2016 wrap up

Hey guys, and merry Christmas! I hope all of you are having a great time with your family!

So, it’s that time of the year again, the last week of the year. Most, if not all, media outlets are probably doing a sort of a wrap up of this year, and so as has been the tradition, it’s time I do a summary of this year…

2016 has been a year of both sadness, terror and shock. It’s a year of sadness because the world lost so many famous and important figures. It’s a year of terror because there were many terrorist attacks throughout the year, like in Brussels, Orlando, Nice and Berlin, to name just a few. And it’s been a year of shock because of 2 events, occurring on the opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, that no one had think would be possible. They are the UK’s EU referendum in June which resulted in the leave side winning by the slimmest of margins, and Donald Trump’s surprised victory in the November US presidential election. In terms of the tech world, the headlines that dominates thi this year are the news about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s battery issue, and, who could forget, the release of Pokemon Go, which made headlines throughout July and August, when it was first released. The fact that this game received a lot of attention is because of the way this game operates, the fact that this game is location-based and thus requires people to go out and about caught the attention of authorities in countries where it’s released, with responses ranging from a complete band of the game to just imposing restricted areas where people are not allowed to play the game, such as historical and religious sites, government agencies and courts.

In terms of my own life, 2016 has been a year of bad luck, where setback followed setback, and where things pretty much didn’t go according to plan at all. Class registration issues, failure to secure places on club trips, insanely tough classes resulting in drastic drop in both my term and cumulative GPA, unexpected family setbacks dominates this year. But there are a handful of very good events, and, at least there is 1 residential trip, albeit a very short one, like last year.

And so as with every year, here are the list of the best events of the year…

The best event of 2016: MUIC Nature Lovers Club residential trip to Pattaya in March

Once again, for the 6th time in a row, a residential trip was given the rank as the best event of the year. Like last year, the trip was extremely short, but still there is a lot of fun in it. But however, the fact that I even manages to go on this trip is pretty much pure luck, since my place was confirmed only when I was notified that someone have decided to drop out. Yeah, I really do miss the days of guaranteed residential trips back at STA…

Though the trip was exactly the same as the one in October of last year, I do still enjoy it nonetheless. Playing in the ocean on the second day was pretty much the highlight, and I do have lots of fun in the water.

The second best event of 2016: Post midterm exams events in June

Once exams are over, there is always a period of great fun, and June of this year is no exception. 5 fun events in a row, and in very short intervals, beginning with the MUIC Mango Bar fair, and ending with the STA XPO XVI. The Mango Bar fair was nothing too exciting, and was practically a food fair. This was followed immediately by a trip organized by the staff at the Mahidol University’s disability support service (DSS), where, during the trip I learned about a number of things, and most importantly, it was the trip to the Asia Pacific Development Center on Disability (APCD) that made me change my mind and rethink about my future, and, to the great extent, this trip has influenced my decision to change major. I decided that I need to do something to improve the lives of the millions of disabled people around the world, and that the only way is to set up a NGO to push for universal design both in the physical and the digital world and, eventually, push for research and development into technologies that will enabled these disabled people to properly study science and art.

After this trip came the MUIC Festival, wich, like the Mango Bar fair, is pretty much a food fair, but with some more performances and more variety of food to choose from, and the fact that this fair spans 2 days. This fair was followed shortly by the STA senior prom, which is a great fun, I really do enjoy dancing, and the food was not too bad. Finally came the STA XPO XVI, which is a great event, I even got to meet one of my best friend! Though I was able to attend this event only because I decided to go to STA from MUIC by myself, and also the fact that I’ve withdrawn from Introduction to Computer Programming class (though in theory I could still go to STA as the class ends at 12:00, so it doesn’t really matter whether I’ve withdrawn or not). Like last year and 2014, the expo showcases the work of students from the ICT, drama, music and the art lessons. There were a number of cool and interesting works on display, such as clocks and drawings/paintings, I even got to participate in one of the painting activities which resulted in me getting a picture of a fish that I painted myself which eventually became my Facebook’s cover photo!

The third best event of 2016: The post midterm exams events in November and early December

Once again, after the midterm exams there are a series of fun events. In fact this post midterm exams events series could have been the second best event of the year, but I can’t give this series of events that ranking because of the fact that this time around, the level of fun I have was not that high compared to the June’s series. Like in June, there were the Mango Bar fair and the MUIC Festival, but now it’s called a food fair instead, and the entertainment was significantly toned down. The food were still great though. This is followed by a Ted Talk event at STA, of which I get to be one of the speakers, and I decided to use the very same speech I used for my EC3 final, which is the speech with the highest mark when I first presented it to the whole class earlier. For this talk I didn’t do extensive preparation because…much of the preparation is already done during my EC3 class, I only make a few changes to the Powerpoint slides. And, since this is 2016, things don’t exactly go to plans. Instead of me using a clicker to advance the slide, there is a person who is controlling the advancement of the slide, and, annoyingly enough, that person doesn’t seem to know when my slide should change. This Ted Talk event was followed by a trip to Khorat a week later, but it was not that eventful, the trip pretty much consisted of me introducing myself to students at a blind school and observing the students playing games organized by DSS volunteers, though watching the games is still fun. This was then followed by a very similar event at the Bangkok School for the Blind roughly a week later. The activities were pretty much the same, but this time there is actually time for students to actually ask me questions.

The fourth best event of 2016: MUIC Volunteers Club activities in October

If the second half of 2015 was eventful, the second half of 2016 is no different. In October alone, there were 3 fun events in a row. The first was the fundraising activity organized by the MUIC Volunteers Club at Siam. It was fun helping the club members to raise money for the trip, even though I eventually ended up not going. There were occasional music performances and dances. This was followed by the bag painting activity, which spanned 2 days. It’s a great way to kill time, especially the fact that on the days that this activity took place I only have 1 class (on the second day I usually have 3 classes but 2 of them got canceled). Since I can’t really draw, I decided to just use the paint, and just painted random patterns using different colors. Though I was given the option to keep the bags, I decided to donate them as I don’t see any use for the bags.

