Brief timeline of the annoyances

Hello again guys;
After writing posts about this event a while back, I had decided to compile a brief timeline of the event, they are as follow, classed as either low intensity, medium intensity, high intensity, or very high intensity.
Late 2009: Low intensity
This is back in year 8, and this thing actually started in October or November. The false stories about me liking some girls is just started, but still at a low level.
2010: Medium intensity
This is where things started to heat up. The main cause of this was, the Valentine rose. I ordered it to one of the girls and people then began to make jokes about it. I think at one point this could be classed as high intensity, but this sort of thing had calmed down during the second half of 2010, but still a lot hotter than late 2009.
2011: Medium intensity
This started when I bought a gift from Chiang Mai for one of my friend, and I accidentally typed ‘girl’ in front of ‘friend’. Just that, things began to heat up to the point that this could be classed as high intensity, but it did eventually calm down through the year. During late 2011 things started to heat up again, but slowly.
Present: High intensity
This started after the infamous ‘Hi.’ on one of my friend’s wall. The sign of this heating up is the number of likes, and the discovery that all of them are trolls. After that post it seemed to calm down a bit, but after the post ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ on the same person’s wall, things heated up rapidly + the Valentine gift even make this heated up even more. Until now things are very hot, and seemed to get hotter as the year progresses, I may later have to class it as very high intensity.
What I hope now, is for this thing to start cooling down. People are getting too crazy about posting on someone’s wall.

Annoyances + Facebook trolls

Hey guys,
From recent posts/comments on Facebook, I think this event may eventually become the worst event of 2012; all of this is because of my friends who trolled so much on my posts on someone’s wall and my statuses. And what do they say? Typical stories saying that I like/love someone, and recently they had managed to joked that I killed someone with a Valentine gift. How annoying is that? People can’t die from a gift, you know. I’m sure my friends are trying to make me mad.
Now, I have to watch the activities on Facebook carefully, especially on February 14th. No matter what I do on that day, there will be trolls saying that I love someone..

Valentines Day is close, but things aren’t so good

Yeah guys, it’s not good at all. The story begins when I wrote on someone’s Facebook wall ‘Hi, how are you doing?’, and just that, people exploded into a bunch of annoying trolls. Today, I wrote a status, and same trolls came back and wrote yet again intimidating/annoying/irritating comments. So far it is not good at all, and hope it won’t gone worse.
So, I think I have to move this event down the list of 5 worst events, as it seemed not to get any better. Even if the annoyances calmed later this year, the impact from these events now will keep me from de-listing this event from the 5 worst events.

Some updates

Hi everybody,
So far in 2012, I’ve passed the 2 best events of the year – the year 10 residential trip to Rayong and the 2012 Sports Day. But on the bad side, I’m still battling one of the worst event of the year – the annoyances at school. Yes, this is the continuation of the annoyances from late 2009, 2010, and 2011. I still can’t find the root of this event, and I’m not sure if this is relating to the 21st January 2011 event. This event will surely continue for the rest of the year. Even on Facebook some of my friends even think it’s OK to right intimidating/annoying comments on my statuses, just to make me mad; they even bother to right intimidating comments on my new profile picture! How intimidating is that?
Anyhow, this is just the start of 2012, so more events are expected. But after June, there’s not much to look forward to, other than Loy Katong, if there’s no Flood like last year.

Great event, but won nothing

Well yeah, it’s Sports Day! The last year that I will ever attend! It’s pretty fun. I did the shot put like every years and like every years I lose. But I did beat my record by scoring 5.1 meters which is my longest throw yet. The place we went is the same as every years. The only differences is the bus that we went on. This time I and about 5 or 6 of my friends went on a small van. On the way back we also ride the same bus. It’s pretty fun.
Tomorrow will be February, the month of what some people like to call ‘The month of love’ which is quite make sense thanks to Valentines Day. But for me it meaned nothing since no one ever inboxed me on that day what so ever.
Next event to look to is the Songkran in April.

