Update on the eighth trolls campaign and some thoughts for the future

Hey guys;

So, it’s about a week since the eighth trolls campaign appeared, out of a rumor that I must say…is very, very evil; claiming that I liked a year 7 girl as my girlfriend, when…in reality it is impossible; 1000000% impossible, and…I doubt, the trolls’ use of the term “girlfriend” is an attempt to annoy me, with hopes that it would turn into some complicated, unrealistic issues that would seriously damage my reputation. Yep, their ultimate aim for the past years is to damage my reputation as much as possible.

Now, so far this week it seems that the rumor is spreading, but given that me and the year 12s are going out next week, the potential of this spreading outside of year 12 is very low, almost impossible, given the limited time available. But…that doesn’t mean that I’m completely safe; the trolls could, for example, decide to launch something big and scary tomorrow or on the last day of school, that would immediately spread this falsified rumor into the hands of people in other years. In fact, they may very well have informers in other years!

Now, with the summer holiday looming, the trolls would most likely go into holiday mode, so…that means that I’m most likely safe. But…no doubt, they will return when the next academic year starts. This would give me time to think and plan my next move against the eighth trolls campaign. I could try to adopt strategies that I set out earlier, E.G building up friendship in hopes of creating a inter-year Organization Against Trolls (OAT), dismiss this rumor altogether like what I did during the trolls’ threats to unfriend me on Facebook, or keep denying the rumor, like what I did during the sixth trolls campaign. The first option may seem simple and indeed it is, since…due to huge difference in age, the maximum a friendship could go is “best friends” and, theoretically, the trolls’ claims would remain false. However being best friends with just 2 year 7s is not practicable for an OAT that would crush the eighth trolls campaign and the trolls, so…more people is needed, however the issue of building an inter-year OAT is the risk of the eighth trolls campaign becoming stronger, or even worse, the birth of new trolls campaign. Second option looked very easy indeed, since all I need to do is just ignore the trolls, and the rumor would gradually die, like the unfriend threats earlier that now seems to have died down due to lack of my responses. I can’t really see any consequences of this option though, apart from the fact that the trolls would exploit my facial expressions and use it as an answer of acceptance/denial to their rumor. The third option is also quite simple; and…since it worked during the sixth trolls campaign, it should theoretically work with the eighth trolls campaign too, but the trolls could always find evidences to support their claims, such as my activities during lunch.

In addition, what had just come up into my head is, I could adopt 2 strategies at once. I had never try this, but…this could work, if adopted correctly. The first option may be one of the strategies adopted, since…as stated it’s not too hard to achieve and due to age gaps, the trolls’ claims would remain false, and the second option could be the denial of the falsified rumor, or ignoring the rumor altogether. But…if I chose the second option as the second strategy, then that would render the first one useless, since without my responses, the rumor would die naturally.

So…yeah, I don’t really know which move to choose, but…I will probably go for a 2-strategy move, with the first option as one of them, and the second one to be decided later, but most likely the third option as the second strategy. I will combine this into the move codenamed “Operation Smasher”, which aims to crush the eighth trolls campaign, and the trolls themselves eventually.

Oh…wait, there’s one more thing.

Today after school, I had a chance to attend the anual STA Expo of 2014, which is the showcase of the student’s drama, ICT, Design Technology (DT), music and art works. It’s great; I’m able to get my passport stamped at all sites and earned myself a badge! And…the performances/shows in the drama studio wasn’t bad either!

Other than that, I guess that’s it for now…

What an amazing prom tonight!

Hey guys;

So, the prom has finally finished, and…I must say with honesty, that this prom was amazing! Thank you very much to the organizers for creating such a great senior prom!

The prom, which was hosted at the Grand Millenium Hotel, starts at around 18:30 or 19:00, with dinner of course. The food was good, although some, like chicken and rice, were a bit spicy, but generally…the food was not too bad at all. Then, there’s a performance by one year 10 student, and then…here’s the main core part of the prom; the dance! It’s amazing! I love dancing to various songs and with lots of people! Previously, I do posted song requests on the event page, but those were not played, but…who cares anyways; there were enough songs during the event to keep the night going.

Overall, I must say that this prom is amazing once again, and this could easily become one of the best event of 2014 (in fact, I will give it a rating as the second best event of 2014 right now). I could even push it up to become the best, but that is reserved for multi-day events, such as residential trips, although this prom is very, very close; had it been longer, E.G stretching from the afternoon, I would have been able to give it the rating as the best event of 2014. Overall, those thousands of baht that I spent was worth-it, and this is the prize of investing such large sums of money.

Anyways, that’s it for now…tonight was probably the best night yet so far.

And…the unthinkable happens…

Hey guys;

Title says it all. Today was alright, until…the trolls decided to mess it up, by…you guess it, starting a new trolls campaign. Yes, it’s official. The eighth trolls campaign has officially begun, replacing the seventh trolls campaign, and…the girl they picked virtually confirmed my worst fear, the girl the trolls decided to falsely claim that I like is in a younger year; not 2 years younger as I originally thought, but 5! How evil is the trolls!

