Yet another good club trip

Hey guys;

For those of you who have been following this blog, today’s trip may have come as a surprise. But…in reality, this trip have been anticipated since last week, when my place on this trip was confirmed. I just didn’t have the time to write about it back then…

As with any other club trips, this trip requires advanced registration. Turns out, I was able to secure a spot on it, even though there were limited places available. This is the second time in a row now that I was able to secure places on club trips (the first was the Rakkaew trip last month). Just like the Rakkaew trip, this trip costs money, and…this has to be paid by bank transfer which, at this point, I’ve become pretty proficient at doing it so paying for it is not a problem.

If you’ve been reading my recent posts, you may realize that, so far this semester, things have gone pretty much my way, and…you would be right. This trip is just another example of good things that happened throughout this semester and…that’s certainly good; for a final semester like this I would want it to be good and…to some extent, special.

Now, back to today’s trip…the fact that today’s trip even went ahead at all is just amazing, given that the volunteers club have canceled their one-day trip and their three-day camp due to Covid-19. Even a few days ago, at the back of my mind there was this prospect of a last-minute cancellation. The organizers did made an announcement, but…to my relieve, it was not a trip cancellation announcement, but rather, an announcement that basically invited those who were concerned about Covid-19 to withdraw from the trip.

Normally, I would have my business plan class today, from 8AM to 12PM. I signed up for this trip because, from what I saw on the class’s e-learning page, this week there was supposed to be a guest lecturer for the Wednesday section and so today’s class would’ve been canceled. But the teacher announced last Friday that the guest lecture has moved so…today’s class would go ahead. By then I’ve already registered and paid for this trip, so…I decided not to back down from the trip, and…the experience from today’s trip certainly proved that I made the right choice not to back down.

This trip, which is organized by the art club, is basically a baking workshop where participants learn to make some cake. The session took place at a place called Friday Kitchen, located in the Pak Kret district of Nonthaburi province.

The meeting time was around 7:45AM, at the old MUIC building. I arrived quite early; I think before 7:30AM, so there was a bit of waiting. Surprisingly, one of my new friends whom I only met up like once or twice also came on this trip. Since this is a day trip, I would have to take lots of photos and videos, and…that includes some selfies, so…of course, a perfect selfie must have a perfect propt as well. I think you can probably tell by now what I’ve brought along with me for this trip…but if you really can’t figure it out, I’ve brought my favorite inflatable ring with me as well, purely to use as a prop for selfies.

Just before we left, one of the organizers came around to ask what we want for lunch. I decided to get the rice with chicken (this choice would proved to be unavailable later on, being replaced by rice with fried chicken). After that, we all head into the vans (Me and my friend sat in the first van).

The journey to the kitchen took around 45 minutes to an hour. I listened to music and took photos and videos of course. When we arrived, my friend helped put my laptop bag in the provided lockers. I decided to take my phone’s charger out as well, and…this would prove to be the right choice. We also have to change our shoes.

When we went inside, we were given aprons to wear, and then we were given a brief introductory lecture by the kitchen staff, and we formed into pairs. Finding a partner was easy, since my friend was willing to bake the cake with me. Turns out, she was the one who did the majority of tasks, although I do help her out with some of the easy bits. Since I can’t remember the full recipe, I’m not going to go into detail of how this particular cake is made.

The whole process maybe took about an hour to almost two hours. At one point, I noticed that just in front of me, there are power outlets. They were mainly used to power cooking equipments, but…I figured that these can be used to charge mobile phones as well, so I decided to test it out with my phone’s charger and…guess what, it worked! So I decided to spend the available time charging up my phone. At times I took my phone off of the charger so that my friend or the staff can take photos or videos using my phone.

Although much of the baking process was done in pairs, the final stage, which is the decoration  stage, was done individually. Fortunately, a kitchen staff pretty much helped me decorate my finished cake (for your information, each pair makes a pretty big piece of cake, and then the whole piece is cut up into roughly four smaller pieces, two per person). I decided to have strawberry, some other kinds of fruit, and some chocolate as decorations for the cake. The kitchen staff also ran a cake decoration competition, with four prizes available (a fifth one would later be revealed). Oh and I forgot to mention, a bit into the baking process I decided to put my inflatable ring on since I was kind of tired having to hold it between my legs.

Lunch was a little bit after 12PM. In fact I think it wasn’t until like 12:15PM when we were all served lunch. One of the organizers did came around earlier informing that the item I erequested for lunch was not available, and asked what I want instead. Since rice with fried chicken is available as one of the options, I decided to go for it. The rice with fried chicken did indeed taste good.

After lunch, the kitchen staff finally announced the cake decoration competition results. To my surprise, I won the fifth prize, in other words a consolation prize, which is basically a set with a refillable metallic water bottle, a notebook and a calendar. It would’ve been nice to win first prize, as the reward is a premium-quality cloth bag. But…hey, at least a consolation prize is better than nothing…

Since I ended up with two pieces of cake, I decided to keep one for myself and the other…I decided to give it to one of my friends back at MUIC (the person who bought me some pretty amazing birthday presents – I will talk about that in another post). At first I thought of letting her select which of the two pieces to take, but…realize that it would be too much work since she would’ve needed to find some sort of container to keep the cake. So I decided to make things easy for her by eating one of the pieces at the kitchen, and just give the whole box with the remaining piece to her. The cake did tasted pretty good though, but it was not a small piece by any mean. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish my piece…but I managed to finish it in the end.

After everyone has got their cakes, we all returned our aprons and leave. Me and my baking partner sat in the same van as the journey here. I still kept my inflatable ring on, since I can’t be bothered to take it out.

The journey back to campus was around the same duration as the journey to the kitchen. Once again I listened to music and took photos and videos throughout the journey. We arrived back at MUIC a little bit after 2PM. That marks the end of today’s trip…

As for my friend’s cake, since she told me earlier that she had a meeting with one of her teachers (most likely at the new MUIC building) I decided to go wait for there, though she didn’t show up until like 3:30PM.

Overall, today’s trip was pretty good, I would say somewhat better than the Rakkaew club trip in the way that I spent much of my time indoors. And, unlike with the Klong Mahasawat trip, even if one of my friends did not show up, I am almost guaranteed help by the kitchen staff. Lunch was definitely good, and the cake me and my partner baked tasted pretty good. Winning the decoration competition, even if it’s just a consolation prize, is pretty amazing I would say. I would like to say a special thank you to my baking partner today who pretty much did all the hard work for me.

As whether this would truely be the very last club trip I would ever go on at MUIC…I would say might be. This is mainly because, even though I got convincing midterm result for intro to logic (I will talk about that in another post), there is still a chance that I would not pass this class and if that’s the case, I would have one more semester to deal with and…that means more opportunity to join club trips, although the disappointment of not being able to receive my degree this autumn would make the experience less enjoyable.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

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