Trolls update and exciting events ahead

Hey guys;Alright, since my last post, many things have taken place, including updates to what the trolls are up to, as well as a host of exciting events coming up for the last weeks of the 2013-14 academic year.First, let's start off with the trolls stuff...Well, as I thought the spam crisis that I … Continue reading Trolls update and exciting events ahead


Happy first birthday my account!

Hey guys;So, it's roughly a year now since I created an account,'s a good time to say happy first birthday to my account. Although I may have created it on 25th or 26th of May, but...even now it's very close to that date...So, why do I created it in the first place? I … Continue reading Happy first birthday my account!

Update on the trolls activities

Hey guys;Well, mainly I will focus on the trolls in this post...Over the past few days, starting Wednesday or yesterday, I started sensing that a new trolls campaign is underway, in the form of initial plots. It all started when someone told me something about looking through my Facebook messages and stuff and etc. At … Continue reading Update on the trolls activities

Some updates

Hey guys;Well, there are a few things that I want to mention in this post.First, is the update on blog migration. Well...after testing Tumblr for a while, I felt that is still better, with customizable widgets, so...that's right, this blog will remain active, with regular new posts.Second, is the sidebar. From now you will … Continue reading Some updates

Blog migration underway

Hey guys;Well, after periods of inactivity with my Tumblr blog, I decided to take a step forward and import the posts from this blog, to see how it will be like, in terms of appearance and such.This means that migration to the Tumblr blog is a possibility. From what I've explored, it has the ask … Continue reading Blog migration underway

Spring dance tonight; amazing!

Hey guys; So, it's finally over, the Spring Dance! It's amazing, I must say; probably the best Friday night yet! The dance for high school starts at around 18:00. At first there weren't many people, but they gradually arrived, and the fun starts to take place. I enjoyed dancing to various songs! And, there are … Continue reading Spring dance tonight; amazing!