The fifth best event of 2016: Songkran celebration at STA

Once again, Songkran celebration at STA won the spot for one of the best events of the year. I didn’t expect to be attending this event this year, but it’s only (1) I failed to secure a place on a long residential trip organized by the MUIC Nature Lovers Club that would have overlapped the Songkran celebration, and (2) by the time this event took place all of my final exams are over. Like previous years, the highlight is in the afternoon. Oh, there should be water splashing activity, right? Well this is 2016 so things don’t go so well. Yeah, due to drought there is no water splashing activity, but instead there were game stalls and pretty much nothing else. The celebration is still enjoyable though.

And, of course, it’s time to move on to the worst events of the year…

Oh wait, which events are the worst. Well…I’m afraid to tell you that there isn’t actually any! Though I could name a few, but they’re not that significant, or they’re complicated that I can’t properly name or describe them. Yeah, thanks to the fact that all the trolls have gone, I no longer have to combine all the annoyances I suffer into a single event and call that the worst of the year. This means that 2016 was the first trolls-free year for me since like 2007, 2008 or 2009! What a relieve! No more silly rumors, mean/annoying comments, no more ask.fm spam!

And that pretty much wraps up the summary. I hope 2017 will be a better year.

Wrap up of first term

Hey guys;

So, the first term of the 2016-17 academic year has ended, with only the final exams left. So I thought it’s good to do a wrap-up of this term. And BTW, this will perhaps be the first post that will also be shared on my Facebook, so those of you who already have me should be able to see this post, if and only if this feature works properly. I decided not to enable this feature until now due to fears of trolls taking issues about it, but given that I’ve received no reaction from the trolls, I decided that it’s good time to enable this feature.

So, the first term of my second year was a rough term, almost as hard as last term thanks to 2 particularly hard subjects that I apparently took without thinking about the ramifications. Activity wise, there are a number of them, but there’s no Loy Krathong and Halloween Carnival, which is disappointing but I can understand why those have to be canceled, so I’m not going to complain…

The first event is the day of service at Mahidol. Well, I’m not directly involved on the day, but I did gave a speech the day before, about universal design.

The second event, is the MUIC Volunteers Club fundraising event on 8 October, which is quite fun, and I think the club did raised a good amount of money.

Following shortly after that is the bag painting activity at MUIC itself, which is quite fun, and I think I painted like 3-4 bags, which is amazing. I stuck to the idea of simplicity; all of my bags are composed of nothing but some random shapes and colors. Once again the activity was great fun.

And here’s the highlight! Following about a month of no events, a chain of events after my midterm finally kicked off, beginning with the Mango Bar fair on 15 November and followed by 2 days of food fair, which is great (although they’re nothing but just food on sale with some live performances). But the foods themselves are very good, and on the 16th and the 17th I even avoided eating in the canteen altogether. This is immediately followed by a Ted Talk event at STA, which is great, and I did get to use my EC3 speech that got me the highest score. Once again the speech is about universal design, and I even use the exact same Powerpoint slides, with some modifications. However I didn’t get to control the advancing of the slides, so things got a little bit weird. And then, just last week, I finally get to go on a day trip to Khorat, to do some activities with a group of pupils at the blind school there. The activities themselves are fun, especially the games. I was amazed that in one of the games large numbers of players were eliminated so quickly in a single round, eventually there were just 2 left and ultimately the winner have to be decided in a sort of a rock, paper and scissor match. As that game is purely composed of elimination rounds, only the best ones make it to the end. The second game is less of an elimination game where players would be eliminated as each round progresses, but rather it’s based on the accumulation of points, which is gained by correctly answering (or should I just say, guessing) the questions from sample national exam papers. When I heard some of the questions, one thing that came to my head is that…these questions are based on subjects I’ve not taken before, and I thought to myself how lucky I am not having to actually sit one of these exams when applying to MUIC, otherwise if I actually did have to I would be already tearing my hair out. The trip back was fine, except that the van got stuck in a traffic and that meant that I arrived back at my dorm at like 10PM, which is not too cool. Today saw yet a similar event, but this time it took place at the Bangkok School for the Blind. I must say, pupils from this school are more interested in studying at Mahidol and I even get some questions from them about MUIC and, even, about the Computer Science program and the languages program. With this, the one thing that crossed my mind is that, one day one of them will make it to being a MUIC student and that I can already see myself being at MUIC, giving advice to them during orientation day before the start of a term. Whether that day will come I can’t tell, only time can tell. After that there’s the games again just like last week, but this time there are multiple big rounds and smaller rounds, and once again at one point or another large numbers of players would be eliminated, but this time however the winners are more clear, so no rock, paper and scissor match. Also unique to today is that I did get to show off NVDA’s ability to read math equations and symbols.

So that pretty much wraps up the major events of this term, and I hope next term will be the same or even better.

Temporary banner added

Hey guys,

Just a quick update; I’ve added a temporary banner to this blog and my website along with its Facebook page, and the banner will probably remain for a good amount of time. I’m not going to explain the reason, as you all should have heard the news, either through BBC/CNN or other major news sites, or, if you’re in Thailand, through the television announcement yesterday evening, Thailand time. In simple words, the unthinkable has happened.

Rest in peace, H.M. The King of Thailand.

A new academic year

Hey guys;

So, it’s been absolutely ages since I last posted. Well I’ve been either too busy, tired or lazy…

So, the summer holiday has come and have just ended last week. Overall the holiday was as boring as usual, with little or nothing to do, but it’s a great opportunity to relax, after the long, hard proceeding year.

So to wrap up the first year at university…the first year was fine, some events were fun, such as the freshment activities of terms 1 and 3. Throughout the year, I’ve been to 2 residential trips, 1 half day trip, and 2 full day trips, which isn’t a lot, but is not anywhere less than the number of trips I have in year 13 either. But the similarities don’t go far; in year 13 there was 1 residential trip, but it’s a long trip, spanning 3 nights but hear during the first year at university there were 2 residential trips, each lasting a night long, totaling 2 nights. Of course the fact that there are regular events like the IC Festival and the fact that I got to go to STA senior prom, the Halloween Carnival, the Christmas fair and concert, STA XPO XVI and Songkran celebration at STA, their experiences can never match those of a residential trip that spans more than a single night. Of course there would have been more trips, if only I was able to secure places on those trips and that one of the trips doesn’t actually conflict with my calculus midterm.

