First two weeks of term, not so bad

Hey guys; So, the first two weeks of the first term of the new academic year has passed. Overall, it's not too bad. All subjects are still somewhat easy, but Management and Organizational Behavior is probably the hardest one so far simply because there's a lot to read. The registration process on September 4th went … Continue reading First two weeks of term, not so bad


Summer holiday has come to an end

Hey guys; So, after around seven weeks, the summer holiday is drawing to a close. On Monday, September 11, 2017, the Sun will rise on a new academic year, and also an interesting semester. This year's summer holiday had been as relaxing as last year, and there weren't anything interesting to talk about... On Monday, … Continue reading Summer holiday has come to an end

University is starting very soon

Hey guys; I know, it felt like summer holiday have just started but...the reality is, its end is fast approaching. Tomorrow I'll finally get to register for my classes, and...I already configured my timetable in my head, and...felt like sharing it with all of you. Assume that there's no last minute changes, the items in … Continue reading University is starting very soon

What if 2016 was a great year

Hey guys; So, it's a good while since I last posted alternate scenarios of my life based on the concept of alternate history, so I think it's good to create another one... Like what the title says, this scenario is simple. What if 2016 was, instead of a bad and horrible year, a great and … Continue reading What if 2016 was a great year

First week of term, not too bad

Hey guys; So, the first week of this term has ended. Overall the experience is not too bad; so far I haven't receive any words that I needed to add/drop, which is amazing! If this stays true (which I think is very likely, if not certain), this will be the first term in a long, … Continue reading First week of term, not too bad

Next term is approaching…

Hey guys; So, I'm now on the last week of the Songkran holiday. Surprising, right? Yes it is; time really goes fast... Next week will be the start of the third term of this academic year, terms of the subjects I'm taking, I've pretty much made up my mind. Tomorrow is the day that … Continue reading Next term is approaching…

Transition term has ended

Hey guys; So, after 12 long weeks (or should I say, short weeks as each week of study lasted for 4 days instead of 5 days), the second term of the 2016-17 academic year, the so called 'transition term', has drawn to a close, with only the final exams left to deal with next week. … Continue reading Transition term has ended