My experience with the Windows 10 Creator’s Update

Hey guys;

So, last night I just installed the Creator’s Update of Windows 10 in my laptop. Today in this article I’ll share with you all my experiences with it so far.

Updating to the Creator’s Update

I originally planned to use the update tool, but since it would take too long to download, I decided to use a disk image file. I selected to keep only personal files during upgrade.

The upgrade itself doesn’t take too long, but after installing back some apps I noticed 1 issue. That is, some settings won’t save, E.G settings relating to folders displayed on the navigation pain of the start menu. After getting through with the live chat with Microsoft, they managed to create another account, of which I tested and the issue is fixed in the new account, so I concluded that the issue is related to my old account.

Although they offered to migrate my files to the new account, I elected to reset my laptop myself. Since I’ve backed up all my important files and that resetting is part of my plan after upgrade anyway, I decided not to use the new account that the Microsoft support personnel created.

So part of today’s morning was spent resetting my laptop. After getting through the initial setup process, I decided to test to see whether the issue I’ve experienced last night still persist. And the result is, the issue is gone. Yea! After that I immediately proceeded installing other apps, and not too long my laptop was working again, complete with NVDA, MathType, Math Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Office365.

Using the Creator’s Update

So far, I can say that the update looks good. Some issues with NVDA, particularly the typing issue in the universal apps, have been fixed which means that apps like the new calculator app, Microsoft Edge and Skype are usable once again. There’s a new app called Paint3D, which I still haven’t use extensively, but it appears to be like a normal app for drawing pictures (although the old Paint app still remains).

I did also give Microsoft Edge a try, and it’s quite usable now with NVDA. Recent versions of NVDA has improved support for Microsoft Edge significantly, although I still prefer Firefox. I did installed Google Chrome, in case if I have to use due to some issues with Firefox (add/drop on Sky is one of the issues I encountered with Firefox).

In terms of other store apps, I haven’t tried downloading anything extra, because I don’t think I’ll be using them.

My recommendations

Overall, the Creator’s Update of Windows 10 is quite good. If you’re using the latest version of NVDA (2017.1 as of this writing), I highly recommended that you upgrade. As for Jaws users I can’t really give my opinion on that, as I’ve not tested the Creator’s Update with Jaws. But if you’re using a legal copy (purchased from Freedomscientific), then you should update, provided that you update Jaws to the latest available build and that the release note specifically mentions fixes or support for the Creator’s Update. If you’re using a pirated copy, I recommend that you stay on the build you’re on, but if you’re brave enough, feel free to give the Creator’s Update of Windows 10 a try. Of course if you’re having issues with Jaws you can install NVDA and use that instead and I would recommend that you do so as NVDA is free.


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