Storytime: My Nerdy Secondary School Years

This reminds me of my high school years. Even now, to be honest, I really miss my high school years, especially the long residential trips that I was guaranteed a spot on virtually all the time. As mentioned in my earlier posts or somewhere else that I can’t remember, until now I still can’t really cope with the fact that trips that aren’t related to a subject are no longer guaranteed assets; instead of just simply saying yes and pay the fees I actually have to compete with others.

Kate Jones

Recently, my 16-year-old sister was talking about how fast a whole year has passed since she started revising for her GCSE exams. It reminded me of how it’s been nearly five years since I left my 11-16 state comprehensive secondary school – a place which played a great role in the development of my personality and my interests. With this in mind, plus the fact I’m now finishing my degree, I’ve decided to have a reminisce and tell you all about my experiences as an awkward teenager!

Other people who were in my year group at secondary school might have a different perception of what I was like when I was at school, but from my perspective, I felt I was one of the nerdy ones in my year. I was quite academic and did well in the core subjects at school and, in line with a lot of studious…

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The story of my blog

Hey guys; So, this month officially marks 4 years since I actually started posting directly on this blog. Although my blog itself is nearly 7 years old, but literally all posts during its early years came from my older blogs. As this year marks the 7th birthday of this blog, I decided to share a … Continue reading The story of my blog

Minor tweak to the blog’s appearance

Hey guys; So, another post less than 24 hours after my last post... For the past week or so, you may have noticed some minor change to the blog. I've tweaked the appearance of this blog somewhat, but the biggest change that you'll notice is the addition of a live chat and RSS links in … Continue reading Minor tweak to the blog’s appearance

What if 2016 was a great year

Hey guys; So, it's a good while since I last posted alternate scenarios of my life based on the concept of alternate history, so I think it's good to create another one... Like what the title says, this scenario is simple. What if 2016 was, instead of a bad and horrible year, a great and … Continue reading What if 2016 was a great year

My blog today VS my blog in November 2010

Hey guys; Remember my post about the history of my blog? Well after checking on, I discovered that my earlier theory that this blog is almost 7 years old is actually true. actually saves an archived version of my blog dating back to November 2010. At first I thought that this blog was … Continue reading My blog today VS my blog in November 2010

New theme for the blog, and a very important change to the blog’s UI

Hey guys; To read the full post, please either click on the post title or the 'continue reading' button. This applies to all posts, effective today. Why do I have to write that message up top? Well it's to highlight the most significant change to the blog's UI, and that's where I'll discuss first. The … Continue reading New theme for the blog, and a very important change to the blog’s UI

First week of term, not too bad

Hey guys; So, the first week of this term has ended. Overall the experience is not too bad; so far I haven't receive any words that I needed to add/drop, which is amazing! If this stays true (which I think is very likely, if not certain), this will be the first term in a long, … Continue reading First week of term, not too bad

Songkran holiday is drawing to a close

Hey guys; So, after 2 weeks, the Songkran holiday is finally drawing to a close. Just like other holidays, Songkran holiday is a relaxing time, free of any homework and revision (yeah, the days of holiday homework (specifically internal assessments and Extended Essay) and revision are the thing of the past)! On Monday, April 24th, … Continue reading Songkran holiday is drawing to a close

My diary from the Hua Hin trip

Hey guys; So, yesterday I made available to you all a collection of diaries from some of my high school trips. Well today I'm presenting the diary from the Hua Hin trip I went on earlier this year. Like the earlier post, the diary is in .PDF format so you should use a PDF reader … Continue reading My diary from the Hua Hin trip

Some of my high school residential trip diaries

Hey guys; Today, I'll present to you diaries from some of my high school residential trips. I actually still have diary entries from more residential trips, but I didn't put them together into a single diary, so I thought I share with you all the ones that I currently have as a complete diary. All … Continue reading Some of my high school residential trip diaries

Next term is approaching…

Hey guys; So, I'm now on the last week of the Songkran holiday. Surprising, right? Yes it is; time really goes fast... Next week will be the start of the third term of this academic year, terms of the subjects I'm taking, I've pretty much made up my mind. Tomorrow is the day that … Continue reading Next term is approaching…

5 Things You Might Not Have Thought About When Choosing a Uni

A very interesting list of things to consider when choosing a university; I’m sure this pretty much applies to anywhere around the world. But in my opinion, I’d like to add another one – facilities/support for students with disabilities. This is important especially if you’re like me and have some form of disability – make sure that the place you’re trying to apply to is able to support you, I.E the place have dedicated staff that work with disabled students and that they’re able to convert class materials into formats that you can access in a timely manor.

Kate Jones

Hi all!

University is a costly investment, so you want to make the right choice when it comes to choosing the place that you’ll be spending a significant proportion of your time at! Much is made of the process of choosing a university – people pour over league tables proclaiming what university is best for subject, discuss the Russell Group or 1994 group at great length and check up on how the subject they want to study is taught at different universities. However, certain factors, that turn out to be important once you’re studying at university, are often forgotten about. Here are five things that you might not have thought to consider when you’re thinking about what uni to attend:

1) Does it have good transport links?

When you’re choosing a university, look into how easy it is to get from where you’d be living to home. Would you easily…

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Some minor changes to the blog

Hey guys; If you've been actively visiting my blog for the past couple days, you would have noticed that the blog's appearance changes quite often, and also recently you'll start seeing some sort of a hyperlink next to the date. Today I'll explain what I've been doing to this blog for the past days. Let's … Continue reading Some minor changes to the blog

Several ways to navigate the blog

Hey guys; This is a rather important post, so please read carefully... There are several ways to navigate around this blog. The 3 main methods are: The navigation menu, the sitemap, and the pages list on the right sidebar. Navigation menu This method works best on mobile, as the pages widget seems to be pushed … Continue reading Several ways to navigate the blog

Another new theme for the blog

Hey guys; So, yesterday I posted about my new blog theme, I changed the theme again. I changed the theme mainly because the one I applied yesterday was not that great, and the post title is not very distinguishable from the background. With this new theme, both the post content and title are more … Continue reading Another new theme for the blog