**IMPORTANT** update regarding my blog posts on Facebook

Starting on August 1st, 2018, all of the posts here will no longer be shared to my Facebook profile so you'll actually see a delay between the time a post gets published and the time it is shared on my profile.


How to import Game Cube saves into Dolphin emulator

This tutorial will show you how you can import a Game Cube save into Dolphin emulator. By the end of this tutorial you should be able to import a save file you may have obtained from the internet, and see what other players have done in the game.

Minor blog update

Hey guys; Today I present to you some more blog updates, albeit minor ones. The first thing that you'll noticed is that from now on, all tutorials/tips and tricks and reviews are now also under the articles category, as a sub category. A misc category is also added under the articles category once again as …

Good-bye pages, well…sort of

Hey guys; As I told you the last post, after my holiday trip I'll make a decision whether to keep using static pages for articles (you know tutorials/reviews). Well I finally made up my mind. The decision is, existing pages are here to stay, and will still be accessible and you can still like and …

Several ways to navigate the blog

Hey guys; This is a rather important post, so please read carefully... There are several ways to navigate around this blog. The 3 main methods are: The navigation menu, the sitemap, and the pages list on the right sidebar. Navigation menu This method works best on mobile, as the pages widget seems to be pushed …