So…yeah, as now the new trolls campaign is in effect, I have to watch out, as the trolls can spread this falsified piece of information around very quickly, especially if this falsified message/rumor is allowed to spread into people in younger years!

Now, this marks the first time that the trolls decided to pick on someone who is not in the same year group as me, and…the way they approached this new trolls campaign was very odd; they basically start off by saying some random stuff or rather, trying tio attack me with some random statements, to hook me into talking about my friends in younger years. Once they saw this on the spot, they decided to try and inquire the names. At first I refused, but they promissed not to trolls, and I foolishly believed, and…yeah…the trolls then broke their promise, and immediately launch the eighth trolls campaign. I can say, this is a very sophisticate way of starting a new trolls campaign, and this is unprecedented in the history of trolls campaigns.

Since the message/rumor is now out, I need to find ways to crush the rumor/message, and to restore the seventh trolls campaign (perhaps, a better option is, to eliminate the trolls campaigns altogether), but I’m not sure how to go about crushing the new rumor. I could, in fact, adopt the same solution as the one for the trolls’ Friend-1 campaign weeks ago, by ignoring what they said, and that solution turned out very well, and…in theory, it should work for this new trolls campaign as well. But…as stated, once this thing gets into the hands of people in younger years, the situation will be extremely difficult to control. I hope this will not happen, but I doubt that it will, since the trolls are more than willing to spread the rumor.

And, on another note, I’m excited for the prom tomorrow. At first I thought it would be posponed due to lack of ticket sales, but…it turns out that the organizers managed to sell enough tickets.

Other than that, I guess that’s it for now…the situation looked very bad right now.


Hey guys;

So, it’s quite a while since I last posted. I’ve been busy with exams throughout this week (yeah, IB is tough), but now that’s out of the way, I should have more free time.

So, what’s going on? Not much, since everyone, too, was busy with exams and revisions. Trolls has also remained inactive.

But, however, things are about to change. Last night a new wave of ask.fm messages appeared, and they suggests me that the trolls are plotting something big after the exams, and they’re ready to launch that on Monday, 16 June. And, the recent messages, plus today’s incident where the trolls viewed and bragged about my ask.fm, virtually confirmed my worst fear, the fear that the next trolls campaign will involve people from younger years. In fact, I may know already potential people that the trolls are aiming to pull into this new trolls campaign, but I’m not going to name any individuals.

Now, I need to find ways to stop the trolls from creating a new rumor, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll need to devise a way to make sure that the rumor doesn’t spread to other years, because if this happens, the situation will be extremely difficult to control. If the new trolls campaign was successful, this will be the first time that the girl the trolls claimed that I like is not in the same year as me.

Furthermore, the trolls can try to launch this in a way that I wouldn’t notice, E.G by observing what I do during lunch and where I go, and who I’m talking to during lunch. This would be a problem as I would never know whether the trolls are watching me. In terms of blog spies, I’m not so concern about that now, since the trolls didn’t relate any of the ask.fm messages/Facebook comments to this blog at all.

So…yeah, things has started to turn slightly bad. I’m not sure what will happen next…

Trolls timeline

Hey guys;

So, it’s like ages since I last posted a timeline of the trolls activities. I think the last version of this was posted around the time the seventh trolls campaign was new, or somewhere before the end of 2013, or earlier this year, I can’t be sure.

As always, all the major rumors that the trolls created about me liking a girl are groupped into trolls campaign. New trolls campaigns are created once a new rumor has been created, and only if the new rumor has started to spread; otherwise it’s just a plot that may evolve into the new trolls campaign later. A trolls campaign ends when a new trolls campaign is activated, or when the girl that is the subject of the current trolls campaign left STA, or by some other factors.

Anyways, without further delay, here’s the timeline…

Early high school trolls: Late 2008 to mid 2009

This is the first form of high school trolls that I encountered in high school. They’re not actually trolls, but I’d like to call them like that. They took a form of a more physical annoyances, which gave rise to the term “bullies”. An early form of a rumor like what I experienced today may have existed, I can’t remember exactly.

First trolls campaign: Late 2009 to mid 2010

This is the very first proper trolls campaign, and establishes the base of which later trolls campaigns would use later on. The rumor sprang up after someone wrote down on the board that I like a new girl in my back then year 8, and the message quickly went wild, turning into a trolls campaign. The campaign itself is still annoying, but I believe it’s less annoying than the later ones, as Facebook trolls didn’t exist yet, so as the ask.fm trolls. Ask.fm trolls didn’t exist until the seventh trolls campaign.

