Trolls update and exciting events ahead

Hey guys;

Alright, since my last post, many things have taken place, including updates to what the trolls are up to, as well as a host of exciting events coming up for the last weeks of the 2013-14 academic year.

First, let’s start off with the trolls stuff…

Well, as I thought the spam crisis that I posted earlier would end there, but…it turns out it is just a seed that would grow into  a bitter fruit. Right after that, one of my friend unfriended me on Facebook for some weird reasons, but possibly linked to the raids. This set off what I will called “Operation Friend-1”, of which during this week I received threats of being unfriended. In response to this, I decided to adopt a silence policy, treating these threats as troll jokes that had no significance, and…I think it’s a good thing, as by ignoring instead of responding, these threats eventually subside.

Also…just today, one people in my year 12 Geography class has begun renewing attempts to start a new trolls campaign, and…it appears to be inevitable that the next girl the trolls will pick on is not in year 12; but in younger years. Since this occurred right at the end of the day, the scale of this operation is not known, although this could turn into a full trolls campaign at any time, and that’s what I’m concerned about.

Now, let’s move on to some exciting events that are coming up…

So, it looks like that the month of June will be full of events, but sadly the first one to arrive is the end-of-year exams, which I have just started revising for. Of course it will be hard, since the exams cover everything I learned this year. But after that, fun awaits. Immediately there’s a charity dodge ball tournament, which…me and some of my friends are organizing, followed by the STA Prom of 2014, which is on June 21st, and ending with the year 12 Habitat for Humanity house building trip, which is probably in Khorat, according to the latest letter that I’ve received. These events look very exciting, particularly the prom and the house building trip, and I’m looking forward to both events, as well as the dodge ball tournament.

That’s it for now…I guess.

Happy first birthday my account!

Hey guys;

So, it’s roughly a year now since I created an account, so…it’s a good time to say happy first birthday to my account. Although I may have created it on 25th or 26th of May, but…even now it’s very close to that date…

So, why do I created it in the first place? I get some questions as to why I created this, and the answer is…well, I wanted a platform where people could come in and ask me questions on anything, whether it be about my life, my hobbies, etc. Also I saw quite a few people have it, so I decided to check it out. In fact, I knew absolutely nothing about until I stumbled upon it via Facebook statuses. I created an account and…from my initial tests, it’s not too bad, and also very easy to use, so I decided to keep it active and integrate it into my online life, along with Facebook and Twitter.

Well, at first, or rather, in the first day or so, I don’t have much questions in the inbox, except for the predefined ones. But…when I started sharing the first link to my account on Facebook, there’s suddenly an explosion of troll messages, culminating in the first wave of the spam crisis that ended on June 7th last year, with a combination of interventions by some of my good friends and the temporary disabling of my account.

Then, the volume of spam suddenly died down, until it resumed in October and lasted until around November. After that, there seems to be endless smaller campaigns of spam that hit my account, mostly criticising my political opinions and stuff, or sometimes just some random messages that they put through. Some of them were more serious, being a form of insult towards me, which I felt unhappy about that.

Then, earlier this month, a new wave of spam hit my account, and…this time, the spammer’s objective is to ask for my opinion on a piece of law, and when they found that my opinion is different, they began attacking my opinion. This one has probably been ended by yet another intervention by another friend, this time the person who intervened actually has an account.

After that, I saw almost continuous wave of spam, and…today, as expected earlier, close to the first birthday of my account, a new, bigger wave of spam campaign hits, this time with wide range of topics, but obviously includes some politics-related ones, as…yeah, there’s a military coup in Thailand yesterday. As of now the spam seems over, but I need to keep a close eye on this matter for a few more days.

Now, the question that stuck in my head is, who wrote all these messages? Well…it’s very difficult, or rather impossible, to find out the exact individuals, since most messages are anonymous. But…I doubt they’re created by someone in my year, due to the language used, and the fact that names of some of my friends were even mentioned.

So…one year has passed, and…here’s the statistics of my account, as of today 23 May 2014.

Questions and answers: 1932

Followers: 37

Number of likes: 51

Number of gifts: 0

That’s it for now…

Update on the trolls activities

Hey guys;

Well, mainly I will focus on the trolls in this post…

Over the past few days, starting Wednesday or yesterday, I started sensing that a new trolls campaign is underway, in the form of initial plots. It all started when someone told me something about looking through my Facebook messages and stuff and etc. At first I decided to just ignore it and treat it as nonsense, as Facebook messages are suppose to be private.

Sounds simple, right? Well it looks like so, but what I’ve heard has some implications. The most obvious is that the trolls might have successfully established spy networks in younger years, as the name of the person mentioned was in a younger year.

Again, that shouldn’t lead to something bad, isn’t it? Well it looks like that, until…today. Today, something bad happened, that completely changes the current situation.