Now, on to the start of the second year at university…so far the term has been good, classes weren’t too difficult yet, but I’m sure things will get a lot harder, but probably nowhere as torturous as last term when I took Introduction to Computer Programming. Some subjects like Principle Physica and Creative Writing do have homework, but the ways that these homework can be done correctly are rather close-ended, I.E there are set ways to successfully complete the questions. Though Creative Writing homework are somewhat open-ended like programming, but the similarities don’t stretch far. Creative writing just involves translating the ideas floating around in one’s head into an actual writing, but programming involves translating the given problem into an executable program that actually works properly, basically one has to think pretty much like a computer.

As for upcoming interesting events…the possibility of trips that’s something to look forward to, and…even a residential trip, if it doesn’t conflict with any of my midterm exams. Halloween Carnival is another interesting event, but once again this is dependent on whether it conflicts with any of my midterm exams.

Oh…as the end of the calendar year is approaching, I’ll have to decide which events would be crowned as the best event of the year. As I already went on at least 1 residential trip, I can still crown that as the best event, possibly combined it with another residential that I might get to go on, or I can crown the March trip together with all the wonderful post midterm exam events as the best events of 2016. But no doubt, this year will be given the title as ‘The Year of Unluckiness’ because let’s face it, I’ve faced so many problems this year; too many for me to even list them.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

2016 half year summary

Hey guys;

So, the first 6 months of 2016 passed by at a speed of light, already we are at the half year point, and within another 6 months it would be time to say ‘Happy New Year’ once again as 2016 gives way to 2017.

Throughout the world, during this first half there are a number of high profile events that resulted in a wide range of reactions, the biggest of them all are the Brussels attacks in March and the UK’s EU referendum last week, better known as ‘Brexit’. Oh and…of course, there is the Euro 2016, which is still going on and will continue for a few more weeks…

In terms of my life, the first half of 2016 had been amongst the worst yet. Class registration issues, failure to secure places on club trips, torturous assignments and disastrous midterm scores dominated this first half of the year…so far, 2016 have not been going my way at all.

The only reliefs from the strings of bad luck are the wonderful string of events in June, the second Pattaya trip in March which I only managed to secure a place on because of pure luck, and…a number of smaller events, including the sumo robot competition and the Thank Pee event in February. Songkran celebration at STA is another wonderful event, being able to meet with my former teachers.

The issue of class registration actually began towards the end of 2015, when I registered for classes in term 2. It seems, at least to my feeling, that whatever subject I want, people always tried their best to ensure that I don’t get that subject, and…worse, whatever subjects/sections that I must register people once again made sure that I don’t get them. It seems that they really want me to go through the pains of add/drop but…oh well, I don’t blame them…we all need to register for classes…I guess, competition for seats like this is the norm at university…

And…for term 3, things went almost, and I mean very close, to plan, until a subject that I registered for decided to close down, forcing me to add/drop for another subject, which I luckily did, but it’s not necessarily the subject I want or like the most, but it’s not that hard so far either.

As I just covered the events in June, I’m not going to repeat them again…please read my previous post for more detail coverage.

Anyways, that’s it for now…hope the last half of 2016 will be better and more desirable…

A great month of june

Hey guys;

So, it’s like 2 months since I last posted…well, I’ve been either busy, tired, or just lazy…

Lots of events have taken place over the course of 2 months, but the events of June are what I’ll be covering…as May is pretty uneventful…

Since my midterm exams, there had been 5 events, the last ended yesterday. For comparison, last year after my IB exams there were just 4 events, excluding the high school production show which was a day before my last exam. Despite last year featuring fewer events year, the events of last year were big and major events, particularly my graduation ceremony. This year, however, there were 5 small events, with the exception of IC Festival at my college, which lasted for 2 days.

The first event I’ll be covering is the ‘Mango Bar fair’. Though this is not a major event and in fact I did not cover that event previously, I think it’s still worth talking about it just a bit.

Basically this event is nothing more than a food fair, with stalls selling food, mainly from the restaurant that is on the 6th floor of the college building, they organized this event to promote their restaurant.

The second event is a field trip on June 9th, organized by both the vice president of Mahidol University and the staff at the Disability Support Service (DSS). This was perhaps my third day trip out of campus, after the Petchaburi and Khao Yai trips, though this trip only lasted for a few hours.

The trip mainly focuses on observation of the autism center, in terms of what kind of stuff the center has been doing in order to empower people with autism, and I get a chance to drink cold chocolate milk staffed pretty much by people with autism, and also get a chance to see some of the products that these people made, and I actually bought a few of them to support the center.

The next aspect of the trip involves visiting the Asia Pacific Development Center for People with Disabilities (APCD). Just like the autism center, this organization focuses on empowering people with disabilities, but unlike the autism center, this center appears to be a regional center and its activities appear to cover other forms of disabilities as well. But more importantly, I get to learn more about the center, and that had a deep impact on me. To be honest, after visiting the center, I feel that, as a person with disability, I need to campaign to make the life of people with disabilities better.

The next event on the row was the IC Festival, between June 15th and June 16th. Like the Mango Bar fair, the festival was mainly a food fair, with some games and activities, but I did not participate in any of them. The only other thing I did was watch the Dance Club performance on the second day.

The fourth event was the STA senior prom, on June 18th. Like senior proms of previous years, there were food, and the most important of all, dance. The food was quite good actually, with pizzas and sushi and some other stuff, but I didn’t try everything. The prom, as like previous year’s proms, was fun, and a great way to formally celebrate the end of my midterm exams, even though my last exam was 2 weeks before the prom.

Lastly, was XPO XVI at STA yesterday. At first I considered this event as optional, but later, the desire to see STA again before a major change reported by one of my friend kicks in and the desire to see my best friend once more were so strong that I decided to do what I can to make it to the expo, and my attempt was successful, but only because I decided to try and get from MUIC to STA by myself.

The expo itself was very similar to last year’s expo, with showcases of student’s work from the Music, Art, ICT, Design and Technology, and Drama departments. Everything went very well, except for one of the music performances which suffered a minor technical problem with the sound system…this just goes on to prove that technology works like 99.99% of the time, but it can still fail when we most needed it. I think I’ve heard of a more serious technical problem encountered by the high school production last year or something, the problem I think was with the lighting system. In fact these weren’t the only incidents of technical failures I’ve witnessed at STA…I think I remember a number of times when, either during assemblies or classes, that technical issues surfaced. Sometimes it was because a particular video clip failed to play, or sometimes it was the projector that suddenly failed to work properly, or sometimes there are issues with the main computer system that prevented a presentation from opening or functioning properly.

