Troll war is on, things are not good

Hello guys;So, I thought that the trolls would not start a war, but I'm wrong. Today they did it by embarrassing me during Chemistry by letting everyone see my blog, which is...not the right time for them!So, since that, I would announced that the troll war has started officially. Tomorrow some of the trolls will … Continue reading Troll war is on, things are not good

New wave of troll war, things are very bad

Hey guys,So, just very recently the trolls announced a new wave of troll war, and it seems that they will be carrying it out real throughout next week. Also one of the troll under the codename 'Ethan' tagged me on Facebook for what I can assume is an event, not the normal post, but I … Continue reading New wave of troll war, things are very bad

No troll war today yea!

Hey guys!So, today has passed, and it went without a troll war that the trolls announced; which is...perfect!I don't know why the trolls didn't initiate the war though, that is a bit ambiguous. But I think the most likely reason for why the war didn't take place is because the girl that the trolls claimbed … Continue reading No troll war today yea!

Trolls war tomorrow

Hello guys;So, like I said in my earlier post, things had intensified to near its maximum. Like what I said, a trolls war is set for tomorrow, and I think I will lose for sure, if I didn't do anything.So, what time will the trolls most likely to launch an attack? During English lesson! English … Continue reading Trolls war tomorrow

Trolls intensified, trolls war set for Friday

Hello again,So, things had now heated to near its maximum. Recently trolls had successfully fooled me to annoy the trolls so that they can annoy me even more! That's extremely bad!The best time for the war to start is during my English lesson on Friday, since the troll master who announced the war is in … Continue reading Trolls intensified, trolls war set for Friday

Trolls are back, things are not so good

Hey guys,So, my prediction earlier is correct, the trolls are back after the exams.The second period of this thing had just started. I shared this blog on Facebook to about 5-6 of my friends. I thought people will just look at it and don't do anything but...that's totally wrong! Now trolls are commenting like crazy, … Continue reading Trolls are back, things are not so good

My poem collection now available

Hello everyone,So, I had made available now all poems that I've composed so far since April 2012.You can get it via this forum thread, just click on the .zip file to download the entire collection. There are 7 poems in this collection.The attachment is free to download, however you must be a member of the … Continue reading My poem collection now available

No more exams yea!

What's up guys?So, the exam week has finally drawn to a close, I feel very relaxed. No more exams for the remaining 4 weeks of year 10!But, since the power of the exams had diminished, there's a high possibility that the troll's power will increase, and that implies that the trolls may start annoying me … Continue reading No more exams yea!

2 types of trolls

Hi,So, so far, I can observe 2 types of trolls that kept annoying me until today.First, is the school trolls. These are my friends who annoyed me at school in person. This form of trolls can be stopped by simply telling the teachers, but, since trolls annoy me with the subject of me liking a … Continue reading 2 types of trolls

Third trolls era so far; very bad

Hey everybody!So, yesterday things were much calmer than May 23rd, so as well as today. But a while ago, just I posted how I feel about today, trolls begun a rapid explosion, and they went ahead with the tagging of even more trolls to come and annoy me. Only 3 days into this trolls era, … Continue reading Third trolls era so far; very bad

A bad day; the start of the third trolls era

Hello everyone,So, today wasn't good at all. Today is the start of the new trolls era, the third trolls era. This actually started when I wrote 'Hi.' on someone else's wall. And immediately they think I like her and so today they trolled me with that topic...which is very annoying!Now, I can only hope that … Continue reading A bad day; the start of the third trolls era

Convert video into music file with good sound quality!

Hi guys!I've just found a way to convert video file from something like .mp4 file into .mp3 file with good sound!Most of you may have heard of Freemake Video converter, but from my tests the sound quality is not so good.So, I've found another tool, Switch by NCH Software. There's a fre and a paid … Continue reading Convert video into music file with good sound quality!

Viewing weather for more than 1 or 2 cities in iOS

The screenshot above shows that I have added a number of cities from around the world, including few provinces from Thailand.If you want to know how to do this, fist open the Weather app on your iOS device, then tab 'Edit cities' button, and then tab 'Add' button, then tpe a city name, for example … Continue reading Viewing weather for more than 1 or 2 cities in iOS

Some updates

Hi everybody,So, today is the start of the third multi-day event other than residential trip.Today I will be going out with my ASDAN class to play bowling as part of one of the challenge in module 10. Then, on Thursday the 17th of May the whole of year 10 IGCSE Thai students including me will … Continue reading Some updates