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Change of major is over…

Hey guys;

Remember my references to change of major in my various posts? Well as of now this has actually taken place! Although things are not fully completed yet as my GPA has to be calculated again and there are still some oddities on the Sky system, overall things looked complete. I’m able to search for business courses, and some courses that aren’t permitted under my old major can now be searched, namely Fundamental Mathematics, Fundamental Chemistry and Fundamental Physics, as well as a host of other courses.

So, all did the whole process went? Well as expected, doing something of this magnitude isn’t going to be easy, or quick either. First I have to fill in the change of major request form on Sky. That sounds simple enough as there are only like 2 fields that I have to fill in…

Right, I’ve filled them in, what do I do? Of course hit the submit button! Great, now I’ve filled in the change of major form! But wait right there…

Now comes the fun part! Collecting signatures, filling in additional details (including the reason, I don’t get it why can’t the reason just be copied from Sky), etc…bureaucracy stuff…it seems that mankind just can’t really get rid of paperwork, even though we’re destroying rainforests and pumping tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year…by doing paperwork we’re indirectly supporting those logging companies out there in the Amazon…

But…wait, there’s even more to this change of major process. I talked to the program director of international business last term and I was told that changing to this major was no problem. So this whole process should be completed in 2 or 3 weeks, right? Wrong! Once again paperwork and bureaucracy is what consumed the most time; I even have to chase staff at the Office of Academic Affairs twice about change of major!

Oh, what about transfering courses? Well it should also be simple, right? I got B for Statistics last term, and I passed my forced mathematics course. Wrong! Well actually, this matter was complicated by one thing. And…guess what that damn one thing is? That damn one thing is the fact that I got a D+ for Principle Mathematics 2 terms ago and the minimum grade that could be transferred is a C! And…why did I got a D+? Because it’s the year 2016! But I got almost perfect scores on both of the quizzes and attendance + homework, so how come I ended up with a D+? Well since this was 2016 the teachers decided to make both the midterm and the final exams as hard as possible. And…what’s the result of this whole mess? I have to take Fundamental Mathematics next term. As this course is suppose to be a course for first year student, it is highly likely that the classroom would be pretty much full of first year students and I would be the only second year student (especially second year students who joined the same term as me) in the room. 2016, you have no idea how much I hate you. You’ll always be remembered, throughout my whole life, as one of the worst years ever. You brought me misfortune again and again, 2016. The fact that you gave me an opportunity to spend a good number of hours during the last 2 days of the year with my best friend didn’t really make up for all the troubles you brought upon me….thinking about 2016 really makes me want to rip the pages with all the dates and months of 2016 off a calendar and toss them into a bonfire!

So, after having all forms and paperwork filled in, what happens next? Nothing. It’s the usual long wait for the request to take affect, and…as of now it did. And I’m glad that it did finally took affect as I could start thinking about adding environmental science as a minor.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

New header image at last!

Hey guys;

So, the 4 months of solid, black header image is now over. Though the official mourning period is still on-going, let’s face it…most people have reverted to colored photos for their Facebook cover and profile photos and major Thai news sites like Bangkok Post have reverted to colored interface some time ago.

Due to this, I decided that…it’s time to update the header image of my blog, and…here it is. The header image is the top half of my beloved inflatable Pegasus. The photo was taken at my dorm. I’ve previously tried to put the whole image, but that resulted in a header image that is too large. I could resize the image down, but that would make the image too blurry/pixelated.

I’ve decided to choose this photo because…let’s face it, by posting videos about my inflatable toys on Youtube I’ve pretty much revealed my long-kept secret to the whole world, so…there’s no reason to hide it from visitors to my blog anymore…

The header image of my website, however, will remain black until I could figure out a new header image to replace it. I could, however, revert the header image to the image I used before the previous Thai King passed away.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Looking back at the history of my blog

Hey guys;

So, last night while I was sleeping, something came up in my head. How old is this blog? So…to find out, a while ago I decided to try and browse through the archives of the blog.

What I discovered is that this blog is just a little over 6 years old. But that’s based on the earliest posts found in my archive, not the earliest post on this WordPress blog. Yeah, the earliest posts on this blog dates back to the old BlogBaker and Blogger blogs! And how do they got here? Well I’ve imported them somehow! First they’re somehow imported into my Blogger blog, and when I moved to WordPress, I imported posts from my Blogger blog, which contain posts imported from my BlogBaker blog.

So, after scanning a few more dates in the archive and actually having to visit my old Blogger blog to find out when was the very last post on that blog, I discovered that this WordPress blog was actually created in May of 2013, or rather, started being used actively since May 2013 as I think I might have created this blog way back earlier, but haven’t pay much attention to it. Yeah, the blog migration took place during one of the most unpleasant times in my high school life; the spam crisis and the last phase of my IGCSE exam; plus the passing of one of my friends took place a few days after this blog went live with posts. Talking about a bad timing…

So…to summarize, based on the date of which this blog went live with posts, the blog is actually a little under 4 years old. But if based on the oldest post found in my archives, this blog would actually be a little over 6 years old.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

Happy Valentines Day

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

Everytime I am alone I think about you,

I think back to when we first met in May 2014,

I think back to all the good times we had together at STA,

And I think back to the great fun we had a few months ago.

Without you my heart feels very empty,

Without you my heart becomes as dry as the desert sand,

Without you I feel very lonely.

On the surface I move on with my day-to-day life and duties,

I concentrate on my classes.

But deep in my heart I’m still waiting for you,

Waiting for you to return,

Waiting for the day we get to meet up again.

I am still waiting for you,

So please return to Thailand on your next holiday.

Hey guys;

Happy Valentines Day, I hope you do like my poem above. I’ve written that poem right from the bottom of my heart, and…just in case you don’t know, I’ve written the poem for my best friend, who is currently studying in Finland. I’ve decided to write a special poem for her because…she’s a special person for me and so deserves something special as a Valentines Day gift. I could have written a poem like this one as far back as 2015, but back then I wasn’t in the mood. Why? Because of the trolls! Yeah, the 6 February 2015 incident destroyed all of my mood for Valentines Day! I could also written a poem like the one above in 2016, but I either didn’t think about it or was too busy with university. Talking about Valentines Day gifts…back in 2015, before I graduated, I could have ordered roses for my best friend or asked her to order one for me as a Valentines Day gift (I still remember that some year 12 students set up rose ordering stalls during lunch time), but once again I failed to do that, because…the trolls decided that it would be fun to try and bring me down right before Valentines Day! But if I did asked my best friend to order roses for me, the trolls would have noticed it, and…the first phase of the seventh trolls campaign would have been revived. Why? Because of the roses! Yes, the trolls do have the capability to use Valentines Day roses as an evidence to support their rumor! Were this to happen, I’m sure between then and study leave I would have been bombarded by trolls constantly, and things would get a lot worse if the trolls managed to spread their rumor to students in other years, particularly pupils in year 8 and then the rumor would immediately got out of control.