Anyways, despite minor technical problems, the expo went pretty well, and the last performances, in particular the high school production mini show were without any technical issues…I’m sure, the last thing that students and staff wanted to happen was for either the sound system, or the lights, to suddenly fail…given that high school production shows, even if they were just extracts, are highly reliant on technologies…

And…last but not least, I finally get to meet my best friend; I thought we won’t see each other again but…luck seems to have turned on my side somewhat. It seems that people can still change quite dramatically, even just over a year and that’s what I noticed…my best friend seem to have grown somewhat, from the last time I saw her on the last day of school that I went to get my yearbook.

Overall, the events that came after the midterm exams were great, and they certainly made the month of June one of the best yet so far this year.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Songkran holiday is over

Hey guys;

So, I just realized that it’s been almost 2 months since I last posted here. Since my last post, a lot has taken place, so…I’ll be covering them in this post.

Namely, there are 2 major events that took place since last post; the first is the second Pattaya trip, and the second is a small Songkran celebration at my high school, ST Andrews.

Let’s start with the Pattaya trip…

So, this was the first residential of 2016, and…all I can say is, it’s not too impressive, given it’s the second time I’ve been on this trip. As the activities were almost the same as the activities on the trip last term, I’m not going to go into detail, but namely there are visits to the very same breeding center as last term, gardening technique observation, on the first day and activities on Kho Sak on the second day. As usual, in the afternoon I got time to play in the ocean, which is always fun. The only difference between this trip and the one last term is, it is pretty much a joint trip between the Nature Lovers Club and the Sustainable Development class, and on the club side alone, there are more people joining the trip this time. Also another difference is that it is the first residential trip where I took photos and recorded videos using my new iPhone 6, which I received as a birthday present in February.

Now, let’s move on to the Songkran celebration at STA…

Contrary to my thought that last year would be the last time ever I get to join in the Songkran celebration at STA, I did have another chance to participate. Fortunately, the celebration is held on April 8th, which is during my holiday. But since I went to school in the afternoon, I did not get to see through the morning assembly.

Unlike last year, there was no water splashing, which is quite disappointing but due to drought people have to conserve water, so that is understandable. Instead there were games and ice cream, which is nice and for the games, I managed to win some prizes, mainly candies and stationaries.

Overall, the celebration is nothing like last year, but it’s still good nonetheless, and at least I get a chance to visit my former teachers and tell them how well I’ve been doing at university.

With those 2 events out of the way, let’s turn to something else…

Speaking about term 2, I must say, it’s not a particularly interesting term, but there were at least 3 big events that took place. The first was the so called ‘thanks senior’ event, which is organized by some of my friends to thank those in the upper year (mainly second year). It’s nothing much, the event more or less resembles a feast. The second event was the sumo robot competition, which is part of one of the subjects I took, Computer Fundamentals and Concepts. It’s fun, especially watching robots tried to push one another off the ring. And the third was the Pattaya trip, which I already mentioned.

This year’s Songkran holiday, to be honest, is nothing like Songkran holiday of previous years, mainly because I got 3 weeks instead of 2, and there are no homework, revisions, internal assessments, CAS reflections, Extended Essay, etc to do. This means I got to fully relax and get my brains ready for the upcoming term. This is also the third holiday in a row that I get to fully relax. Though as always the holiday was boring, but being able to relax is always welcoming.

Now, let’s turn to the future…

On Monday, 25 April, the certain will rise on a new term, and also a new dormitory life as I move to a better dorm outside of Mahidol. Possible events to be expected include STA Spring Dance (provided that I’m able to find out when it will be organized and that I can go), STA Senior Prom (provided that it did not clash with one of my midterm exam), and maybe some others. Pattaya trip may be expected, but I have yet to decide whether I’ll go on the trip as I’m quite certain, the activities are going to be pretty much the same. In addition, this upcoming term is giong to be a lot tougher as all courses are now credit courses which means that grades do matter, but I think I’m ready, given that I had 3 weeks of relaxation…

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Hey everyone

Hey guys;

So, it’s been absolutely ages since I last posted. So, this will be the first post of 2016 for this blog…

Alright, so 2016 has started, and since then, quite a lot of events have taken place. Term 2 was well underway and is quickly approaching it’s end, with 4 weeks of class left before the final exams are in full swing. But right after the finals, is another 3 weeks of holiday. This was the very first time I have 3 weeks of holiday in April…

Speaking of major events, the only big event was the thank you seniors event on January 30th, which is organized by people in the same welcoming group as me. The event itself was quite good, and enjoyable. The food was good either, but overall the event is not good enough to be considered as the best event of 2016, because much better events are waiting down the road…

Another major event was a fair organized by I think one of the shops/restaurants, apparently from the hotel that sits directly atop the campus building. The fair was, I must say, a fair of foods as there were lots of food being sold. This fair took place 2 days ago on February 24th.

Oh, and another event that is an activity of a class but it’s very fun and that is the sumo robot competition, which is part of the class called Computer Fundamentals and Concepts. Everyone in the class was divided into 4 teams and each team have to construct a robot. The size limit was 15cm by 15cm. The goal was to be the last robot remaining on the ring. Watching it was fun, especially when people cheered as the robots tried to stay on the ring…this was the second time I’ve managed to take photos and record videos during class…the other time was Chemistry experiments during year 10 Chemistry class on Loy Krathong day of 2012.

Looking forward…at least 2 residential trips are in the pipeline, one of them is, according to what I heard from some sources, is the trip to exactly the same place as last term. The other one, is, according to some sources, a longer trip for after the final exams which will last from April 4th to April 8th, and it is to Kho Chang. If this proved true, this will be the longest residential trip so far I have attended at MUIC. Though I could easily combine the 2 residential trips into a single mega event and made it the best event of 2016, the fact is, future events are expected throughout the rest of 2016, E.G STA Spring Dance, STA Senior Prom, more residential trips, STA Halloween Carnival, Loy Krathong, etc…this might mean that 2016 is going to be another year of residential trips, albeit comprising mostly of short residential trips, as opposed to 2014 where all residential trips are at least 4 days long.

