Happy Valentines Day!

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

Hey guys;

It’s that time of year again, February 14th. With previous years I would start off this blog post with a poem, but this year I decided to start with only the first two lines of what I think is a typical Valentines Day poem. The main reason for not writing a full poem this year is…well, I’ve been caught up with many other things (the Klong Mahasawat and the Hua Hin trips, university work and whatnot), and…also, I’ve pretty much ran out of what I want to say in the poem. Simply copying and pasting last year’s poem, even though it is rather generic, would be quite boring. Plus, if any of you new readers who want to read it, you can always use the search and the archive functions.

Anyways…I wish all of you a wonderful Valentines Day, hope you all receive something (roses, chocolate, new phones or tablets, etc). As for me…from what I am aware, the most that I would be getting is probably some chocolate and that’s it. I’d wish I could get some roses (artificial ones, not real actual flowers) or even inflatable toys but…oh well, I do not have a girlfriend or a close enough friend who could or would be willing to get those things for me.

Now, you might be wondering why would I go for artificial roses instead of real roses? Well, the answer is longevity. Real roses decay and rot over time, whereas artificial roses can last for a very, very long time, if not forever. If I could get something special on this special day, it’d better be something that lasts for a very long time. Artificial roses are thus an ideal choice for me. Inflatable toys would, however, be even better as those are something that I really love and I would actually be able to use in some ways. Seeing people receiving gifts from their girlfriend/boyfriend makes me jealous…

As for why I haven’t got a girlfriend until now…well, honestly I do not know. It could be either I do not put enough effort into getting one, or no one likes me because (1) I’m fat and I’m visually impaired and (2) I love inflatable toys. I’d say both are weighted equally. Not wanting to end up with a bad academic performance, I tend to not care much about love affairs. But even if I put a lot of effort, there is every chance my effort would not succeed because, well, no one likes a fat, visually impaired boy who loves playing with inflatable toys.

Saying those out loud in public like this makes this post sounds depressing already, isn’t it? Well if my love story is going to be full of loneliness, disappointment and depression, let’s change topic to something much, much happier…

Of course, that ‘something much, much happier’ is…guess what, another field ttrip. No, it’s not a club trip, but a trip organized by students from the tour package management class, the very same class that organizes the two amazing field trips last year.

And…guess what day this trip is taking place? February 29th, which is…my 24th birthday! This is perhaps the absolute best birthday present ever fromm MUIC. Maybe I should make a special request for a birthday cake during that trip…

Of course, as I consider this to be a special trip, I do have plans to get a ‘perfect photo’ (you know what that means – photos with me having my favorite inflatable ring on, holding my beloved hello kitty inflatable pillow). Maybe this could even result in a new profile and Facebook cover photos (perhaps getting one at Hua Hin was a bad idea after all). I know this trip involves walking a lot, but…I’ll bring the mentioned inflatable toys anyway. At most I will keep them deflated for parts of the ttrip that I think would be the most hazardous for the toys.

Update: I finally received my Valentines Day gift, and…indeed it is some chocolate. Not just a few pieces, but a good amount of them, nicely packaged in a nicely-designed box. These chocolate are in a form of chocolate coins with a rather unique design (when my friend asked me which design I want I think I told her that I want a unicorn design). I’ve only eaten one of those coins so far, and I can tell that it tasted pretty good. I kept it in the fridge at my dorm right now, so that I can eat them later. I think it’s going to take a good while for me to finish the box completely. And…in exchange for my friend’s kindness, I gave her some jellies and…a cookie I decorated myself during a club activity yesterday.

Speaking of which…yesterday the THM club organized an activity whereby participants can decorate heart-shaped cookies. Of course, the cookies were heart-shaped because it’s for…Valentines Day. These cookies were premade already, so all that the participants got to do is to decorate them with cream/icing and sprinkles. It was a very, very messy job I must say.

The first one I decorated (this one costs 30 Thai baht) was the one I gave to my friend who gave me the box of chocolate coins. I chose to decorate it with a pink cream/icing, and asked someone to help add some orange, green and yellow spot patterns along the top edges of the heart. I added some sprinkles to it at the very end. According to my friend, she said that the cookie was tasty.

But that pink/orange/green/yellow heart-shaped cookie was not the only cookie that I decorated. Later I found out that I could decorate more cookies, so when the organizers told me that there were only two left, I decided to go all out and decorate the last of the cookies, for a combined price of 50 Thai baht. One of them I decorated with green cream/icing, the other I decorated with the yellow one. I added sprinkles to pretty much both of them. I may give these out to my other friends, or I may eat them, depending on whether I could find someone to give them to or not (my most likely target right now is my intro to logic classmate, who has been around with me in the same classes since…the legal issues in international business class). Right now I kept both of the cookies in the fridge at my dorm.

So…anyway, that’s it for now…happy Valentines Day, once again.

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