Anyways, that’s it for now…I hope all of you have a great and wonderful Valentines Day today.

Some alternate scenarios using alternate history

Hey guys;

So, it’s been a month since my last post featuring alternate history. Well here’s another one, this one might feature several alternate scenarios based on alternate history, all of these of course relates to my life…

The first scenario is, what if the trolls campaigns never existed. This is a scenario that just caught my attention, when thinking back to the days of the trolls. As all the trolls campaigns are major events of my life, removing them significantly changes my life, particularly my high school life.

But before discussing this alternate scenario, I need to give you some context…

So, what exactly lead to the series of trolls campaigns (7 to be exact) that dominated much of my high school life? Well, from what I can remember vaguely, it all began on one ordinary day, during lunch break, sometime around October 2009. I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I do know that someone wrote something about me on the board in my tutor base with reference to a new girl that joined my year back then, and that sets off a chain of events that ultimately lead to the creation of the very first trolls campaign. The thing on the board itself wasn’t really that big of an issue, it was the fact that everyone seems to care so much about this kind of thing back then, and this eventually became the norm, and somehow I was the main victim. After this, 6 more trolls campaigns followed, culminating in the seventh trolls campaign, which, as I stated in my updated summary/timeline, was the only trolls campaign to feature multiple phases. The birth of this so called ‘trolls era’ also contributed to several dark moments of my high school life, such as the 6 February 2015 incident, the Facebook trolls/Windows Live Messenger trolls in the first half of 2012, and the crises from May 2013 to February 2015.

So, what’s changed in this alternate timeline? Well a lot. First, in order for the 7 trolls campaigns to not exist, the people who fanned the initial rumor must not take that rumor seriously. In this alternate timeline, the thing that was written on the board fails to attract much attention, and the spark for the trolls era was…pretty much left to die. Rumors might surface again during Valentines, but once again this was not taken seriously by people in my year in this alternate timeline.

So, as I just mentioned, a lot of things would be changed in this alternate timeline. Firstly, the 6 February 2015 incident would simply not occur. Secondly, though I still actively use Facebook and Windows Live Messenger (before it was replaced by Skype) in this alternate timeline, there was no rumor to feed the trolls so these online trolls would simply not exist. Also, just like the Facebook and Windows Live Messenger trolls, the trolls would not exist so there are no crises in this alternate timeline. The 1 April 2014 incident would, however, still occur so I would still get to know the year 7 girl that eventually became my best friend. In fact beyond the first 3-4 months of 2015 this alternate timeline would be pretty much identical to the real timeline. This means that events like the New Year’s party plus its starter the day before would still occur at exactly the same time. 2016 would still be a rather bad year as various setbacks like class registration issues, difficult than expected class assignments, low GPAs, failure to secure places on club trips, etc would still occur. What is changed is the memories of my high school life. Without these 7 trolls campaigns high school would have been looked back as a brighter, happier time than in the real timeline.

The next scenario is…what if the trolls applied to the same college as me. This is another scenario that also came to my attention recently. But once again before discussing this alternate scenario, I need to discuss some context…

In the real timeline the trolls era officially drew to a close after the graduation ceremony in June 2015. This is because the trolls, and virtually the whole class of 2015, were broken up, and everyone is scattered in various places across the globe for their university lives. By the time of the graduation ceremony most people have already got accepted into various universities in Asia, Europe, the US or Canada. Since all the trolls have gone somewhere, this meant that up until now university life has been a good time for me, free of annoying comments/rumors by the trolls.

So…let’s discuss what could have changed in this alternate timeline…the only way that the trolls could have realistically followed me to the same college is, they would need to not been accepted into universities they originally applied fore and that they would need to not participate in any clearing processes. This meant that they would have to either apply for a Thai university or reapply abroad again later in 2015.

In this alternate timeline, let’s say that all of that actually occur. It’s July 2015, and the trolls, after having their college offers withdrawn, are being confronted with 2 choices. Either apply for a Thai university which, by this point, Mahidol University International College (MUIC) would have been the only choice left as MUIC accepts applications in July, or reapply to universities abroad again later in the year. For the sake of this scenario, let’s say that the trolls can’t be bothered waiting another whole year so they decided to apply for MUIC.

So, what’s changed in this alternate timeline. Well…quite many things. Firstly the era of the trolls would have continued into the present day, and…who knows how many more trolls campaigns the trolls would have created. And since the New Year’s party plus its starter the day before would still occur and so my new Facebook profile photo featuring me and my inflatable Pegasus would still exist, the trolls, in this alternate timeline, would intensify their effort to destroy me by most likely reviving the seventh trolls campaign and enhance it with the information they got from my Facebook profile photo. Also in this alternate timeline, 2016 would have been worse than the real timeline simply because of all the annoyances the trolls could potentially cause. To summarize, in this alternate timeline university life would have been a much darker time compared to the real timeline.

So…there you go, 2 more alternate scenario based on the concept of alternate history…

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Some changes to the blog, and future plans

Hey guys;

So, I’m sure it’s been absolutely ages since I last posted anything about this blog. Well until now I didn’t really know what aspects of the blog I should change, but after going through the blog again this morning (Thailand time) I decided to make some changes.

Mainly, I’ve cleaned up the right sidebar. I’m sure, you’ve noticed that there are duplicate widgets on both sidebars. So I decided to remove widgets on the right sidebar that already exists on the left sidebar. I also removed the search widget, because I just found out that you can still activate the search box by clicking on the green icon on the main menu.

As for my future plans for the blog…I do have a major overhaul of the blog’s appearance planned in my head, but I haven’t decided as of yet when that will happen. For this major redesign, it will of course involve changing the whole theme, but I do need to see which theme is suitable, taking into account the compatibility of the blog’s user interface with screen reading software. Also a major redesign would take time, as by changing the theme itself I do most likely have to reconfigure the sidebar widgets again, which can be rather annoying and time consuming.

