Counting down to Friday, February 7th,

Hey guys;

The title sounds familiar, isn’t it? Wonder why I use this title? Well, take a look at a post with a similar title with a post date of September 26, 2019 and you will know why I’m using this title again.

Ok, maybe you don’t want to browse the archives, so I’m going to tell you…

The main reason for this title is that, the Hua Hin trip that I’ve been mentioning on this blog for some time now, just got a big update, namely, the train tickets have been secured. Within a few days the accommodation should be confirmed as well. This means that, unless if some unexpected emergencies/setbacks happen, this trip is definitely going to take place, from February 7th to February 9th. This makes the upcoming Hua Hin trip the longest residential trip since the Mae Sot trip back in November 2014.

For the southbound trip, me and one of the exchange students going on this trip bought tickets for five people on train 171, third class non-air-conditioned seats. And for the northbound trip, we bought tickets for four people on train 911/912, I.E the tourist excursion train, also third class non-air-conditioned seats. Now, for those of you who were on the Hua Hin trip last October that might be reading this, you may wonder, why the heck didn’t I bought second class air-conditioned seats/sleepers? They’re a thousand times more comfortable than non-air-conditioned seatts. In addition, the air-condition seats for the tourist excursion train costs only 240 Thai baht, so what gives. And to that I said I know, I should’ve push harder and more firmly for that, but (1) I actually found out at the Salaya train station today that the second class air-conditioned sleepers on train 171 can’t be booked right now, and (2) money. Yeah, all the exchange students have decided to implement cost-saving measures and, since I don’t really want to be like Joseph Stalin, I have no choice but to go along. At least we all got confirmed seats, which is good.

Now, you might also be thinking…oh, cost-saving measures would mean…staying in a super, super cheap hostel with shared bathroom that is extremely hard to get to, right? Well…I sincerely hope not. Even with cost-saving measures in place, I sincerely hope that who ever is responsible for accommodation gets us a good enough place to stay. Given that this is a longer trip compared to last October’s Hua Hin trip, potentially with more than five people, I don’t really want to give it a low rating. But even if the activities we plan to do are super great and extremely fun, that alone won’t be able to cancel out the negativity associated with a third class train journey and a bad accommodation. And yes, I do take the journey between destination and origin, as well as accommodation into consideration when determining the overall rating for this trip, just like with past trips. I really hope that this trip would finally be the ‘ttrip to beat the Hua Hin trip’.

As for my grand dream of a long residential trip lasting several nights…well, there hasn’t been any progress yet, but I plan to start pushing harder at this idea. I do want to go on a trip featuring a ride on the second class air-conditioned sleeper train that I can write about on this blog (as you know, family trips don’t count), before I graduate from MUIC. In my head I can see myself sitting on a southbound air-conditioned sleeper train, filming the outside scenery as the train crosses the Chao Phraya river and feeling proud, knowing that this would actually be the trip I can write about on my blog and I would be able to describe my experience crossing the Chao Phraya River by train, something which you all never see on this blog before.

As I mentioned already, I have been wanting to do this kind of trip since last semester, but my plans never got off the ground. I’ve been longing for a long residential trip lasting four nights or more since the Khorat trip in June 2014. With time slowly running out, I really want this second dream to become a reality. So…please, someone, help make this dream a reality. Help make the image I have in my head become real.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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