Operation Connect: Meeting people from around the world

Hey guys; So, this is something that I've been wanting to cover here for a good while, but felt that now it's the right time to do so... We all like to make new friends and meet new people, and so do I. Meeting new people, especially people from different countries, gives us an opportunity … Continue reading Operation Connect: Meeting people from around the world

Summer holiday has begun

Hey guys; After 12 weeks of class  and one week of final exams the last term of the 2016-17 academic year has drawn to a close, and with that, the Sun has officially set on my second year at university. Overall, my second year experience started off pretty bad, but things seem to get better … Continue reading Summer holiday has begun

2017 half-year wrap-up

Hey guys; So, time has gone by very fast, from January up until June. I know I've been a little late in posting this as I've been either busy or too lazy to post. Even though it's just 6 months, but a lot has taken place; namely the French presidential election, and the British parliamentary … Continue reading 2017 half-year wrap-up

The first ever off-campus club activity in a very long whilee

Hey guys; So, after over a year of virtually losing battles for places on off-campus club activities, today I finally got a sweet revenge. And no, today's activity was not organized by clubs inside MUIC, but by the central Mahidol Volunteers/Disability Support Service (DSS) staff of the university. Today's activity, I think, was similar in … Continue reading The first ever off-campus club activity in a very long whilee

The wait is over…

Hey guys; You may ask, what did I wait for? Well I would like to take you back to December of 2016 (more specifically, December 30th and 31st) to find the answer. Basically today's event is the event I've been waiting for since then. Oh, hold on. I got a make up class. Well...forget about … Continue reading The wait is over…

An awesome night marks the end of my midterm exams period

Hey guys; So, after my midterm exams began last week, it had finally come to a close. Though my last exam was on Friday, yesterday officially marks the close of this exams period. Wait, why yesterday? Well because yesterday was special! And no, I didn't go to celebrate the end of my exams at my … Continue reading An awesome night marks the end of my midterm exams period

I’m now halfway through the term

Hey guys; So, today officially marks the halfway point in this term. Time has gone buy very fast. Now we're in the month of June, and...for me some exciting events are waiting down the line. So far, this term has been relatively easy, considering that I got 96 out of 100 for my first Elementary … Continue reading I’m now halfway through the term

Midterm exams are approaching, so as we’re approaching the end of the first half of the calendar year

Hey guys; Time really flies, now it's week 5 of this term, which means that...midterm exams are quickly approaching. For me, however, I have just 2 midterm exams this term, on June 3rd and June 9th. Originally the exam that will be on June 9th was scheduled for next Friday but apparently the class voted … Continue reading Midterm exams are approaching, so as we’re approaching the end of the first half of the calendar year

As if the week was over already…

Hey guys;   So, I thought that the week was over already, but...it's not totally over. Although today I had just 1 class, but there are still other updates, mostly on the non-academic side. So let's get to those... First, some good news regarding club activities. There'll be 3 club activities this month, although they'll … Continue reading As if the week was over already…

A quarter of the term has gone by

Hey guys; Time really flies, huh? Yes it really does. Although today is a holiday and there's class tomorrow, the third week of this term is practically over, which means that I'm now 1/4 of the way through this term. The first midterm exam is coming, on June 2nd, which is roughly 3 weeks away, … Continue reading A quarter of the term has gone by

Storytime: My Nerdy Secondary School Years

This reminds me of my high school years. Even now, to be honest, I really miss my high school years, especially the long residential trips that I was guaranteed a spot on virtually all the time. As mentioned in my earlier posts or somewhere else that I can’t remember, until now I still can’t really cope with the fact that trips that aren’t related to a subject are no longer guaranteed assets; instead of just simply saying yes and pay the fees I actually have to compete with others.

Kate Jones

Recently, my 16-year-old sister was talking about how fast a whole year has passed since she started revising for her GCSE exams. It reminded me of how it’s been nearly five years since I left my 11-16 state comprehensive secondary school – a place which played a great role in the development of my personality and my interests. With this in mind, plus the fact I’m now finishing my degree, I’ve decided to have a reminisce and tell you all about my experiences as an awkward teenager!

Other people who were in my year group at secondary school might have a different perception of what I was like when I was at school, but from my perspective, I felt I was one of the nerdy ones in my year. I was quite academic and did well in the core subjects at school and, in line with a lot of studious…

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The story of my blog

Hey guys; So, this month officially marks 4 years since I actually started posting directly on this blog. Although my blog itself is nearly 7 years old, but literally all posts during its early years came from my older blogs. As this year marks the 7th birthday of this blog, I decided to share a … Continue reading The story of my blog

What if 2016 was a great year

Hey guys; So, it's a good while since I last posted alternate scenarios of my life based on the concept of alternate history, so I think it's good to create another one... Like what the title says, this scenario is simple. What if 2016 was, instead of a bad and horrible year, a great and … Continue reading What if 2016 was a great year