Lastly, it’s exactly a year after the infamous trolls incident that brought down my ask.fm account, or rather, forced me to disable it…so I guess it’s time I shall recap what happened, as well as past incidents involving my ask.fm account…

So, my ask.fm account was created in late May 2013, which is during the last weeks of IGCSE exams. What compelled me to create it was probably a status on my Facebook news feed, showing it off so I decided to give it a shot. At first I didn’t think that this would be used by the trolls, but soon my thought proved terribly wrong. Within a few days I was dealing with troll messages, and they flooded in like crazy, until I temporary disabled the account, which brought the torrent of troll messages to an end. But I realized that it’s not the end, as I later discovered. In September the trolls started attacking my ask.fm account again, and another wave of troll messages flooded in during October and November of that year, almost disrupting my holiday trip during the half-term holiday.

After that incident, troll messages continue to come in, but the frequency was considerably lower. It was until May of 2014, when things heated up to the point when one of my friends in year 10 at that time have to intervene. After that incident however, things calmed down until July when a smaller wave of messages came in, but it was not that significant. After that incident, the flow of troll messages continues, but at a rather unpredictable interval. The final blow began around early February of 2015, when the trolls decided that they want to do what they can to stab me with the most devastating blow as possible, given that it is their last chance to strike before the study leave/IB exams and graduation.

And…they actually did it. The massive influx of troll messages, combined with offensives by the trolls in school, actually brought me down and resulted in an uneasy school week for me as I struggle to recover. Though the wave of troll messages was stopped, I decided to put an end to it once and for all, by disabling my account. Chinese New Year was chosen as the date of which the account was to be disabled. Until now, I have literally forgotten about my ask.fm account…

Now, on to the question as who actually posted all of this…until now I still cannot answer this question, as the messages are posted anonymously. But from looking at the language and content of the messages, I can tell that it is the work of the trolls in my year. A clear evidence is the fact that in some messages someone in my year was mentioned in name, spelled correctly. This means that the person who posted the message must have known the person mentioned personally, or at least be in the same tutor group/class with that person.

And…I’m glad that the trolls have went abroad. This means I can finally enjoy a trolls-free university life and no longer have to worry that whatever I was doing and who ever I was hanging out with was being monitored by the trolls.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

2015 wrap-up

Hey guys;

So, it’s that time of the year, once again, when we wrap up all the things that occurred throughout the year.

Throughout the world, perhaps what dominates the world are a series of terrorist acts, from the Charley Hebdo shootings in January to the horrifying attacks in Paris in mid November. Both major incidents, as well as other smaller attacks, were universally condemned as an act of terror. Other events include the first ever Europe-wide sport competition, the first European Games in Azerbaijan in September. And other than that, of course there are many other events occurring around the world.

Now, down to my life…2015 deserves the title as the year of change, because…it’s the year where I move from high school life to university life. And…as usual, I will list both best and worst events of the year, starting with the best events…

Best event of 2015: The so called ‘Mega October’, from October 4th to October 30th.

This large event actually comprises 3 smaller events, the Ecosystems and Natural Resources field trip to Petchaburi, the Nature Lovers Club residential trip to Pattaya, and the STA Halloween Carnival.

Let’s start with the field trip…it was the first field trip at university, and I enjoyed it. Just like the days of IB ESS fieldworks, this field trip involved practical investigations, though the equipment used were not as high-tech as during the ESS days.

Next up is the big one…the residential trip to Pattaya. At first I thought that I won’t have a residential as my best event of the year, but that’s not true. The Nature Lovers Club residential trip to Pattaya was a true residential trip of its kind, and the one that I can genuinely compare with the STA residential trips of the previous years. Though the trip was just a single night, it’s better than not having any residential trips at all!

Already, once the trip started I knew that the trip’s going to be amazing. The first highlight was a visit to a breeding center where I learned a lot about different kinds of animals. Then comes a visit to a resort specializes in growing plants in a sustainable way, some techniques I discovered was quite remarkable. The resort I ended up staying was not too bad, at all, and it’s next to the beach.

Day 2 of the trip is the fun day…me and everyone on the tirp went to do some beach cleaning on an island. I got to enjoy the ocean, it’s very beautiful! The afternoon is where the real fun was; everyone was given time to jump and play around in the ocean, and I enjoyed it a lot! Jumping off the second deck was scary but it’s fun! It just proves that I’m a risk taker, one of the IB learner profile!

Lastly, comes the STA Halloween Carnival. To be honest here, the timing was not so good as I have a Math midterm exam right the next day. But at the end I decided that…3-4 hours lost is not a big deal, and certainly it is not a big deal, as I ended up passing the course anyway, though it’s rather like a high-risk gamble as the poor scores of the midterm forced me to commit a lot of energy into the second quiz and the final. Anyways enough of that…

The carnival itself was nothing special compared to previous years, but it’s still fun nonetheless. Dance was perhaps the best part of it; I really enjoyed it, even though I knew that a midterm is less than 24 hours away…

Second best event of 2015: Post-exams events, from May 21st to July 3rd.

Another big event…I decided to include May 21st as well because of a school performance that is so fun that I feel I have to include it, even though there’s 2 IB exams left on May 22nd…

The high school production ‘Flas’ kicks off this series of event. Though I have 2 IB exams on May 22nd, I figured out…2 hours of revision lost isn’t going to be a big deal, and it isn’t really a big deal after all, as I managed to get a 6 in Business and a 5 in ESS anyway. The show was fun, funny and cool at the same time. Some really crazy ideas were introduced, for instance the concept of a meteorite crashing down in a short time, though I think this isn’t even crazy, as it’s a scientific fact, but I think the approach to this was wat makes the logic seem cool in itself. The show lasted for 2 hours, and I think it is really worth the time. The use of visual and sound effects together with music bands really add to the atmosphere of the show and it’s a great fun.

Next up, is the KIS graduation ceremony for the class of 2015. The ceremony was itself short, but I got to meet some of my old friends from primary school, and a visit to the school certainly brings back memories of my days at KIS.

And…next on the list, is the STA class of 2015 graduation ceremony. It is wonderful, and being organized in a hotel, complete with good food certainly makes the event amazing. The moment when I was called on stage to get the diploma, I feel that I’ve succeeded in putting my name in the history of the school as the first visually-impaired student to have successfully graduated from the school. But there’s a sadder side to it as well; it was the very last time that I saw everyone from my year together as a big class, together at a single location on the plannet, and I knew that, from then on everyone from my year will be scattered across thousands of miles across the globe as they move on to their uni lives.

