Great event, but won nothing

Well yeah, it’s Sports Day! The last year that I will ever attend! It’s pretty fun. I did the shot put like every years and like every years I lose. But I did beat my record by scoring 5.1 meters which is my longest throw yet. The place we went is the same as every years. The only differences is the bus that we went on. This time I and about 5 or 6 of my friends went on a small van. On the way back we also ride the same bus. It’s pretty fun.
Tomorrow will be February, the month of what some people like to call ‘The month of love’ which is quite make sense thanks to Valentines Day. But for me it meaned nothing since no one ever inboxed me on that day what so ever.
Next event to look to is the Songkran in April.

The absolute best event of 2012

Hi everyone,
I’m finally back from the residential trip to Rayong. Yes, I think the school changed from Prajin Buri to Rayong for some reason. The trip was very fun, epic and exciting. Even though this trip is all about science, but still the activities were still very enjoyable!
Best activities: The kayaking, the mangrove walk, and the snorkling.
These 3 activities are just too fun to forget. The kayaking was very fun, the mangrove wasn’t so scary at all, and swimming in the ocean was just as fun as in the pool.
Best day: Day 2 and 3.
These 2 days are the best because of the activities during the day. I did not do the adventure race activity, but I did get to support one of the best team ever, consisting of awesome people who did awesome things.
Best moment: Water splashing during kayaking activity.
This part of the kayaking activity was extremely fun. I get to splash water around at my friends and it was a lot of fun. But I missed a lot of targets and at the very end one of my friend actually use my another friend as a human shield/protector to protect him from my splash…which is quite effective because he uses someone that will grab my attention and that the water will hit the protector first before reaching him.
Overall, this trip will be once again placed as the best event of 2012. This is the last year of the residential trip, so no doubt the activities will be epic. This might also be the last year that I will write up the summary at the end of the year, since I don’t think there’s anything exciting going on in 2013.

Year 10 residential tomorrow

Oh, this may be the good start for the year, but since this year the trip is all about science, I don’t know if I can still keep it as the best event of 2012. I hope so, and I hope that this trip will be even better than the previous years, as this is the last year that I will ever attend this kind of trip.
Also on my 2011 summary post I marked all of my friends’ annoyances as one of the worst events…I will surely have to rait that event once again because just 2 weeks but there’s enough annoyances. I still don’t know if these were the remains from the 21st January event last year, but I think so. Maybe some geniuses thought at the end of 2011 that it’s good to turn the remains into an even more annoying form and attack me with that form. I wonder who they are, so I can crush them into pieces.

SOPA and PIPA is coming, our generation could be demolished

Hello everybody.
If you didn’t know, there’s protests against the new SOPA and PIPA that the US is creating. This will limit the freedom of the internet, according to most people. While SOPA and PIPA may reflect advantages to some people, but to the majority they’re the nightmare of 2012 that nobody wants to face, and the threats of them can fatally damage the free internet and demolish our generation altogether.
I’m not sure when the hell do the US came up with those laws, but I assume they’d kept it as secret until now when they decided to push them into action. The only way we can stop this is with the combination of reality distortion field and people’s power from around the globe.

New year, new blog

Right, after a while playing with this blog, I had decided that I liked it better than my old blog. It’s new year, so yes I’m leaving the old blog behind and this will be my new blog from now on.
This year is the year of dragon, so let’s hope that we get a good dragon that will bring peace and love, not a bad dragon that will bring natural disasters, hatred and violents.
If we get a good dragon, we might see a decrease in number of spam and a successful launch of Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2012, whereas if we get a bad dragon, we might be witnessing a large spread of malware across the internet, infecting millions of computers worldwide, and a serious event that will delay the launch of Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2012.