This sounds very much like last semester…

Hey guys;

Confused by the title? Well…the reason for this title is, this week, which is the second week of this semester, there were almost the same number of events as the second week of the last semester, albeit pretty small events for this semester (no day trips yet, sadly).

Of course, one of the events was the club expo, which was…just another club expo. Like last semester, it is held at the new MUIC building and, like with the last semester, there were free ice cream.

The added event was…um, dinner. Yeah, just a dinner meal with an exchange student. Normally I don’t take lots of photos and videos, but since for this particular dinner meal the exchange student in question invited me to a rather beautiful place and…I can’t really resist the temptation to snap some photos and videos, so…yeah.

The place in question was a market area that, I assume, only opens in the evening, called Groove, or at least that’s what this place is known by exchange students anyway. Me and the exchange student walked around for a bit. I ordered some chicken nuggets, fried eggs with crab sticks, sausages and some pork-like thing, and chicken tacos (all of the mentioned items I ordered without vegetables, of course). The food tasted really nice, I must say, especially the chicken tacos. If there is a chance, I’d definitely order another chicken tacos.

With the two minor events out of the way, let’s talk about the Hua Hin trip for a bit…

Well actually, this week there hasn’t been really any updates that is worth talking about, especially since neither the train tickets nor the accommodation have been booked yet.

But what I do want to bring up is that, this Hua Hin trip might not be the only residential trip this semester. There is a possibility of a residential trip to Kanchanaburi, or even a day trip/residential trip to Pattaya. A day trip/residential trip to Ayutthaya is also a possibility. I do, however, still like to get the so called ‘grand residential trip’ going at the end of the semester, before I graduate. For those that don’t know, I defined the ‘grand residential trip’ as a long residential trip lasting several nights. I think, if I really want to get this ‘grand residential trip’ off the ground, I might have to try to approach other groups of exchange students, not just the same group of exchange students coming on the upcoming Hua Hin trip. A ‘graduation trip’ with fellow full-time students receiving their degrees the same time as me would, in my opinion, still not be able to substitute the big residential trip with exchange students fully as the vision of a big, long residential trip with exchange students has been my next step ever since the big success of last October’s Hua Hin trip. In fact, I’ve been dreaming of a long residential trip ever since the Khorat trip back in June/July 2014. Yep, that’s five years of waiting, and the wait is still not over. How much longer do I have to wait until I finally get a long residential trip?

Oh, and I completely forgot, there’s a food fair coming up between February 5th and February 6th. That’s just right before the Hua Hin trip, which is great! What better way to start the weekend of fun than a food fair full of tasty food?

With the non-academic stuff out of the way, let’s talk about classes…

Well, there’s really nothing new. Although the contents of the intro to logic class does get harder, and…I feel like I do need a private tutor. Yes the teacher did offer a tutor service, but it’s a group tutor, which is not what I want, I want a private, one-on-one tutor.

As for business plan…well, today I finally get a group. The first project is…interview the founder of a business. One group member did suggest the idea of a founder of a business located in…Phuket. Yeah, Phuket, located on the Andaman coast. That’s very, very far away. In theory this could work, but it would require a full weekend to conduct the interview, not to mention the costs associated with accommodation and plane tickets (there are no trains to Phuket yet, sadly). Because of the impracticality, this idea was shelved.

But what if someone in the group comes up with a founder of a business in Hua Hin? That would be interesting, indeed. In fact if this is the case, I’d probably push hard for it because the interview could be conducted during my Hua Hin trip (this is so that I do not have to go there twice). In fact, I’d probably propose, both to the group and to the exchange student heading the organizing effort of this trip, that both the interview and the main trip itself be merged. Of course I’d probably let my group find their way to Hua Hin as well as finding accommodation on their own, because…by the time the group figured everything out (provided that they even want to go ahead with this idea), it’d be too late for them to join up with me and the exchange students anyway as the train tickets and accommodation would’ve been booked. Although, I think the group is more likely to go with a founder of a business in Bangkok as that would be the most convenient and the option that saves the most time. I know the idea of merging a group project interview with a residential trip that is designed to be relaxing and fun sounds crazy, but…well, it’s not really out of the realm of possibilities (if you really think hard about it), given that the teacher did not give much guidance for this interview project (in terms of whether the business has to be in Bangkok or can be out in the provinces), as of yet.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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