Next up, is the senior prom. It’s as good as the one my year organizes, and it is certainly fun with all the music and dances. Though unfortunately, something terrible happened to my computer later that month that almost destroyed my wonderful memory of the event. But disregarding that, the prom itself was fun. Though I later learned that I won a prise, I think it dont really matter as the prise was not worth much a value.

Next, is the STA XPOXV. It’s amazing, and the best one I saw yet, though sadly enough just like senior prom some parts of my memory had been destroyed by a terrible hard drive crash a week later, but luckily the photos were still there.

Lastly, is the last day of the academic year. Though the day was not that significant, but it is the day that I got my very last yearbook from STA, and so is my final chance to collect signatures from people at STA. I also took this time to take some photos and videos of some places, E.G my tutor base.

Third best event of 2015: Ecosystems and Natural Resources field trip to Khao Yai on November 1st.

Alright, enough of large events that contains many smaller events. The Khao Yai trip itself was good, but definitely tiring as it mainly consists of walking through thick forests with very short stops. The focus of the trip is not on practical investigations, but rather more like a field lecture about the forest biome and such. What really annoyed me at the very end of the trip is the fact that I got stuck in a traffic jam, just because of a small construction machine!

Fourth best event of 2015: Songkran celebration at school on April 3rd.

This year’s Songkran celebration at school was as good as previous years, and once again the highlight was in the afternoon where I got to splash water at everyone. It was also my last Songkran celebration at STA, which is a bit of a sad fact.

Fifth best event of 2015: STA Spring Dance on March 13th.

This year’s Spring Dance was as good as the last year, though I have to admit there weren’t many people, but all those dances still make the event fun and enjoyable.

Now, time for the worst events of 2015…

Worst event of 2015: Annoyances by the trolls, up until April 3rd.

Let’s face it, the trolls even bothered to annoy me, until the very last day before the Songkran holiday. Though they may not be as active as previous years, they certainly know how to launch big attacks on times that I’m not being aware of. Perhaps the most notorious trolls incident is on February 6th, of which the trolls used a combination of threats to force me to cave into their demands, and as a result of this, and the subsequent eruption of ask.fm trolls, and a combined pressure from all sides, I decided to shutdown my ask.fm account for good. But afterwards the trolls appeared to calm down somewhat, seeing that they’ve lost a strategic channel of which to annoy me.

Anyways, I hope that 2016 will be just as good as 2015…

Term 1 has ended.

Hey guys;

So, after 12 hard weeks and this short week of exams, the first term at university has finally drawn to a close. Now it’s time for the long-awaited Christmas holiday, and for me this will actually be a proper holiday. All those annoying homework, revisions (particularly the boring Othello and Streetcar plays along with endless note taking and memorizing key quotations, points and literary devices), IAs, TOK essays and EE, as well as huge packs of past papers are now the thing of the past!

Though this first term at MUIC certainly is about a month or so shorter than the first term at STA, the absence of a half-term holiday makes this term feels long, and the presence of midterm exams only serve to make this term feels tiring.

Overall, throughout this term I went to 1 residential trip (excluding the welcoming camp), and 2 day field trips. The Nature Lovers Club residential trip to Pattaya was probably the best event of 2015, and when combined with the Petchaburi trip earlier on October 4th and STA Halloween Carnival, the result is a series of amazing events that will become the single best event of the year, even surpassing the welcoming activities in September. November was a month that is less exciting, with only 2 major events, the Khao Yai field trip and Loy Krathong at Mahidol.

The Khao Yai trip itself was good fun, but as tiring as ever. Virtually the whole day was spent walking in thick jungles with rough terrains. But the weather was not too bad though, but nonetheless still very hot.

Loy Krathong was pretty good, and was the first big Loy Krathong celebration I saw since the 2012 event at STA, or indeed the very last, true big Loy Krathong celebration at STA was back in 2010. The celebration at Mahidol this year was at the learning center, which was easy enough to get to from my dorm. The food at the event was not too bad.

Overall, term 1 at MUIC was good fun, and I found myself adapting to uni life quite easily and fast.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

First half of the term…full of events

Hey guys;

So, it’s been almost 2 months since I last posted, and a number of events have gone by throughout this first half-term. The welcoming camp came and went, and the Ecosystems and Natural Resources day trip also came and went. Overall, this first half-term is just full of events…

Let’s start with the welcoming camp…

Contradicting my belief that the trip is going to be wonderful and all, turns out the reality was a different story. The clear sign is that there are restrictions on the use of phones and clocks, which I must say is really weird for a trip in the 21st century like that. Knowing this, I initially thought up of 3 possible actions: Cave in, boycott, or defy. Though caving in would seem simple, but…what’s the point of a trip if I can’t take photos and videos of all of the amazing activities? Boycott…a good idea, but…staying home is even more boring. Defy…seems a very good idea though, and that’s a good way of sending a strong message to the organizing committee that I do not agree. For unknown reasons I failed to carry out this act of defiance though, and to this day I do still regret my decision not to carry out an act of defiance. Though in the end I decided to cave in, but at the same time not to make others see me as enjoying, because…honestly I’m not enjoying the camp at all. When people dance hard, I just not put effort in, or just stand still. When people sings, I just stay silent, and I rejected any offer of snacks, and pretend not to be too hungry (in fact, I’m not that hungry at the time). I don’t know why the committee have to be so technophobic…claiming that it’s the tradition? Well I don’t see it as a valid excuse for applying such technophobic policies, and were this to be true, then my simple conclusion is…this organizing committee is just too conservative to fit into the modern world of the 21st century where electronics like smartphones have become part of our lives. And…I’m sure the camp next term will be the same, so…I don’t think I will join, and to the greater extent, the welcoming activities next term as they’re going to be the same, but with different set of people. The only positive thing about this camp is that the rooms were air conditioned with private bathrooms and toilets, and the food was good.

Now, on to the Phetchaburi trip…

The day trip was great, and was indeed the first university trip where I was finally allowed to take photos and videos as there was no silly, technophobic, ultra conservative policies, though we were warned that animals like monkeys can steal our phones though.

We left MUIC at around 06:00 or so, stopping for breakfast shortly at a petrol station. I had my breakfast at Mcdonalds, and I just learned that they offer breakfast that actually contain rice.