The absolute best event of 2012

Hi everyone,
I’m finally back from the residential trip to Rayong. Yes, I think the school changed from Prajin Buri to Rayong for some reason. The trip was very fun, epic and exciting. Even though this trip is all about science, but still the activities were still very enjoyable!
Best activities: The kayaking, the mangrove walk, and the snorkling.
These 3 activities are just too fun to forget. The kayaking was very fun, the mangrove wasn’t so scary at all, and swimming in the ocean was just as fun as in the pool.
Best day: Day 2 and 3.
These 2 days are the best because of the activities during the day. I did not do the adventure race activity, but I did get to support one of the best team ever, consisting of awesome people who did awesome things.
Best moment: Water splashing during kayaking activity.
This part of the kayaking activity was extremely fun. I get to splash water around at my friends and it was a lot of fun. But I missed a lot of targets and at the very end one of my friend actually use my another friend as a human shield/protector to protect him from my splash…which is quite effective because he uses someone that will grab my attention and that the water will hit the protector first before reaching him.
Overall, this trip will be once again placed as the best event of 2012. This is the last year of the residential trip, so no doubt the activities will be epic. This might also be the last year that I will write up the summary at the end of the year, since I don’t think there’s anything exciting going on in 2013.

Year 10 residential tomorrow

Oh, this may be the good start for the year, but since this year the trip is all about science, I don’t know if I can still keep it as the best event of 2012. I hope so, and I hope that this trip will be even better than the previous years, as this is the last year that I will ever attend this kind of trip.
Also on my 2011 summary post I marked all of my friends’ annoyances as one of the worst events…I will surely have to rait that event once again because just 2 weeks but there’s enough annoyances. I still don’t know if these were the remains from the 21st January event last year, but I think so. Maybe some geniuses thought at the end of 2011 that it’s good to turn the remains into an even more annoying form and attack me with that form. I wonder who they are, so I can crush them into pieces.

SOPA and PIPA is coming, our generation could be demolished

Hello everybody.
If you didn’t know, there’s protests against the new SOPA and PIPA that the US is creating. This will limit the freedom of the internet, according to most people. While SOPA and PIPA may reflect advantages to some people, but to the majority they’re the nightmare of 2012 that nobody wants to face, and the threats of them can fatally damage the free internet and demolish our generation altogether.
I’m not sure when the hell do the US came up with those laws, but I assume they’d kept it as secret until now when they decided to push them into action. The only way we can stop this is with the combination of reality distortion field and people’s power from around the globe.

New year, new blog

Right, after a while playing with this blog, I had decided that I liked it better than my old blog. It’s new year, so yes I’m leaving the old blog behind and this will be my new blog from now on.
This year is the year of dragon, so let’s hope that we get a good dragon that will bring peace and love, not a bad dragon that will bring natural disasters, hatred and violents.
If we get a good dragon, we might see a decrease in number of spam and a successful launch of Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2012, whereas if we get a bad dragon, we might be witnessing a large spread of malware across the internet, infecting millions of computers worldwide, and a serious event that will delay the launch of Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2012.