Also I do plan to replace the black header image. It’s now a bit over 100 days since the passing of H.M. The late King of Thailand and by now most people I know of on Facebook have reverted to colored profile photos and even the Bangkok Post website itself have reverted to colored interface. So it’s imperative that I do the same, although I do need to figure out which photo I’ll use for the header image.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Classification of events

Hey guys;

So, I’m sure you’ve been reading posts here about events that I particularly enjoy. Well in fact there were many, including family trips, but you never see them here…

Well, this post I’m going to try to explain why such events aren’t normally included/mentioned here. Basically I’ll classify events into a hierarchy consisting of 3 levels, which are: Major event, event that fulfills my wish of hanging out with friends, and ‘perfect’/’special’ event. Let’s get into the details of each level…

Major event: This is the lowest level on the hierarchy. In order for an event to qualify, that event must simply not include members of my family as participants and that I must be able to take significant amounts of photos and videos. Basically, the amount of photos/videos must be huge enough so that a separate folder in my photos library is worthwhile. This means that, as you’ve probably know already, schools/university trips, club trips, etc…as long as members of my family aren’t participating, will qualify for this status.

Event that fulfills my wish of hanging out with friends: This is the middle level of the hierarchy. An event that qualifies for this status will automatically qualify for the ‘major event’ status as it would have been mentioned here. Basically, in order to qualify for this level an event must (A) be in a form of a hang out, probably at one of my friend’s house, and must last long enough that I can take lots of photos and videos so that a folder with this name pattern ‘2017 {Month} {date} {friend’s name}’s house’ containing photos and videos from that day is created in my photos library, or (B) be in a form of a trip, either day trip or residential trip. For a trip, to qualify the trip must not involve the school or university at all. This means that the trip must be completely informal, and does not relate to the school or university in any way. This means that, for a trip, I must be able to use name patterns like ‘2017 {Month} {date} day trip to {Place} with {friend’s name}’, ‘2017 {Month} {date} day trip to {Place} with friends’, 2017 {Month} {start date}-{end date} residential trip to {Place} with {friend’s name}’, or ‘2017 {Month} {start date}-{end date} residential trip to {Place} with friends’ to name a folder in my photos library containing photos and videos from such trips. For both types of events, members of my family must not be participants at all, however members of my friend’s family may still participate.

‘Perfect’/’special’ event: This is the highest level in the hierarchy. This means that any event that qualifies for this level would automatically qualify for the lower levels. In addition to the qualifications for the lower levels, the person participating, must, in addition to being my friend, also be someone that I considered to be special to me. In addition, an event must also be in a form of a trip, and is thus subject to conditions I outlined above. This also means that for a qualifying event, the name pattern for a folder containing photos and videos from the event must strictly be something similar to ‘2017 {Month} {date} day trip to {Place} with {friend’s name}’ or ‘2017 {Month} {start date}-{end date} residential trip to {Place} with {friend’s name}’. In addition, an event that manages to be in this level will have a very good chance of being ranked as the best event of the year.

So…there you have it, my hierarchy of events which should somewhat explain why I never post or write about family trips (although the tagline on the top says ‘whatever is happening in my life’, I just don’t really like to talk about family events, like feasts and trips). However there are a few exceptions, of which family events may be included, but that is kind of rare…you’ll know when that happens as it will be mentioned here on this blog…

Anyways, that’s it for now…

The first residential trip of 2017

Hey guys;

So, as you’ve probably aware by now, last week I went on a residential trip. This was to be the first residential trip of the year, and…might be the only residential trip throughout this year, if I failed to secure places on club trips. Also this was the first time that a residential trip have occurred so early on in the year. From 2010 to 2012 and in 2014, I have to wait until late January. In 2013 I have to wait until September, in 2015 I have to wait until late October, and in 2016 I have to wait until mid March.

In fact, the trip that took place last week could have taken place in 2016, but…as you all know 2016 is notorious for throwing setbacks into my plans, and so as a result the trip was delayed until last week. But this also means that, no matter what happened throughout the year, I’m guaranteed to be able to write about a residential trip when writing my year wrap up summary later in December. This means…this will be the 8th year in a row that a residential trip had been included as the best event of the year.

Anyways, let’s get to the trip itself…

The trip took place from January 7th to January 8th, as expected from a university residential trip. I went to Hua Hin this time, which is nice…for both the 2015 and 2016 residential trips I’ve been to virtually the same place and I’ve participated in virtually the same activities, so…a change in the location and activities is always welcome.

Just like the first 2 residential trips at university, the van was the main transportation. But instead of boarding the van at the International College building, I boarded the van at my old dorm.

There were around 9 people on the trip, consisting of a few university staff and a handful of students. The first major place we stopped was a school. The school was huge! Not sure if it’s bigger than ST Andrews or my best friend’s house, but certainly it’s very big. After that we went to have some nice lunch, before stopping at a market to buy up some fresh seafood for the dinner.

The place we stayed in was a resort next to the beach. We picked a big house to stay in. And…man the house was big! There were 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets and a kitchen with a dining area. However only the bedrooms are air-conditioned.

Once we get there and settled into the house, I immediately inflated the inflatable toys (just in case you didn’t know by now, I really love inflatable toys. They’re fun to play with. Feel free to call me crazy/insane, I don’t really care much. I respect your constitutional rights to do so, so you should respect my constitutional rights to possess these toys as well) I brought along with me (a ring and a unicorn/horse/Pegasus), and prepared to go play in the oceans. There were no swimming pools, so…that left the sea as the only place to go. And…the water was cold! But that’s to be expected, given that the sky had been cloudy the whole day.

I spent a good half an hour or so in the ocean, before returning to the house to shower and get ready for dinner. Dinner that day was, surprise, a BBQ! Yeah, it’s the second week in a row that I had BBQ for dinner! But instead of steaks, sausages and salmon, there were seafood (shrimp, octopus, etc). Also there were french fries, which was just…great!

After dinner we went out for a night market, but I didn’t buy anything as there’s nothing interesting to buy, and that pretty much finishes the day…

The next day I spent most of the morning relaxing and packing my stuff. I decided to only deflate the ring because…I’m too lazy to deflate the unicorn/horse/Pegasus, and I’m quite confident I can carry it on the van as it’s not very big.

We left at around 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning. The first place we went to was a park that showcases the statues of Thai kings who had ‘The Great’ as part of their titles. After that, apart from a quick return to the resort to pick up some stuff, we went to a floating market for lunch.

The unique feature of this floating market is that, there’s a mock train running between the front and the back of the market. And…the ride really feels like the real train! Once again there weren’t much to buy, although I did ended up buying a hat and a shirt for 200 baht in total.

