A new academic year

Hey guys;

So, it’s been absolutely ages since I last posted. Well I’ve been either too busy, tired or lazy…

So, the summer holiday has come and have just ended last week. Overall the holiday was as boring as usual, with little or nothing to do, but it’s a great opportunity to relax, after the long, hard proceeding year.

So to wrap up the first year at university…the first year was fine, some events were fun, such as the freshment activities of terms 1 and 3. Throughout the year, I’ve been to 2 residential trips, 1 half day trip, and 2 full day trips, which isn’t a lot, but is not anywhere less than the number of trips I have in year 13 either. But the similarities don’t go far; in year 13 there was 1 residential trip, but it’s a long trip, spanning 3 nights but hear during the first year at university there were 2 residential trips, each lasting a night long, totaling 2 nights. Of course the fact that there are regular events like the IC Festival and the fact that I got to go to STA senior prom, the Halloween Carnival, the Christmas fair and concert, STA XPO XVI and Songkran celebration at STA, their experiences can never match those of a residential trip that spans more than a single night. Of course there would have been more trips, if only I was able to secure places on those trips and that one of the trips doesn’t actually conflict with my calculus midterm.

Now, on to the start of the second year at university…so far the term has been good, classes weren’t too difficult yet, but I’m sure things will get a lot harder, but probably nowhere as torturous as last term when I took Introduction to Computer Programming. Some subjects like Principle Physica and Creative Writing do have homework, but the ways that these homework can be done correctly are rather close-ended, I.E there are set ways to successfully complete the questions. Though Creative Writing homework are somewhat open-ended like programming, but the similarities don’t stretch far. Creative writing just involves translating the ideas floating around in one’s head into an actual writing, but programming involves translating the given problem into an executable program that actually works properly, basically one has to think pretty much like a computer.

As for upcoming interesting events…the possibility of trips that’s something to look forward to, and…even a residential trip, if it doesn’t conflict with any of my midterm exams. Halloween Carnival is another interesting event, but once again this is dependent on whether it conflicts with any of my midterm exams.

Oh…as the end of the calendar year is approaching, I’ll have to decide which events would be crowned as the best event of the year. As I already went on at least 1 residential trip, I can still crown that as the best event, possibly combined it with another residential that I might get to go on, or I can crown the March trip together with all the wonderful post midterm exam events as the best events of 2016. But no doubt, this year will be given the title as ‘The Year of Unluckiness’ because let’s face it, I’ve faced so many problems this year; too many for me to even list them.

Anyways, that’s it for now…