Summary of 2011

Here we come again, the last week of the year. Most news media are now probably doing a summary of important events that occured throughout 2011.
2011 has been a mixture of moods and events, ranging from terrifying disasters to the deaths of important people. There are few significant events, like the Earthquakes, the death of Bin Laden and Steve Jobs, the royal wedding, the protest in the middle-east, the Flood in Thailand, and the Thailand election. All of which changes the entire world. For most people, I think the March 11th Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan and the Thailand Flood are probably the most memorable events, as both caused severe damages and cost lives.
Alright we now move on to the 5 best events of 2011.
The best event of 2011: Year 9 residential trip to Chiang Mai in January.
Once again, the residential trip has been featured as the best event of the year. This year is even better than last year! Oh I still remember the night before we leave…we have a dance party and it was fun! The activities are fun, but they’re a bit scary.
The second-best event of 2011: The 2011 international day at school in October.
Yep, it is fun, like the residential trip. There is no lesson at all, and we did fun activities. The quiz at the end of the day was the most exciting and is very fun!
The third-best event of 2011: 2011 sports day in February.
Yep, it’s my first time ever to feature the sports day as one of the best events, and it truely is for this year. The weather wasn’t too hot or too cold at all, and like the international day, there was no lesson at all. We did some fun activities during the day.
The fourth-best event of 2011: the ASDAN racket club trip in September.
I think this is my first time to feature an ASDAN trip as one of the best event! And it truely is. We did some fun activities; thankfully this has taken place during the weekend.
The fifth-best event of 2011: The coldest day of 2011 in March.
March 17th was unusually cold. Temperature dropped low for the whole day, and I like it. It’s strange, as during March Thailand shoult now be getting hot as summer approaches. This kind of event is very rare.
Now on to the 5 worst events of 2011.
The fifth-worst event of 2011: All annoyances that my friends had made throughout the year.
Well, I can say it had gotten a little bit better, but the event on the 21st January and the recent annoyances keep me from de-listing this event. It’s still annoying of having to listen to people talking of love stories and saying that I like someone whom I don’t even know or do not exists. Like what I said, this has begun way back in late 2009 and still going on.
The fourth-worst event of 2011: The ASDAN trip to the temple and the mosque in February and March.
Well, those aren’t fun at all. Great that we get to miss some lessons, but still it’s not fun. Actually I don’t want to attend those trips at all, but since I wanted to miss some lessons, I have to attend the trips.
The third-worst event of 2011: The fire at school in December, the year 9 Thai newspaper project in April, and the year 9 Thai radio show project in June.
It’s the first time that there are more than 1 event in the same rank. Let’s start with the fire.
Well this is no joke, it’s the real fire. The fire occurred in the art building. I think there’s some kind of accidents there. Anyway the fire wasn’t too serious but still, people lose their work or got their belongings damaged. Thankfully the fire did not spread to the high-school building, otherwise this could be the worst event of 2011 and the worst event of my life.
The year 9 Thai newspaper project and radio show project are no fun at all, instead it is very tedious. Radio show project is, in my opinion, the worst of these 2 because this time, I have to find sound effects, which is very hard to find. Great I’m not the one who read the scripts!
The second-worst event of 2011: The ASDAN trip to Lumpini Park in May.
Yes, it’s not fun at all. Great we miss some lessons. It was very boring, seeing animals is not what I want to see at all. Plus, at the end it even rained, which makes it even worst.
The worst event of 2011: The 2011 Thailand Flood.
I know, Fun Run might be worse, but this one seems to be the worst amongst all of the events. The Flood didn’t affect that much, but the affect can still be felt. I have to go to school earlier than the usual time, which is what I absolutely hate. This even continues in 2012.
Anyway, I hope that 2012 will be much better than 2011, both for me and for the world.

‘5 best events of 2011’ confirmed

Yeah alright, let’s face it, 2011 is coming to an end. So, I want to announce that the ‘5 best events of 2011’ has been confirmed, which means that I will not change the placements of the events, or add new events.
For the ‘5 worst events of 2011’, well, I still have to decide, as I still have to go through them and see how should I rate them. For the list of 5 best events, I won’t review them until next week.


Well just a follow-up post…it’s now Christmas holiday, which is what I’m waiting for. There are 3 weeks of holiday, and this time, I won’t complain since it’s the official holiday, unlike the Flood closure.
Anyhow, 2011 is coming to an end, so prepare to say ‘Good-bye’ on the 31st. I hope that all of you have a great holiday.

Hello everybody

This is my new blog. I’m just trying out to see if it could replace my old blog.
So, to start off, tomorrow will be the last day of school before Christmas holiday, which is what I’m looking for. Before anyone asks…no, the Flood closure was not a holiday at all, but a threat. Why is it a threat? Well I got to miss the Loy Katong, which has always been held at school every year. Secondly, I have to go to school early and make up extra time, which is what I absolutely hate. Great that I don’t have to go to school on Saturdays!
Anyhow, the ‘Summary of 2011’ might be posted here instead of at my old blog, or might not, depends on whether I like the new blog or not.

A place where you can find updates on whatever is happening in my life.

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