A faster way to create families in Sims 3

Hey guys;

Have you ever spent hours creating families in The Sims 3? I had, and…it feels very frustrating. Well I finally found a way to make this process faster!

The main feature that we will use is the ability to save sims to the bin. This well, allows you to save a sim to the sims bin. You may have heard or used this feature already. So…let’s get into how create families faster using this feature…

  • First go into Create a Sim
  • The first time doing this will obviously take time, as you do need to start from scratch, unless if you’re willing to modify the ones that already exist in the bin. Create your sims as normal, put a name and family name if you wish.
  • Once you’re happy with your sims, click on the ‘…’ to the bottom-right of your sim’s icon, and there will be the option to save to bin. Do this for all of the sims that you’ve created.
  • At this point, you can either finalize the family creation process, or exit out of Create a Sim. If you decided to play with the sims you’ve create, go through the last steps of family creation as normal.
  • In the future, when you go into Create a Sim, click on the large box-like button to the left of the sim icon. A window will pop up.
  • From here you can apply filters such as species, gender, age etc. Find the sim that you’ve created and saved earlier and click on the blue icon to the bottom-right to accept the choice. From here feel free to modify whatever aspects of the sim you like. Repeat this for all sims that you’ve created earlier and want to include in the new family. Don’t forget to change the names and family names.

Using this feature, I was able to create a family with 3 sims and 3 pets within a little under half an hour. In the past this process would have taken at least an hour or even more.

Note this feature is most useful if you plan on standardizing aspects of your sims, such as traits, costumes, etc…I.E all of your sims will share certain characteristics with each other. If you’re a type of person who loves making each and every sims in town unique, this feature will be completely useless as you’ll end up changing everything anyway.


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