I don’t really know, but based on last year, I think it would take place around the first weekend of March.

Other than that there aren’t that many exciting things to look forward to. Of course I will continue to try and organize trips with exchange students. Why stop with just one trip when, for the upcoming semester, there would still be a good number of exchange students? I would say, scheduling a trip around the weekend of the fourth week is the best, as it’s not too early to the point that booking trains and accommodations become difficult, but also not too late to the point that assignments start to pile in or these exchange students start running out of money. Trying to organize a ‘graduation trip’ with other MUIC students graduating the same time as me is still my goal though, and since in my business plan class most students are likely graduating this upcoming semester, I might start asking around and see if anyone is interested.

Other than that, there would of course be smaller events, E.G club expo, food fair, and on-campus club activities. It would be wonderful if I could go on a club trip once more, but based on my past experiences I’m not too confident that this will happen.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

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