Second trolls campaign: Late 2010 to April 5th, 2012

This is the longest trolls campaign, and is one of the most annoying ones, and also the first one where the exact end date can be pinpointed. The form takes on the form introduced in the first trolls campaign, but with the addition of Facebook trolls in the first months of 2012, with a number of my posts/statuses on both my wall and someone’s wall gaining more than 10 comments, all were troll comments.

Third trolls campaign: May 23rd, 2012 to August 31st, 2012

This is rather a short trolls campaign, and is also the first where the start date can be pinpointed. After the second trolls campaign, there’s around 4 weeks gap before the third trolls campaign appeared, based on the simple Facebook post I made on another girl’s timeline, saying “Hi”. Again Facebook trolls played a big role, but the trolls has also started spying on my blog, picking posts and then annoy me with those posts. The trolls even threaten to declare a trolls war, but it never happen.

Fourth trolls campaign: August 31st, 2012 to September 11, 2012

This is the shortest trolls campaign, lasting for roughly over a week, before the fifth trolls campaign takes over. Rather, I think this is like a proxy trolls campaign. At this stage, Facebook trolls has started to decline, but school trolls, I.E the traditional trolls, remained very active.

Fifth trolls campaign: September 11th, 2012 to February 18th, 2013

This trolls campaign is not too long, but not short either, lasting around 6 months. Oh…I forgot to mention, the girl that the trolls claimed that I like for this trolls campaign, as well as the previous 3, were all new students in my year group. During this trolls campaign, Facebook trolls did not play a big role, compared to the traditional trolls. However, this trolls campaign is rather quite annoying, and they launched a new wave of attack that almost resulted in the collapse of the trolls campaign and send me tinto uneasy feelings. Oh and…at one point, there was even an attempt to launch the sixth trolls campaign, but it failed.

Sixth trolls campaign: February 18th, 2013 to May 26th, 2013

This is a rather short trolls campaign, like the third one, and is also the first where the rumor is based on a special event, in this case Valentines Day, and is also the first trolls campaign where the girl chosen was not a new student. This time, I’m able to prevent the trolls from making huge progress by denying all of their rumors. Facebook trolls at this point appears to have disappeared, as most posts received little or no comments. Oh…at one point, there was an attempt to launch the seventh trolls campaign, but it failed.

First ask.fm spam crisis: May 26th, 2013 to June 7th, 2013

This is not a new trolls campaign, but rather a major event that is worth including as a separate event. I decided to create an ask.fm account after discovering that some of my friends are using it. This encourages me to check out the site, sign up, and give it a try, and it doesn’t look too bad at all. Later, when I started sharing links to my ask.fm profile, troll messages started to appear, and continue to bombard me, until at last I decided to temporary disable my account, on an advice from one of my good friends. Topics covered varies, but they seems to all refer back to the fifth trolls campaign.

Seventh trolls campaign: September 11th, 2013 to today

This is the current trolls campaign, again it is based on a rumor that I liked a new girl in year 12. It started off quite wildly, with the rumor spreading very quickly, but gradually became less active. Facebook trolls were virtually nonexistent, instead ask.fm trolls played a bigger role, after the crisis in May/June. The seventh trolls campaign is still continuing, even to today. There were even plots to launch the eighth trolls campaign, but they never materialize. But…the latest plots are quite worrying; they’re not yet dead and may evolve into the eighth trolls campaign at any time.

Second ask.fm spam crisis: Mid/late October to mid/late November 2013

Well, after the first crisis is over, the second one followed. This time, the topic is based on the news that there was a fire somewhere in Bangkok. It doesn’t seem interesting to the trolls, right? Well…that was wrong, and instead the trolls decided to use the incident as a tool to annoy me, by altering facts and put blames on me for starting the blaze, when in fact that’s not true at all, and this swave of ask.fm crisis almost disrupt my wonderful Pattaya holiday during the half-term holiday.

Third ask.fm spam crisis: May 4th/5th to May 23rd, 2014

After the second ask.fm spam crisis, sadly there’s a third one, but this one was quite far apart from the second one. There were small incidents of ask.fm spams, but they’re not large enough to be considered as a new ask.fm spam crisis. This time, the topic initially involve the exploitation of my opinions on a piece of law in Thailand, which lead to one girl in year 10 intervening by posting the message telling the trolls off. This message could, in itself, started a plot to create a new trolls campaign, since the trolls would eventually stumble across the message. Then, just 2 weeks ago, on around Thursday May 22rd, the spams resumed, this time focusing on trying to exploit my opinions on the military coup, but the spammers failed to do so. Then, the next day, a huge barage of spams hit my account, which is the date close to my ask.fm account’s first birthday, which led to the Friend-1 campaign (see the previous posts for details of what happened).

So, those are all the major events relating to the trolls that I can remember. As of today, there is still a chance that the next trolls campaign would came into existence, according to the recent plots by the trolls. I think, it is inevitable, that the next girl chosen will not be someone in year 12; but rater in younger years.

That’s it for now…