After that we went to another market, which, to my surprise, there’s actually a hotel/resort inside the market. Once again there’s not much to buy. After that it’s all the way back to Mahidol University, with a quick stop at Phetchaburi, where I managed to buy up lots of snacks for a total of around 509 baht. We ended up arriving back inside the campus at around 6PM or y7PM, which marks the end of the trip.

Overall, I must say the trip was great fun, although compared to previous residential trips I’ve went to this one was not so great, because firstly it’s a very short trip, and secondly there weren’t many people on the trip. It was since like the Khorat trip in mid 2014 that there were more than 30 people participating, and it was since the Mae Sot trip in November 2014 that a residential trip lasted for more than 2 nights!

Anyways, that’s it for now…

First week of term…relatively easy

Hey guys;

So, the first week of term 2 has ended since Thursday. Overall it’s relatively easy, and smooth in most aspects.

Yeah, I’d say “most aspects” because…not everything goes smoothly! In fact only one thing that doesn’t go so smoothly…

Yep, I’m talking about add/drop. This term, I have to add/drop again, thanks to the fact that the teacher of the Elementary French I section that I registered in decided to include my name on the list of students to be transferred to another section! And…why do another section desperately needs to take students from the section I originally registered for? Well…it’s the fact that, in the other section, by the term’s start there were only like 2 students registered! Though the number of students registered did eventually increase, but the decision has been made…so I have to change section. And…guess what? I have to manually do it on the Sky system! This is like the same deal as last term! Come-on, this is like the fourth term in a row that I have to add/drop…I wanted an add/drop-free term! But thankfully, this term is nowhere as hellish as this very same term last year. Oh god, you won’t believe how much hell of a trouble I went through in order to get all of my classes. I have to go in and fill forms to request to add as an over-capacity student which means going around to different places and ask someone to help me fill in the form…come-on, that’s not cool at all.

In terms of other subjects…so far they’re not very difficult. Other than Macroeconomics, the contents are pretty much revision of IB Business Management, just that the course used different terminologies (I’m specifically referring to Fundamental Financial Accounting). But I’m quite certain that things will get more difficult as time goes by…Principles of Marketing project awaits, and…who knows what role I’ll be given by my team members…

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Christmas holiday is drawing to a close

Hey guys;

So, after 4 weeks, the Christmas holiday is finally drawing to a close, with tomorrow’s residential trip to Hua Hin finishing it off. Monday will be the start of a new term, a term of transition, as this upcoming term is when I’ll formally begin the process of changing my major to International Business. If things go well, I should be in the new major by the end of the term or earlier.

For me, holidays are the boring times, where I have nothing to do and where loneliness rained supreme. But this Christmas holiday is different. Although loneliness ruled the day for most of the time, just a single event and its starter made this holiday not so horrible as previous holidays. The event, which first began as a normal hang out, eventually grew to become the most unique, touching, and special New Years ever.

It all began on an ordinary day on Friday. It was December 30th, 2016. This was to be the day that changed everything. The day seemed to be like any other day at first. Even as the afternoon drove on, nothing seems special…

But the ordinary won’t last much longer. As the train pulls into Ari station, my phone rang, and I told the caller at the other end of the line that I was arriving at Ari and also asked to confirm that I should go to exit 4. Even once I stepped out, nothing seems unusual. The sun still blasts my skin with the heat of the day, and everyone else seems to be going on with their stuff as usual. But once passed the ticket gates, a soothing, soft, familiar voice greeted me. A smile and a sense of joy quickly took over. That voice was, unmistakably, from someone that I longed to meet since who knows when! Nah, since STA XPO XVI. That person is…my best friend!

And here’s when the specialty begins. I was soon escorted to a cafe, and as I’m a bit hungry, I ordered some hot chocolate and a chocolate cake. To my own surprise, for perhaps the first time in a long while, I didn’t have to pay for the stuff I ordered. This marked the beginning of the unprecedented degree of hospitality that was to last until New Years.

After everyone ate up and ready, I was taken to a car, where we drove for some good minutes before stopping at my best friend’s house.

Man, the place was huge! Much bigger than what I would call a house! But it is a house nonetheless, just…not in a quite conventional way…

I was taken on a tour around the house. As mentioned already the place was extremely huge, in terms of the size of the land. In fact there weren’t just a single house, but 2 houses! During the tour I came across a BBQ area, and that was when I know that…if I chose to go to my best friend’s house again the next day, I’ll be in for a special event…

After touring the house, I was taken up to the living room, and I spent a good few hours hanging out with my best friend, her brother and one of her friend who happened to come along as well.

Luck have begun to turn on my favor when I joined everyone else in the monopoly game. Through pure luck, the die landed several times on chance cards that spewed out free cash, as if the die have landed on some bars of gold! At the height of the game, I was able to scrape up to an astronomical $2000+!!

Fast forwarding to the next day…there’s a family feast with Chinese foods, and that seems like it. But…no, the main course of this special event is approaching!

The Sun was already setting when the train approaches Ari station once again. Unlike Friday, I wasn’t greeted right away at the ticket gates. I decided to wait on the streets for some good minutes…

Then, out of the blue, a car pulls up and once I was greeted by my best friend’s family members. It was already getting quite dark when we pulled into her house.

While I waited for things to get set up, I was taken to wait first in the dining room/kitchen, and then to the downstairs living room (2 living rooms, seriously)? After some good minutes of waiting, it seems that things are ready, and we all went to join my best friend’s extended family. And that’s where the main course of the event begins…

The dinner on that day, as I mentioned in my earlier post, was just…amazing. Steaks, sausages, salmon…here’s where I really became appreciated at the degree of hospitality I was receiving. After dinner, we went inside to watch a film which featured songs authored by the late king. The film lasted 2 hours, and during that I was served 3 different kinds of cakes, and they all tasted amazing!

After the film we all went outside to prepare for the arrival of 2017. It was a great experience, and…most important of all, I got to witness the arrival of 2017 with my best friend! I’ve been wanting to spend the New Years eve with her for some time and…that dream has finally become a reality!

On my return to home, my heart was filled with joy and happiness. Though New Years eve this year I didn’t get to see fireworks, being able to spend time with someone who is so special to me is what makes this year so unique. But this also comes with a sad fact…my best friend will be going back to Finland very soon, and…thanks to tomorrow’s residential trip, I can’t drop her and say good-bye at the airport, as much as I would like to. From now, if my best case prevails, I’ll have to wait only 6 months before she returns to Bangkok again, which means some point in June or early July, as what she had told me. But if worst case prevails, I might not see her again until December, which is like…literally a whole year of waiting, but I hope that won’t be the case…

So…that’s pretty much an explanation, although simplified, as to why Christmas holiday this year was so special…dth degree of hospitality I received, being able to witness the arrival of 2017 with someone who is so special to me…you get the idea.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Possible events to look forward to in 2017

Hey guys;

So, 2017 is in full swing. As always, there are a number of events that I could expect to see throughout the year, some, in fact a number of them, are regular occurrences while others are more irregular/infrequent.

