Minor blog update

Hey guys; Today I present to you some more blog updates, albeit minor ones. The first thing that you'll noticed is that from now on, all tutorials/tips and tricks and reviews are now also under the articles category, as a sub category. A misc category is also added under the articles category once again as … Continue reading Minor blog update


New header image…again

Hey guys; I know, it's been only a few days since I added a header image...well, although the old image is fine, I do think there is a way to make an even better header image. So...this is exactly what I did. This new header image actually combines two photos; both photos are photos of … Continue reading New header image…again

Unveiling the new header image

Hey guys; Right, after a refresh of the blog's appearance in April, the blog hasn't have any header image since. Well...that time is now over, as I just inserted a brand new header image for the blog! Simply, the header image is an image of my beloved inflatable shark (I use to like the Pegasus, … Continue reading Unveiling the new header image

Good-bye pages, well…sort of

Hey guys; As I told you the last post, after my holiday trip I'll make a decision whether to keep using static pages for articles (you know tutorials/reviews). Well I finally made up my mind. The decision is, existing pages are here to stay, and will still be accessible and you can still like and … Continue reading Good-bye pages, well…sort of

Big blog changes might be coming

Hey guys; Ever since I started using categories for posts, I started to think. Since categories can be added to the main navigation menu similar to pages, I'm wondering whether I would continue to post tutorials/tips and tricks and reviews as pages, or switch to using standard posts entirely. There are both advantages and disadvantages … Continue reading Big blog changes might be coming

Some changes to the blog

Hey guys; This post is just to highlight some of the key changes I made to the blog. The most visible change you'll find is that the post about navigating this blog is no longer on the top of the page. I decided to instead add a menu link that will take you to the … Continue reading Some changes to the blog

Minor tweak to the blog’s appearance

Hey guys; So, another post less than 24 hours after my last post... For the past week or so, you may have noticed some minor change to the blog. I've tweaked the appearance of this blog somewhat, but the biggest change that you'll notice is the addition of a live chat and RSS links in … Continue reading Minor tweak to the blog’s appearance

My blog today VS my blog in November 2010

Hey guys; Remember my post about the history of my blog? Well after checking on http://www.archive.org, I discovered that my earlier theory that this blog is almost 7 years old is actually true. http://www.archive.org actually saves an archived version of my blog dating back to November 2010. At first I thought that this blog was … Continue reading My blog today VS my blog in November 2010

New theme for the blog, and a very important change to the blog’s UI

Hey guys; To read the full post, please either click on the post title or the 'continue reading' button. This applies to all posts, effective today. Why do I have to write that message up top? Well it's to highlight the most significant change to the blog's UI, and that's where I'll discuss first. The … Continue reading New theme for the blog, and a very important change to the blog’s UI

Some minor changes to the blog

Hey guys; If you've been actively visiting my blog for the past couple days, you would have noticed that the blog's appearance changes quite often, and also recently you'll start seeing some sort of a hyperlink next to the date. Today I'll explain what I've been doing to this blog for the past days. Let's … Continue reading Some minor changes to the blog

Several ways to navigate the blog

Hey guys; This is a rather important post, so please read carefully... There are several ways to navigate around this blog. The 3 main methods are: The navigation menu, the sitemap, and the pages list on the right sidebar. Navigation menu This method works best on mobile, as the pages widget seems to be pushed … Continue reading Several ways to navigate the blog

Another new theme for the blog

Hey guys; So, yesterday I posted about my new blog theme, and...today I changed the theme again. I changed the theme mainly because the one I applied yesterday was not that great, and the post title is not very distinguishable from the background. With this new theme, both the post content and title are more … Continue reading Another new theme for the blog

New header image at last!

Hey guys; So, the 4 months of solid, black header image is now over. Though the official mourning period is still on-going, let's face it...most people have reverted to colored photos for their Facebook cover and profile photos and major Thai news sites like Bangkok Post have reverted to colored interface some time ago. Due … Continue reading New header image at last!