2011 is almost over

Tomorrow will be the last day of 2011, and all around the world will celebrate the New Year. I hope that you guys have a nice holiday and be safe while traveling, and hope that 2012 would be full of fun and exciting events.


Summary of 2011

Here we come again, the last week of the year. Most news media are now probably doing a summary of important events that occured throughout 2011.2011 has been a mixture of moods and events, ranging from terrifying disasters to the deaths of important people. There are few significant events, like the Earthquakes, the death of …

‘5 best events of 2011’ confirmed

Yeah alright, let's face it, 2011 is coming to an end. So, I want to announce that the '5 best events of 2011' has been confirmed, which means that I will not change the placements of the events, or add new events.For the '5 worst events of 2011', well, I still have to decide, as …