The first possible event, and in fact a confirmed event, is…surprise, a residential trip to Hua Hin! And…guess when it’s taking place? This upcoming weekend! Of course provided that nothing goes terribly wrong, in terms of finding a place to stay in (days ago I do heard that the organizers are having difficulties finding a place to stay, and as of now I don’t know whether that issue have been sorted out yet). Though the trip only lasts a single night just like the Pattaya trip last year, it should still be good nonetheless. This means that, no matter what happened throughout the year, the question of which events should be chosen as the best event of 2017 has already been answered, as this upcoming trip will automatically be given this rank, with 1 condition, that is if nothing goes terribly wrong during the course of the trip.

The second possible event is the MUIC festival/food fair. In fact, I’m quite certain that this event will take place. It has taken place in pretty much every term since I entered MUIC, so…there’s no reason why it should not take place in 2017. And, just like the previous terms, I’m quite sure that it will be nothing more than a food market with just lots of food to eat for lunch or as a snack during brakes between classes.

The third possible event is…STA senior prom. Given that previous years this has taken place in the middle of June (mostly the third Saturday of june), I think this will most likely take place on June 17th, which is a Saturday. However, whether I can attend this event will depend on 1 thing – my midterm exams. If I’m done with all of my midterm exams by that day, or if the very last midterm exam takes place early enough on that day, I can still go to the prom. Note that this case assumes that I don’t have any schedule conflicts, such as club trips, family feasts, or any unexpected events/emergencies.

The fourth possible event is…hanging out at my best friend’s house/hanging out with my best friend somewhere/a trip to somewhere (residential or not) with my best friend. I’d say this is a possibility because my best friend did told me that when she come back again, we both will meet up. But just exactly how eventful this will be is not clear. It could be like December 30th and 31st, 2016 where I go to her house (most likely), a lunch/dinner/watch movie kind of thing at somewhere like Siam Paragon or some place (likely), or a full blown trip to somewhere, possibly out of Bangkok, either residential or not, with her (least likely). Though this event is fourth on this list, my ability to attend such an event will depend on, other than when my best friend is available to meet up, whether I, once again, have any schedule conflicts. Given that (1) my best friend will return by June and go back to Finland again by late July and…possibly return to Thailand again in December, this event could only take place during the brief time that she’s in Thailand, and (2) given the fact that this event has no specific date, it could potentially conflict with various other events, such as club trips, exams (both midterm and final), family feasts, and family trips (if in December). If she returns before June 17th, the possibility of a schedule conflict with the STA senior prom is real. In that scenario, I’ll have to make a pretty tough decision. Given that both events would have been mutually exclusive, it’s either meeting up and hanging out with my best friend or go to the STA senior prom. As mentioned above, a schedule conflict with a last minute event might prevent me from going to the prom, and…this event is in that category.

The fifth possible event is club trips. Although this could occur more likely than the proceeding 2 events I’ve mentioned, I decided to place club trips fifth because…it’s not a guarantee that I will go on any of those trips. Last year, out of I think 5 or 6 or possibly more club trips, I’ve managed to go on just 1 club trip, the Nature Lovers Club residential trip to Pattaya, and that only happened because someone decided to drop out at the very last minute.

Other than these 5 events, there are more possible events, including Songkran celebration at STA, STA XPO XVII, the Halloween Carnival and Loy Krathong. These events do have a good chance of occurring, though I’m not putting my hopes high on these events.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Some more thoughts…

Hey once again, third post for the day…

While my brain was consumed wwith the events of yesterday and Friday, as well as looking back at the days of the trolls, one thought occurred to me…using the concept of alternate history (yes, alternate history can be applied to one’s own life as well), could things have occurred differently in an alternate timeline? In my popnion I think so, so today I’ll discuss this topic. I’ll pick the seventh trolls campaign, as it’s the most interesting, as well as one of the most devastating trolls campaigns, and also yesterday’s New Years party and countdown and its prelude on Friday, December 30th because, I believe, in an alternate timeline, the party and its prelude could have affected the seventh trolls campaign, if the timing was right.

So…let’s get into the discussion…

For this alternate seventh trolls campaign, I’ll take last night’s New Years party and countdown along with its prelude the day before and place them at the spot where the usual countdown on the night of December 31st, 2014 was in the real timeline. But realistically, for this to even take place would mean that friendship building between me and my best friend, from when we first met in mid May of 2014, would have to be unrealistically fast, assuming that the incident that indirectly lead to it still occurs on April 1st. So for the sake of this alternate timeline, I’ll have to move that April 1st incident months earlier, let’s say October of 2013. Also the rumor on June 2014 that sparked the seventh trolls campaign would have to be moved earlier by 6 months, or in this case, December 2013. This would also mean that I would have to know my best friend by around November of 2013 instead of May 2014.

So…with all of that, the alternate scenario can begin.

On October xth, 2013, a serious incident occurs, resulting in the whole of year 12 being banned from using the 12C tutor base during break and lunch. Like in the real timeline, I would be forced to find somewhere else to hang out. After a month of roaming around the school grounds, on November xth, 2013 I meet someone in year 7 that would become my future best friend. Like in the real timeline, we both begun hanging out during lunch on a daily bases whenever both of us are free. On December xth, the trolls uses the same tactics as in the real timeline, thus is able to create a new rumor, and thus marks the beginning of the seventh trolls campaign. In this alternate timeline, the sixth trolls campaign would be almost as short as the third or the fifth trolls campaign.

