Happy Valentines Day

Roses are red, Violets are blue. Everytime I am alone I think about you, I think back to when we first met in May 2014, I think back to all the good times we had together at STA, And I think back to the great fun we had a few months ago. Without you my … Continue reading Happy Valentines Day

Some alternate scenarios using alternate history

Hey guys; So, it's been a month since my last post featuring alternate history. Well here's another one, this one might feature several alternate scenarios based on alternate history, all of these of course relates to my life... The first scenario is, what if the trolls campaigns never existed. This is a scenario that just … Continue reading Some alternate scenarios using alternate history

Christmas holiday is drawing to a close

Hey guys; So, after 4 weeks, the Christmas holiday is finally drawing to a close, with tomorrow's residential trip to Hua Hin finishing it off. Monday will be the start of a new term, a term of transition, as this upcoming term is when I'll formally begin the process of changing my major to International … Continue reading Christmas holiday is drawing to a close

Welcome, 2017!

Hey guys; Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good time with your families and/or friends celebrating New Year. For me, this year's New Years celebration was...unbelievable, it was simply so good! Stakes, sausages, cakes and ice cream, plus a movie, you get the idea.... As the clocks struck 17:00 yesterday, I was … Continue reading Welcome, 2017!

A sign that my luck has begun to change?

Hey guys; So, I thought that...throughout the holiday, other than a family trip last week, there wouldn't be anymore fun events, but...hold on. Fast forwarding from the time I wrote my 2016 summary to yesterday, December 30th, at around 15:15. I was preparing my stuff, and I'm ready to leave. But where exactly am I … Continue reading A sign that my luck has begun to change?