Windows 10 Creator’s Update is out

Welcome to the very first article on this blog!
As you may have been aware, the next feature update to Windows 10, the Creator’s Update, have been released today (April 11th, 2017). It contains many new features such as, according to what I read from online sources, a game mode and also a new Paint application.

Oh, that sounds nice! Now where do I get it? Yeah, I’m sure you’ll be asking that. There are 2 methods. Install it through Windows Update or manually using an offline disk image file.

Method 1: Windows Update

With this method, you’re essentially letting Windows Update install the Creator’s Update for you, in the background. During installation, you can still use your computer as normal, until the whole installation process is completed. The downside is that, the update will be released in progression, and there’s no way of telling when your computer will get it.

Method 2: Using an offline disk image file

This method of updating essentially have you boot into the installer, just like what you did when installing a fresh new copy of Windows. You can actually download the disk image file right now (I’ll post an article on how to do that later). The good thing is that you can install the update right away, and is ideal if, say, you’re like me and you’re on a holiday right now and you know you won’t really need your school/university computer for at least 2 or 3 weeks (especially ideal for those with Windows 10 Home as you don’t have to worry about Windows Update silently installing this big update while you’re in the middle of your school/university work; the last thing you want while doing your work is to have your computer restarted to finish installing the update which can take a long time and so wastes your class time). The only downside, is, during the whole installation process you won’t be able to use your computer at all, but that shouldn’t really be a problem if you’re on holiday and you know you don’t need the computer on a regular bases.

So, there you have it, 2 ways of getting the new Creator’s Update. Good luck updating!


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