The rest of 2014 would, in this alternate timeline, play out quite similar to the real timeline, but without the April Fools Day incident and the June 20th rumor because both of them have already occurred. Also in this alternate timeline, because the October 29th/November 12th rumor would still occur just like in the real timeline, they would be considered as the start of the eighth trolls campaign. In this alternate timeline, because the trolls have more time, the rumor they created in December 2013 is able to spread to more people. At this point, there could also be 2 further alternate scenarios. (1) The rumor stays within the ears of people in my year similar to the real timeline right before the October 29th/November 12th rumor, and (2) the rumor is able to make its way to the ears of students in other years. As for which scenario is most likely, I’d think the second alternate scenario. Given that the trolls would have almost a year to spread their new rumor, it’s quite logical, based on their behavior that I observed in the real timeline, that they spread it to as many people as possible and I would imagine after spreading it to everyone in my year, the trolls will have to resort to spreading it to people in younger years. If this second alternate scenario happens in this alternate timeline, then the seventh trolls campaign would be difficult to stop, but this is also depended on how far the rumor spreads. As long as the rumor doesn’t get into the hands of any year 7s, things will somewhat remain in a controllable state. But if the rumor manages to find its way into the hands of the year 7s, even if just the hands of a single student in that year, things would quickly get out of control. Remember, as with any rumors, once a rumor is started it is very difficult to stop. So in this scenario the rumor would spread extremely fast, which means that this alternate seventh trolls campaign would be far worse than the second trolls campaign, because the trolls would literally have most, if not all, of the year 7s under their influence. Keep in mind that what I’ve just discussed is a worst case scenario. In reality, things might not play out that way. As IB involves lots of work, the trolls could be too busy and so didn’t have time to spread the December 2013 rumor. But for the sake of this main alternate scenario, I’ll assume that the rumor spreads to other years, but not all the way to the year 7s.

So fast forwarding the alternate timeline to December of 2014, let’s say that the New Years party last night and its prelude the day before occurred that year instead of 2016. I’m not going to go into specific details of this alternate New Years party and its prelude, but I would assume it to be the same as in the real timeline. In this alternate timeline I still would change my profile picture on Facebook to be the same photo that I took last night. In this alternate timeline, I believe the trolls, once they saw me at an unusual place, and possessing inflatable toys, would immediately up their campaign against me. Using pressure tactics, they could actually force me to tell the whole story, and they would in turn, use the information they forcefully gathered from me to revive and enhance the seventh trolls campaign, and they would use my new profile photo as an evidence to back up their arguments. Thus I could actually see an alternate first 4 months of 2015, where annoyances rain supreme. However all of this would still end rather quickly, as the trolls would still go on early study leave, and by the time of the IB exams, they no longer have any interest in continuing their campaign of annoyance against me. Also in this alternate first 4 months of 2015, as my best friend would have been in year 8 by then, the trolls, once they forcefully gathered information from me, would quickly spread their enhanced rumor, and they would ensure that it reaches the hands of at least a few year 8s, of which the rumor would then quickly spread.

That was a long scenario…you see, just by changing a single event, particularly if it’s a significant event, could affect future events that happened afterwards. I’d like to write more posts about the alternate timeline of my life, using the concept of alternate history. Possible scenaros could be…what if I decided not to study IB and go straight to university? And…what if the April Fools Day incident didn’t happen? These 2 alternate scenarios are quite interesting…maybe I’ll write about them one day.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Timeline of all trolls campaigns since year 7, updated

Hey guys;

This is my second post of 2017; in fact my second post for today. I think it’s been ages since I last posted multiple times during a day.

Anyways, this post is going to be almost identical with a post back in April 2015. In fact the below text is taken straight from one of the April 2015 entries, with the introduction bits stripped of course.

So for new blog readers, the below text is a timeline of all the trolls campaigns I’ve experienced in high school (ahh, the days of the trolls! Reading the entry, or to even think about it, is really a trip down memory lane for me, even though they’re all bad memories). The dates and descriptions of each trolls campaigns will be exactly as what I’ve written back in April 2015, but the following thing will be changed.

Prototype for the seventh trolls campaign and the seventh trolls campaign: These will simply be merged into the seventh trolls campaign, but will just be split up into 2 phases. The reason is that, the prototype for the seventh trolls campaign actually lasted too long to qualify as a prototype. In my opinion, a prototype for a trolls campaign should not last for more than 2 weeks. Rather than deleting those sections and writing things from scratch, I’ll simply just rename the event titles themselves, and also make changes to any descriptions that might still make reference to the old titles.

So, the concept of the timeline is the same as in my previous posts, but for those of you lazy people that are too lazy to use the blog’s search function, I’ll explain the concept once again.

The timeline is split into different trolls campaign, based on a central theme, which is…rumors that I liked a particular girl. Each campaign is started when the trolls created new rumors, but won’t officially be designated as a trolls campaign until there’s sufficient evidence that the said rumor is spreading wildly, or it had been in existence for some time (at least a month of almost continuous activities relating to the rumor), and ends when, in most cases, the trolls manufactured another rumor, or by precipitating some sort of a crisis that kills the rumor. Prototype campaigns are those that have potential to become the full blown trolls campaign, but they haven’t been around long enough, there is little activities associated with them, or they’re used as a pretext for a new full trolls campaign.

Anyways, enough of the explanations…let’s get to the timeline itself…

Early high school trolls: Late 2008 to mid 2009

The very first form of high school trolls that I encountered when entering high school, were not really in a form of a troll, but rather called ‘bullies’ since they seems to use physical means to annoy me, but at some point they showed characteristics of a modern trolls campaign, like exploiting rumors but those were not so significant.

First trolls campaign: Late 2009 to mid 2010

The first form of the trolls campaign that I saw appeared in late 2009, being triggered by someone who wrote down my top secret back then on a whiteboard. The rumor was tense at times, but I’m sure the rumor was no match for what I saw in the last 2 years or so. The highpoint of this was the Valentines rose gift thingy, but that did not cause much increase in intensity. In fact, there is an attempt to launch the second trolls campaign in late April 2010, but the campaign was rather short-lived, as I will explain further below.

Prototype for the second trolls campaign: Late April 2010 to late June/early July 2010

As mentioned above, there was an attempt to launch a new trolls campaign, and the guy behind this was successful somewhat in creating a trolls campaign. Although it was like a full trolls campaign, with the rumor spreading around, I decided to give it a prototype status because of its short life, and there were no real attempts of making it spread too rapidly. The rumor was that I liked a new girl that came to my year in late April, which is obviously not true, but this demonstrated that this kind of rumor could be successful for the trolls, and this very same scheme was used to create a rumor for the subsequent trolls campaigns, except for the prototype for the seventh trolls campaign.

Second trolls campaign: Late 2010 to April 5, 2012

This was the longest trolls campaign, and the basic methods for the trolls to annoy me for the rest of high school was pretty much set in stone. The rumor that the trolls manufactured spreads around quickly, but it wasn’t until year 10 or so that it intensified, partly because I started using Facebook ever more actively, opening a new platform for the trolls to annoy me, and I remember some of my statuses/posts dating from early 2012 have over 100 comments, consisting of nothing but troll comments! This was also the first trolls campaign that I was able to define the exact end date, and this trolls campaign was probably the only one where the end was precipitated by factors outside of the trolls’ control – the girl the trolls claimed that I like left school.

