The best way to start off the new decade

Hey guys;

Judging from the title, you must have guessed that something wonderful has happened, right? Well, the answer is…sort of. Well, not actually sort of, but more like…yes, because of a prospect of a residential trip early next month. Yes, a residential trip in February. I’ll get into all the goodies later…but first, let’s talk about how my final semester went so far, at least on the academic side…

Let’s first start with class registration…

For the final time registering MUIC classes, things went pretty smoothly. Below, I would like to list you the subjects I’m taking…

Subject Room and date/time Final exam
ICHM103 Introduction to Logic A415 (Tuesday 12PM-2PM) 5 April 2020 10AM-2PM
A415 (Thursday 12PM-2PM)
ICMB494 Business Plan for Entrepreneur Self study (Monday 6PM-8PM None
A449 (Friday 8AM-12PM)
Self study (Friday 4PM-8PM)
Self study (Saturday 4PM-8PM)
Self study (Sunday 12PM-2PM)
ICPE124 Selected Topics in Sports (I.E running) MU running track/ stadium side of track (Monday 4PM-6PM) None

Note the ‘self study’ time slots for my business plan class. These time slots do not actually feature any lectures. This leads me to what I’m going to talk about next. And also, even though the online timetable says that the final exam for the intro to logic class is from 11AM to 2PM, I decided to factor in the guaranteed minimum of one hour extra time I would get for my final exam, so that’s why it says 10AM to 2PM in the table above.

So, for this business plan class I originally intended to take the Wednesday lecture class. Even though one of the self study time slots clashed with my running class, that shouldn’t be a problem given that it is not a lecture time slot, right? Wrong! When I tried to add the section that features a Wednesday lecture class, the Sky system immediately complained of a time slot clash with my running class (I did not read the error message, but I’d assume so since I was able to add the other section featuring the Friday lecture class instead). This means that, for this semester, rather than having a nice Friday off where I can organize long residential trips that stretches from like Thursday until Sunday as I wish, I instead get a Wednesday off which is practically useless for me since everyone else have classes on that day and…a single-night residential trip between Tuesday and Wednesday is pretty useless in itself.

But other than that small issue, I was able to register for the intro to logic and my running classes without issues. One thing that surprised me is that, my advisor approved my registration right on registration day. This never happen before; normally it would take at least a few days for my advisor to approve my registration.

As for how the classes are…well, since it’s the first week, all of the classes were pretty much just introduction sessions. Intro to logic is probably the most difficult class in my opinion. Taking a running class also meant that I get a chance to lose weight, and judging from the fact that there’s running homework every week starting next week, I think I could definitely lose some weight…

As for my business plan class…the big group project is…obviously, create a business plan. I have one or two ideas in my head; once I got assigned a group I’d probably share them with the rest of the group. There’s also a ‘interview the founder’ report to be submitted, which basically involves me and my team having to interview a business founder. Once again, I think I might have a few choices in mind…and this interview session may have the potential to evolve into a day trip or a residential trip…

With the academic stuff out of the way, let’s now talk about the goodies…

If last semester started off with a mini trip to the university’s weekly Friday market with a few exchange students, this semester started off even better. A dinner trip to Yaowarat, Bangkok’s Chinatown, with a group of around ten to fifteen exchange students.

It all started off on Tuesday night (7th January) with me accidentally meeting a British girl who happens to be from University of Sussex, the very place I went to for my exchange program, while waiting to order some drinks at a food court. To vastly shorten the story…on Wednesday that same British girl whom I met on Tuesday asked if I would like to go out for dinner with a couple of her friends. Given that I’m free on Wednesday night, I decided to accept the invitation (she actually gave me two options, a dinner at Yaowarat or a dinner around the dorm, but I picked the dinner at Yaowarat option). Once I accepted the invitation, she got me in contact with one of her friends so that I can arrange to meet up with the group.

Originally, we planned to meet up at around 6:20PM, but one of the exchange students on this trip asked if we could meet at 6:10PM instead, so I said yes. But even so, it was a while before we actually left for Yaowarat. As I mentioned, there were around ten to fifteen people in total (including me). There was one full time student, but other than that everyone else are exchange students.

Even though the option of taking a taxi to Bang Wah MRT station and then take the MRT to Wat Mangkon station (which is the station closest to Yaowarat), we decided to take a taxi all the way. Luckily the traffic condition was not very bad (the whole group actually split up into two taxis).

When my taxi arrived at Yaowarat, my group immediately began walking around, looking for the other group. After a good while, my group finally met the other group. We then decided to meet up again at around 9PM after everyone has done exploring. I decided to join a pretty big group of exchange students heading for a rather big Chinese restaurant.

For dinner that night, I ordered noodles, some fried thingy (I do not know how to call it in English), some spring rolls and a bottle of coke. The food was really good, and the final bill for my meal, at 460 Thai baht, certainly reflected the high quality and the amazing taste of the food. Yes, 460 Thai baht for dinner. Was this the most expensive dinner meal? I don’t think so. Remember the pizza meal that I ate with a couple of exchange students back in October 2017? That meal came in at around 470-480 Thai baht.

After dinner we all decided to head out and explore a little bit more, I think we finally got taxis back to dorm at around 10PM or so.

Overall, the dinner trip was great, and I made a couple of new friends. The food was amazing. I’m glad that I picked the dinner at Yaowarat option instead of the dinner close to my dorm option.

But…wait, that’s not even the greatest thing yet…

…This is because, a residential trip early next month looks extremely likely, if not a certainty. No, this is not a club trip, or a trip with disability support staff, but…a trip with exchange students. Yes, a second trip with exchange students, to…Hua Hin. Um, yeah, another trip to Hua Hin. From the looks of it, this trip would be pretty boring, given that I’ve been to Hua Hin countless times already, right? Well not really. Even though I’ve been to Hua Hin a million times, I do enjoy taking exchange students there, especially if they have never been there before. And of course, it’s going to be a train ride going there and coming back.

So, who exactly is helping me out/joining me on this trip? Well, the very same British girl who invited me for dinner at Yaowarat with her friends is heading up the effort, currently she’s in the stage of getting more people to join. Of course, I’m responsible for the trains as…I’m the one with the most information regarding train times and ticket prices.

Other than that…well, next week there’s the club expo, just like every semester…

So…yeah, that’s pretty much it for now…

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