Update on the eighth trolls campaign and some thoughts for the future

Hey guys;So, it's about a week since the eighth trolls campaign appeared, out of a rumor that I must say...is very, very evil; claiming that I liked a year 7 girl as my girlfriend, when...in reality it is impossible; 1000000% impossible, and...I doubt, the trolls' use of the term "girlfriend" is an attempt to annoy … Continue reading Update on the eighth trolls campaign and some thoughts for the future


What an amazing prom tonight!

Hey guys;So, the prom has finally finished, and...I must say with honesty, that this prom was amazing! Thank you very much to the organizers for creating such a great senior prom!The prom, which was hosted at the Grand Millenium Hotel, starts at around 18:30 or 19:00, with dinner of course. The food was good, although … Continue reading What an amazing prom tonight!

And…the unthinkable happens…

Hey guys;Title says it all. Today was alright, until...the trolls decided to mess it up, by...you guess it, starting a new trolls campaign. Yes, it's official. The eighth trolls campaign has officially begun, replacing the seventh trolls campaign, and...the girl they picked virtually confirmed my worst fear, the girl the trolls decided to falsely claim … Continue reading And…the unthinkable happens…


Hey guys;So, it's quite a while since I last posted. I've been busy with exams throughout this week (yeah, IB is tough), but now that's out of the way, I should have more free time.So, what's going on? Not much, since everyone, too, was busy with exams and revisions. Trolls has also remained inactive.But, however, … Continue reading Hello

Trolls timeline

Hey guys;So, it's like ages since I last posted a timeline of the trolls activities. I think the last version of this was posted around the time the seventh trolls campaign was new, or somewhere before the end of 2013, or earlier this year, I can't be sure.As always, all the major rumors that the … Continue reading Trolls timeline