Third trolls campaign: May 23, 2012 to August 30, 2012

Well, after the second trolls campaign died down there was a gap, but then the third trolls campaign quickly take over to fill the gap. Once again, this trolls campaign was based on falsified rumors that I liked a new girl that came to my school at the start of year 10. The majority of the activities was on Facebook, hense this marked the peak of the Facebook trolls, although troll comments on Facebook continued into the first term of year 11. The highpoint of this was when the trolls threatened to declare a trolls war on me, but as it turns out this was not the case at all.

Prototype for the fourth trolls campaign: August 30, 2012 to September 11, 2012

This prototype trolls campaign was, once again, based on a rumor of the same pattern, and it is the shortest prototype trolls campaign, or indeed, the shortest trolls campaign ever. Annoyances shifted from Facebook to more in-school annoyances, as the trolls viewed that it is more effective.

Fourth trolls campaign: September 11, 2012 to February 18, 2013

This trolls campaign was reasonably long and painful, but not as painful and as long as the second trolls campaign. Facebook trolls have virtually died out, as the trolls shifted their full focus to annoying me in school instead. I can see at least 2 attempts by the trolls to end this trolls campaign, the first in late September was not successful, but the second one in early December almost succeeded, when the trolls decided to provoke some sort of a crisis to bring me down somewhat, but they did not succeed.

Fifth trolls campaign: February 18, 2013 to May 25/26, 2013

This was the first trolls campaign that the rumor is based on a Valentines gift. It started when one member of the trolls demanded that I hand over the list of people that I ordered gifts for. I initially refused, but eventually have to cave in to the demand. As it turns out, the person who demanded this eventually spread it around and thus, the fifth trolls campaign was born. At first the rumor focused on a single girl, and then it diversified into I don’t know, around 3-5 different girls or something, but the rumor is really getting more complicated by this time. There was an attempt to launch another trolls campaign, but it was short-lived as, the main stopper was the study leave and the IGCSE exams.

First spam crisis: May 25/26, 2013 to June 7, 2013

This was something that I didn’t foresee would happen. It all started when I discovered from one of the many posts in my Facebook news feed. I then decided to check it out and found it to be very easy to use and decided to share a link to my profile, unknowingly that the trolls are waiting on their news feed, ready to refresh the page so to see and to click on the link I shared, and…the result is, the very first spam crisis was born, and it also marked a turning point as the crisis opened a new platform for the trolls to annoy me. I doubt, this was made possible by the fact that most of the trolls have finished all of their IGCSE exams by then, so they have lots of free time. The crisis was brought to an end when, due to pressures from some of my friends, I disabled my account for a while.

Sixth trolls campaign, the second  and the third spam crises: September 13, 2013 to June 20, 2014

Once again, new academic year, new trolls campaign arrives. This time, however, the rumor did not originate in the school or from Facebook, but rather, from By this time, the trolls have started taking advantage of the fact that they’ll be anonymous when posting on my, to annoy me as I will not be able to trace them. Not long after, a second spam crisis hits, taking advantage of a news report of a fire somewhere in Bangkok. Basically, the trolls falsified the news and blaming me for starting the blaze, which is unquestionably false, and I viewed it as a propaganda by the trolls. The timing was also questionable, because…why would they want to do it on a holiday? The answer is, they want to spoil my Pattaya trip. This crisis was not brought to an end until mid November or so. In March, I saw at least 2 attempts to start a new trolls campaign, but as it turns out the trolls didn’t really put much effort into making it happen. Then, in May, the third spam crisis hits, this time the trolls exploited my views on a certain section of the Thai criminal code and turn it into a propaganda to annoy me. One of my friend in year 10 back then attempted to intervene, but the attempt was short-lived as the campaign resumed on the night of the military coup, continuing on to the next day when the school was closed, though the crisis was short-lived either.

Seventh trolls campaign phase 1: June 20, 2014 to October 29/November 12, 2014

This was perhaps the first trolls campaign to feature multiple phases. Though it could be considered as a prototype, I’d consider it as part of the seventh trolls campaign because of its duration of 4 months. The event that in some ways paved the way for this trolls campaign is…a serious incident on April Fools Day on April 1st, 2014 which resulted in the whole class being barred from using the tutor base during lunch and break. This effectively forced me to find new places to hang out, and…as always, the trolls are always around, ready to pounce whenever they feel that what I was doing/who I was socializing with is worth the effort to troll on. It was triggered when the trolls used pressure tactics to force me to reveal the name of my best friends who were in year 7 at the time. As a result, this trolls campaign was the first where the girl the trolls claimed that I like was not in my year; not 1 or 2 years younger, but 5! But the good news is that, the trolls have not managed to spread it outside of year 12 ; otherwise this phase of the seventh trolls campaign would have been more deadly, and I mean…a lot more deadly. If the trolls’ message manages to reach the ears of year 7 students, then this phase of the trolls campaign is virtually impossible to stop, and even if only a single year 7 student knew about it, it wouldn’t take long before everyone in year 7 knows about it. My theory is, the person who precipitated the incident on April Fools Day probably knew that, if the incident was serious enough, then my class tutor would bar the whole year group from using the tutor base during break and lunch, and the person behind this incident probably knew that I would have literally nowhere to go once the ban comes into effect. But however as year 13 began, the trolls appear to show little interest in spreading the rumor they’ve created on June 20th further, even though in theory they could do so.

Seventh trolls campaign phase 2 and the fourth spam crisis: October 29/November 12, 2014 to April 24, 2015

This was the second phase of the final trolls campaign, and this phase of the campaign witnessed a number of new and unusual ways that the trolls have used to annoy me. As the trolls knew that it’s their last chance to get me, they decided to start using physical means to annoy me. The second phase of the seventh trolls campaign itself began either on October 29th or November 12th, as on both days there were new rumors, although traces of starting point of this phase of the campaign could be found as early as October 17th, or even going back as early as a wave of spam that hit me in mid July. Although to my relieve, for this phase of the campaign the girl the trolls claimed that I like was only 2 years younger than me, but nonetheless the campaign itself was annoying. To my surprise, the trolls appeared to have abandoned this rumor altogether when 2015 starts. As time was running out, they decided to use a combination of pressure, threats and intimidation tactics to force me to cave into their demands, or to force me to say things that they desire. A new wave of spam crisis also hits, this time the campaign was so bad that, I have to make a decisive decision to disable my account permanently, although this was also due to pressures from my friends and a teacher who eventually found out about it, but this is a good thing because now the trolls can no longer annoy me anonymously, and just the last week, there were no new activities at all as most, or indeed all members of the trolls decided to go on an early study leave. This whole seventh trolls campaign confirmed my fear that, as the time on them run out, they will turn to creating rumors involving people from younger years.