After the breakfast break, we push on, bound for Phetchaburi, arriving there at around 08:00 or 09:00. We first gathered at a remote school close to the investigation site for the instructions on using the equipment. I must say, the way that these were carried out, for example the measurement of dissolved oxygen level and pH, was not so technologically advanced compared to what I did during my ESS trip to Khao Yai or Chiang Mai. Liquid indicators and a reference table was used instead of a probe with reading scales. The first site was a mangrove forest, and it’s good we don’t have to walk in the mud. The fact that there were monkeys was true, and they did get in the way sometimes.

We had lunch at around 10:30 or 11:00, which was quite early to be honest. We all ate at a seafood restaurant, and the food was great! Throughout the first half of the day the weather was quite hot though. After lunch, we moved on to the next site, which is at the beach, and the weather was a bit cooler thanks to the winds, and I managed to collect 2 seashells for myself! The next investigation involved the collection of marine samples, to be used for close-up examinations in the lab during Monday’s lesson.

We left for MUIC at around 14:00 or 14:30, not sure of the exact time. We made a few stops, both for a quick toilet break and to buy desserts. The desserts at Phetchaburi were amazing, and now I can see why the province was so famous for its desserts…they’re very yummy and there’s plenty of Thai desserts to choose from! We arrived back at MUIC at around 18:30 or 19:00, thanks to the horrible traffic conditions that caused the delay. Overall the trip was amazing, and I will certainly rate this trip as one of the best events of 2015.

Coming up next…the Nature Lovers Club residential trip to Pattaya tomorrow to Sunday…I’m very excited for that, and I do have high confidence that I will be allowed to take photos and videos, so…hopefully I will be able to give this residential trip the rating of the best event of 2015, along with another residential trip in November. STA Halloween Carnival is also coming up, next Friday, and another Ecosystems and Natural Resources day trip to Khao Yai on November 1st.

Anyway, that’s it for now…

First week of university…what an amazing week

Hey guys;

So, the first week of university term has ended, and all I can say is, it’s been an amazing, enjoyable and fabulous week!

The week kicks off with the welcome activity on Sunday for all students of the class 588. The Sunday’s activity was itself already very good, with lots of games and even pizzas for lunch! For the games…well, there were just too many to name, and they’re strangely-named in Thai so it’s not possible to give an English name, or to even write out the Thai names…

At first, I thought it would be a one-off event that only lasts for a day, but I was wrong! Monday September 14th looked like a normal day where classes start, and speaking of classes…they’re not too hard yet. In fact I already knew that this term’s going to be rather relaxing, except for Maths as both English and Ecosystems classes aren’t too hard but Maths is a different story but given that the class lasts for 12 weeks and only 2 quizzes, there’s certainly more time to revise and fix my problems to maximize my grade and to hopefully pass this time.

As mentioned, Monday 14 September looked very much like a normal day but then, when the clocks hit 16:00, or in my case immediately after I’m done with the swimming class, that’s where things start to change, when I was escorted back to the International College building. Wait, am I suppose to go back to my condo and wait for my dad? Well, here’s the surprise! The said welcome activity actually continues into Monday! In fact, the Monday activity confirmed to me that this welcome activity is going to be a big activity comprising many smaller activities and, to my surprise, there will be a residential trip to conclude this welcome activity next week from 26 September to 27 September!

The Monday activity was pretty much like Sunday, though with a different games and there’s a rather simple dinner instead of a pizza, but it’s alright nonetheless. I was a bit tired after the activity, from all those singing and dancing…what would a welcome activity be like without some singing and dancing?

Tuesday…was rather like Monday, except that I got only 1 class, which is Maths, and then I’m free all day. Wait, doesn’t that mean I can go back to my condo and sleep all day long until my dad returns from work in the evening? Well…guess what happens when the clocks hit 16:00…

…that’s right! Things took a rapid turn once the clocks hit 16:00 and when my new friends whom I’ve met after the Maths class saw the room number my group was assigned on the Line screen on my phone escorted me to the room. That’s when the carnival-like atmosphere returns…

Tuesday’s activity, once again, is like Monday’s, but with different games of course and a different meal for dinner. Once again, I was a bit tired after all those singing and dancing…

Wednesday was, again, like Monday but without a swimming class, and with an added twist…it rained in the morning, so in order to get to my college I have to ask someone from the ground floor of my condo to drop me at the tram platform! I think the weather is trying to make me fail my English class but…guess what, nothing can stop me from passing this class, not even the weather. Once again the day seemed like a normal day, until the hours hand on the clocks hit 16:00…

Once again, the activity was the same, though there’s a small misfortune when I lose on a sort of a people identification game and was made to dance in front of everyone else, but that’s really just a small piece of potato in a giant plate of food. Once again I was a bit tired from the singing and dancing…

Thursday…was like Tuesday with only Maths class, but things start to turn once the clocks strike 16:00, and…for once, the activity of yesterday will not be like previous days…

At first, everyone was in a room like previous days, but when the clocks hit 17:00, things changed completely. Everyone was escorted down to this huge, open area under the building, to meet with 14 other groups, and that’w where the activity starts.

The activity was similar in some ways to the activities of previous days, though this was carried out with like 300-400 people packed together in a single place and there was no dinner break. At one point, for unknown reasons, the bottom part of my shoes came off! I was like…WTH had happened? Lol…!

Even so, the activity still consists mainly of games but there were also more dancing and singing. I was pretty tired after all those dancing and singing in the heat…

That pretty much concludes the first week. Oh, I forgot to mention…the 578 class also provided free water and snacks, which is amazing!

Now, I’m really looking forward to next week and the residential, and I have no doubt next week and the residential are going to be fabulous and amazing. With all these activities combined, I can safely say that this welcome activity will be the best event of 2015, without question. I was happy that there were no trolls anywhere to be seen, and that’s because the hard line trolls have gone abroad. Had they joined MUIC, this welcome activity would not have been as good as it was now because I know the trolls would try to annoy me, or try to sabotage the activity, or…worse, the trolls could try to create disunity within the group by forming radical factions and would later annoy me with these factions.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Summer holiday has drawn to a close

Hey guys;

So, after nearly 4 months (3 months excluding the Refresher Maths summer course in August), the long, boring summer holiday has finally drawn to a close. Monday is when the real university life begins, and for once, things will never be the same again. Classes start at 08:00, but can finish as late as 17:50, particularly for some PE classes. I’m looking forward to Sunday for the welcome activities organized by Student Association members, which I will count as one event to be recorded, and this may potentially be the best event of 2015, but of course residential trips can still take place and they will immediately take over as the best event of 2015 regardless of Sunday’s event.

