A new header image, plus the offline version of the recent Hua Hin trip diary

Hey guys;

That’s right, this blog’s just got a new header image. And…you guessed it, it is one of the photos taken during the recent Hua Hin trip.

This photo is basically a photo showing the swimming pool at the accommodation that me and the exchange students stayed during the trip. The pool is clearly visible, along with some bit of wall/building towards the right. A small yellow object is visible, I think it’s the inflatable raft that I saw when I went swimming on the last day of the trip.

Just like with the previous header image, this one does not require me to perform any editing since it is already perfect from the start.

Oh and also, the offline version of the diary featuring my experiences from the recent Hua Hin trip is now available. This version, content-wise, is the same as the one in my last post. The difference is that the PDF version features a nicely-formatted title (at least in my opinion), a cover photo (the (same as the blog’s new header image), and a contents page.

Hope you like my new header image and the Hua Hin trip diary.

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