It all started when me and the very same person who told me about Facebook messages were talking, and then suddenly, I don’t know how, someone spilled something on the floor of the common room, and then, the trolls decided to put blames on me, even though I didn’t do it. That’s pretty much typical of the trolls, putting blames on me just to get me annoyed, and hopefully forces me to seek help from someone, which they would predict is a girl, and then they would launch a new trolls campaign based on that! How evil is that plot!

Also, another evidence that the next trolls campaign would involve people in younger years is that someone, probably a member of the trolls, told me that they saw me talking with some girls from younger years, and I think at one point this person even mentioned the word “like” and even the word “girlfriend”. Now, that basically sort of confirmed my worst fear, which is the fact that the next trolls campaign will involve people in younger years, albeit indirectly, since no real rumors were created.

But, that is only the situation of today, and things can change suddenly on Monday, and there is a chance that the trolls will launch the next trolls campaign, the eighth trolls campaign. If they managed to get their new rumors into the hands of kids in younger year, this trolls campaign would be extremely difficult to control. But, I think I could also try building up alliances in younger years as well, to counterbalance the trolls network, which I think is now expanding into younger years.

Nevertheless, it is still possible that these are just one-time attacks, and yields no significant threats. But…I will still keep an eye on the trolls closely, as stated previously…things can change very quickly, and sometimes without me being prepared.

That’s it for now…

Some updates

Hey guys;

Well, there are a few things that I want to mention in this post.

First, is the update on blog migration. Well…after testing Tumblr for a while, I felt that is still better, with customizable widgets, so…that’s right, this blog will remain active, with regular new posts.

Second, is the sidebar. From now you will see all questions and my replies from my profile. This feature is also present on my website. The 10 most recent questions and answers are shown.

Third, is the trolls update as usual.

Well, talking about their activity in school, there isn’t much, but…there has been a lot going on on the online stage. Recently, a new wave of spam has hit my account, mainly trying to attack my opinions, or try to force me to change my views on a particular topic, eventually lead to a post by someone who actually has an account telling them off. That may seem simple, right? Well it looks like that it is, but…in my opinion, this hints me to something more sinister. And…that is, a plot of a new trolls campaign. And…due to the recent attacks, it is possible now that the new trolls campaign will involve people from younger years. This also means that the trolls are attempting an expansionist movement, aimed at increasing their network into younger years to aid their operations. I would codename this ‘Operation Downwards Stretch’.

So far, it’s only an online plot, which hasn’t appear during school days yet, but I doubt that this will become more apparent within the upcoming few days, especially if they decided to browse through my answers on And…if a new trolls campaign appears, I will deny the new rumor at all cost, and I will also try to find ways to crush the new rumor, so that it can’t spread outside year 12, especially if the new trolls campaign is based on false, make-up claims that I like a girl in another year.

Also, there’s a possibility that this spam attack is just another brief campaign that yields nothing significant, which, if this is true, the current trolls campaign will remain as is. Also something to note…the current trolls campaign appears to be rather inactive. But, I must not forget, there are spies that periodically reads this blog, and no doubt they will come across this post, and launch something sinister out of it.

Anyways, that’s it for now. I still have to keep close watch on the trolls, as they can launch something sinister at any time.

Blog migration underway

Hey guys;

Well, after periods of inactivity with my Tumblr blog, I decided to take a step forward and import the posts from this blog, to see how it will be like, in terms of appearance and such.

This means that migration to the Tumblr blog is a possibility. From what I’ve explored, it has the ask questions feature, which I guess is similar to, but I’m not sure yet as I’ve never tested it. If it works like, this could potentially replace the need for an account altogether. Having a place where people can both comment on posts and ask questions is a great idea, in my opinion.

But however, the problems of the trolls will not likely go away, as if I enabled anonymous questions, they will still launch spam campaigns against me. But…I will give this new features a try…

That’s it for now…

Spring dance tonight; amazing!

Hey guys;

So, it’s finally over, the Spring Dance! It’s amazing, I must say; probably the best Friday night yet!

The dance for high school starts at around 18:00. At first there weren’t many people, but they gradually arrived, and the fun starts to take place. I enjoyed dancing to various songs! And, there are band performances as well, although I believe it’s only 1 band though.

Overall, the dance was great, I could give it the rating of the third best event of 2014, although there’s the Habitat for Humanity trip to consider as well. But anyways, this event will be either placed as the third or fourth best event of 2014, with Songkran as the fourth or the fifth best. 2014 so far is really a good year, and it looks like it will continue to be like that, for at least the first half of 2014.

Also…I would like to mention an off-topic update…

Yep, you guess it, it’s the trolls. Well, since the sthird term started about a week ago, there hasn’t been much activity from the trolls. The eighth trolls campaign is still a possibility, but so far I didn’t see anything reasonable to be considered as potential plots or signs that a new rumor is evolving. But…as always, things can change within a matter of days, or even overnight.

Anyways, that’s it for now…