To summarize, the long struggle against the trolls was inconclusive, as I wasn’t able to bring the trolls down, but the trolls wasn’t able to destroy me completely either.

So…there you go, an updated version of the timeline of the trolls campaigns. As mentioned, the descriptions of all trolls campaigns before the seventh one were entirely copied from my blog entry from April 2015.

Welcome, 2017!

Hey guys;

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good time with your families and/or friends celebrating New Year.

For me, this year’s New Years celebration was…unbelievable, it was simply so good! Stakes, sausages, cakes and ice cream, plus a movie, you get the idea….

As the clocks struck 17:00 yesterday, I was about to leave home again. What’s my destination? The very same place as Friday. Why? Because yesterday was special!

Fast forwarding some minutes…the Sun sets for the last time of the year, a car suddenly pulls up in front of me, and…I was greeted by a familiar voice. The voice was from my best friend! Yep, a New Years party at my best friend’s house is about to begin!

The party was originally scheduled to run from 18:30 to 20:30 of which after that I was due to go to Siam Paragon for a countdown (Buddhist style), eventually the party dragged on and became a full blown New Years countdown celebration. I spent almost an hour after I arrived at my friend’s house waiting for things to get set up. Eventually the party did finally begun, and…right away the food was amazing. I ate some stakes and sausages, there’s even a salmon! Though there’s no soft drinks (there might actually be), but that’s no problem for me at all. During this time I enjoyed chatting with my best friend and also with one of her friends that actually stayed overnight since like Friday.

After the dinner, we watched a movie. No, it’s not Transformer, or Terminator, or Starwars, it’s a Thai movie where the late King’s songs were featured. One actual moral message that I was able to get is…”Fight for your dreams”. The movie dragged on for about 2 hours, and during the movie we were served cakes as our desserts. They tasted amazing!

After that, we went back outside, and we took several group/family photos, and I did enjoy a little dance. There’s even ice cream available!

As the clocks struck 23:59, everyone was ready to welcome the year of 2017. Instead of an actual countdown, we waited and when the clocks struck 00:00, we all shouted “Happy New Year!”. After that, me, my best friend and my best friend’s friend who stayed overnight decided to take a few more selfies, before I leave.

Overall, last night was just…amazing, the degree of hospitality was unprecedented. Last night’s party and countdown will be remembered as my first ever New Years countdown at someone’s house. After yesterday and Friday, it could be another 6-7 months, if not the whole year, until I get to see my best friend again as she’ll be going back to study at Finland very soon, which is kind of sad. But since this is the 21st century and thanks to Steve Jobs, I can still chat with her via Line. Yeah, I really have to give Steve Jobs a big credit for inventing the iPhone, which enabled me and my best friend to stay in touch, even though we’re thousands of miles away. But even so, I’ll miss her a lot, and from time to time I’ll most likely think about her when I’m alone.

Anyways, I would like to wish you visitors the very best of 2017, may 2017 be a wonderful and successful year for all of you. #fightforyourdreams

A sign that my luck has begun to change?

Hey guys;

So, I thought that…throughout the holiday, other than a family trip last week, there wouldn’t be anymore fun events, but…hold on.

Fast forwarding from the time I wrote my 2016 summary to yesterday, December 30th, at around 15:15. I was preparing my stuff, and I’m ready to leave. But where exactly am I going? Not the Grand Palace, not Hua Hin, but…somewhere in Bangkok…

“Where are you going?” The ticketing personnel asks. “Ari station,” I replied.

Hmmm. Ari station? There’s pretty much nothing interesting there; not a shopping mall, nor there is any good restaurants in the area, but…something is up…

“Next station, Ari.” The train announcement said. Suddenly I was consumed with excitement…my phone rang, and a soft, friendly, familiar voice at the other side of the call was asking me where I was. The clocks have already struck 16:00 moments ago.

…Finally when I walked out pass the ticket gates, a soft, familiar voice greeted me. That person is nobody but…my best friend! And…where exactly am I heading? To a cinema? A restaurant for dinner? No! I’m heading to my best friend’s house! And…man did I get to feel the genuine hospitality of someone else’s family! I was then greeted by her parents, and we all went to a place that looked like a bakery, which, to my surprise, was part of a shopping mall. Yes, an actual shopping mall! But looks like that there’s no Mcdonalds or KFC anywhere, so…maybe it’s not a full-blown shopping mall, or that the mall is just too small for such restaurants…

Fast forwarding some minutes later…after enjoying a good cup of cold chocolate and a chocolate cake at that mall, my best friend’s parents’ car pulls over, and…in front looms a big structure…way bigger than my house. I was suddenly taken on a tour around my best friend’s house…

OK, this isn’t a house. This is a mansion, or a complex of houses lumped together into a single plot of land at the suburb of Bangkok. Or to be exact, according to what I heard, it’s a school converted into a house. Weird, huh? If you ask me I would say yes, but…to think about it, this is actually possible. With the right amount of money, one can practically convert anything, no matter how big the venue is, into a living space.

Once settled into the living room (I assume), everyone else immediately began playing what I would assume to be a sort of shooting/killling game on a game console. Though I was given a chance to try, I decided not to try as I don’t really know how to play. Then we all switched to playing the monopoly game and…that’s where the fun begins.

The entirety of the game itself was fun, and…my luck did indeed began to change, as from time to time I was able to make the die land on a perfect combination of numbers that would net me a wad of dollars. At the height of the game, I was able to grab up to somewhat more than $2000! Though I did lose more than half of that amount towards the end, I didn’t really care much as by the time I began to lose money, I was getting bored with the game as it seems to be dragging on endlessly.

As for dinner…the food was nothing special, a standard home-prepared meal, which consists of noodles, which is not too bad, and in fact tasted quite good. But dinner itself actually took place in a dining room. Yes, a proper dining room! By the time I leave for home, I was filled with happiness.

Overall, yesterday was a great experience. Given that 2016 has brought me so much bad luck and misfortune, I never expected this kind of event to turn up out of the blue. Given that 2016 was a year where things never go according to plans very often, the fact that something could go terribly wrong at the very last minute always looms in my head. But that fear never materialize and instead what I got was a wonderful evening that will stay in my memories forever.

Anyways, that’s it for now…