Also, after registering my classes, turns out I’m free on Fridays, which means…I can attend STA Halloween Carnival 2015! Though as it’s still in the mid term exams period, I have to see whether I got any late exams on that day, E.G the ones that start at like 14:00 or 15:00 and I won’t finish until like 2-3 hours later. That will be the only thing preventing me from attending this carnival. But since I only take 3 subjects that do have real exams, the chance that I will have exams that will stop me from attending the carnival is not that high. If I’m free on the day of the carnival (no exams), I might be able to prepare my costumes. But if I do have exams on that day, like in the morning or early afternoon, then I may have to go into the carnival in my university clothes as there won’t be enough time to prepare for any Halloween costumes, but from what I read on the official event page on Facebook, this year looks like it’s going to be a very fun carnival.

Also, from attending the orientation and Freshment sessions since Wednesday, I’ve learned that there’ll be foreign students on the exchange program coming to study at MUIC…that means a great opportunity to make new friends, and even without these students, I already have a number of new friends and in turn increases the chance that I will get to hang out with them on weekends or even on holidays, after the final exams in December, which is a very real possibility, given by the fact that most university students love doing that right after the final exams. Though not a tradition, I will count that trip as a genuine trip with my friends as it’s not organized by any professors or university staff, and it’s not a fixed university tradition.

Anyway, that’s it for now…

Summer course ended, final phase of holiday begins

Hey guys;

So, after a long, tiring month of August, the Maths summer course has finally drawn to a close, concluding with the final exam on August 29th. Overall, given the fact that I’m from an IB Maths Studies class, this summer course proved somewhat difficult especially as it’s also a non-calculator course. It’s during this month that I had the first taste of university life. With the real term down the road, this is really my last chance to enjoy the holiday and relax fully. Then there won’t be holidays like this again for the next 3 months, until at least December. Unlike the holidays back in my high school days, the next one will be as relaxing as this long summer holiday because there are no homeworks. This is simply because each subjects only lasts for a term and I have to choose subjects again when term 2 starts in January. This also implies that the level of details covered will also not be as much as during my high school years. In fact, most subjects I saw ware literally topics within a bigger subject I studied, for example ‘Tourism Geography’ is literally topic E of IB Geography paper 2, ‘Ecosystems and Natural Resources’ is literally a selection of topics covered in ESS, which I would expect to include ecological succession and zonation, biomes, food webs and food chains, ecological pyramids, biodiversity, food, water and energy resources, and perhaps even the carbon/nitrogen cycle, but exclude topics like global warming, conservation, pollution management and systems (open, close, isolated, equilibrium).

In addition, I did have time to make new friends, and by now I did have quite a number of friends, the bulk of which came from my Maths summer class. The best part is, there are no trolls yet, and there may not be any, as virtually all of the hard line trolls are out of Thailand, being scattered over thousands of kilometers. There are other non-hard line trolls and I knew one of them is coming to MUIC, I do not expect any new trolls campaigns for the time being. But…overall, the annoyances by the trolls will still be rated as the worst event of 2015, especially with the February 6th incident.

Now, as mentioned, the events I’m looking forward to is the welcome camp, which, according to one of my friend who came a term earlier than me, will include a residential trip, which, in most cases, will be rated as the best event of 2015. The only problem is that this trip will be organized entirely by the students, not by any teachers or college staff, and I wouldn’t expect any teachers or staff to be on the trip, which means that the plannings and organization of the trip may not be as well as for the trips I’ve went to. Another event of interest is the STA Halloween Carnival, which I would assume takes place by the end of October as with the previous years. Whether I can attend will entirely depend on my timetable, which I should hopefully know by the time the term starts, but I really hope I can attend the carnival. Also, there is still a possibility of another residential trip around December, for the reunion of STA class of 2015, if someone decided to organize one. If this is true and I can go, this will be the first time I went out with friends, officially (the welcome camp trip doesn’t count as it’s a college tradition, past residential trips and MUN conferences also doesn’t count as it’s organized by the school/part of a CAS activity). This would mean that my wish would finally be fulfilled, after wishing for it for 2 years.

Anyway, that’s it for now…


Hey guys;

Sorry for not posting for a while, there hasn’t been much going on throughout the holiday so far…

But…as August arrives, I had begun to realize that…changes in my life is setting in, and at a rather rapid pace as I found myself being forced to adapt to a somewhat college life, or rather, a kind of a preview of what a college life would be as the Maths summer course sets in. Now it’s 3 weeks into the course and with this week being the final week, I can say that I’ve adapted rather well, but I’m sure that more changes are underway as term 1 of my first year draws closer. It was only now that I begun to realize that…nothing will ever be the same again and that it is virtually no longer possible to reverse these changes unless if I go back in time, which is of course not possible.

Perhaps the most drastic change of all is that…I have to find new friends to hang out with, as…yeah, the class of 2015 from STA had been virtually broken up and everyone is now scattered across the vast lands of the Earth, and virtually everyone is at least thousands of kilometers away from me, in different time zones. There is a chance of reunion in December though, as one of my class of 2015 friend has told me not long ago, but with everyone at different universities and with their December holiday starting at different times it is hard to predict when the reunion will occur, and in what form; whether it will be a residential trip or just a whole-class reunion lunch/dinner in Bangkok or somewhere, and the question whether the whole class will be informed is another matter as…I doubt, not everyone uses Facebook, or at least, check Facebook that often.

Now, in terms of upcoming events…I’m looking forward to the MUIC welcome camp/event, which…depending on the event and who organized it could be fun. If it is a residential trip, that would be even better as I can then, hopefully, rate it as the best event of 2015, though I have to keep in mind that this trip will not be like the past residential trips as it’s not organized by teachers but purely by students and so the quality of accommodation may not be as nice, but I’m sure it won’t be as bad as the second phase of the Chiang Mai trip in March last year. Also there is a possibility that this may not be the only residential trip, if such trips will ever occur, as stated above the STA class of 2015 reunion may actually turn into a residential trip, which means that there would be 2 residential trips to consider for the position of the best event of 2015, though I can also do what I did last year, combining residential trips into a single event.

Anyway, that’s it for now…

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