R.I.P Windows Movie Maker

Hey guys;


I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this or not, but Windows Movie Maker is officially dead. Microsoft has officially discontinued the Windows Essentials package, which means that Movie Maker and Photo Gallery are both discontinued as well.

In fact, Microsoft has discontinued both apps for a few months now, but I only heard about it very recently.

So, what does this means? Well…simply, you won’t be able to use the web installer to install both Movie Maker and Photo Gallery because apparently the files required are removed from Microsoft’s servers as well. But if you already have them installed, they’ll continue to work.

So, is there any alternatives? Well to be honest there’s a lot. For paid option there’s always Adobe Premier and Camtasia Studio, and several others. For free options there are apps like Videopad, Shotcut (which I just discovered), as well as several others.

Personally, I was sad to see Windows Movie Maker being discontinued. I loved Movie Maker, it’s interface was dead simple to use and very compatible with screen readers. Using Movie Maker, I managed to create movies within 1 or 2 hours.

So…that’s it for now…hh


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