STAMUN today, alright, but weird at times

Hey guys;

So, the first STA MUN conference has ended, and…overall, today I must say it’s not too bad for the initial conference, but there are several areas that I thing could be better.

Like any other conference, today’s conference kicks off with the usual opening ceremony and school photographs taking. Me and 3 other students from STA were in the Special Political and Decolonization (SPECPOL) II committee. There were 3 issues up for debate – the establishment of the BRICS, youth’s access to education and employment, and Scotland’s independence.

Right at the start, I noticed that things started to not go my way. Firstly I found myself in a position sort of isolated because of me representing China. That shouldn’t be an issue, but what turned the situation was the fact that I have to partner up with inexperienced delegates (delegates of Russia and India) and I had no choice but to lead the group in drafting the resolution, of which I had virtually no experience in doing so, despite the fact that I’ve been to 5 MUN conferences since year 12, and…what’s more tiring is the fact that the delegate of Russia, who is coincidentally in my tutor group, kept trying to make me writing down what he says, even though some of them doesn’t sound right. But we managed to get a resolution submitted in the end, with the delegate of Russia reading out, even though I’m responsible for drafting it.

Now, what really put me down is the fact that this Russian delegate kept asking same questions over and over, even though I noticed that either some of his questions didn’t make sense or it has been answered, and eventually he went off to some sort of continuous arguments with delegates up at the front. The chairs could have issued warnings, but…I doubt the chairs weren’t that experienced at chairing, so they don’t issue any warning. This was so annoying to the point that I even tthought of putting forward a motion to band this Russian delegate from speaking, either submitting it myself and hope that the other delegates will vote for it, or convince the delegate of Sweden who was my friend to convince other delegates to support this motion, in order to secure a pass, but that never came true.

Break was around 10:00 or so, I can’t remember the exact time. After break, things became even more weird when…that voting nomination thing came up. The nomination thing was normal, but the timing of it was very unusual, but…I later discovered that due to very few delegates, the chairs decided to merge the 2 SPECPOL committees into 1. But…that’s the start; soon after the merger, instead of proceeding to debate other topics, the committee decided to go straight to the emergency issues instead, which is…alright I guess. In fact it’s probably not that appropriate to call this weird since I seen this emergency issue thing came up before, during ISBMUN.

Since everyone had absolutely no background, there was tsome time available to do research and to draft resolutions, which isn’t too bad given the fact that I no longer have to lead the team.

Lunch was at around 12:30. The food was pretty typical of what I saw at school everyday. Lunch finishes at 13:20 or so, and the debating continues.

And…here comes another sort of hilarious/epic part, when the delegate of North Korea gave speeches there were several references to ex-North Korean leader. The content wasn’t epic, but what’s epic is the way it’s being put forward, I.E the tone.

Perhaps the weirdest thing that I saw is, like Regents Pattaya conference, the last issue was debated, but without formal, written resolutions, but only speeches, due to time constraints. This is very weird because the issue was being rushed through when it’s not even 15:00. This already suggests to me that this conference will finish early, and…eventually it did, with the closing ceremony at 15:00.

Oh…another thing that almost made this conference bad is…the trolls. Yes, they’ve managed to do something, but I was able to successfully thwart their attempts and there were no further incidents.

So, overall this conference was not too bad, although it’s just kind of weird at several times. Oh…I forgot to mention, for some unknown reasons I was chosen as the best and most hard-working delegate in SPECPOL 2.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Update on the trolls

Hey guys;

So…yeah, it’s a while since I last posted. Well I’ve been quite busy and lazy as well…

So, as the title suggests, this post will focus entirely on what’s going on with the trolls, as…there’s been some new stuff that I’ve noticed…

So, as I stated that the seventh trolls campaign has begun, but…very recently, it appears that it is not the case; in terms of the rumor the trolls are using. As mentioned in my last post the morning of the first day of the Operation Smile trip was marred by trolls, and…that seems to be it; the trolls are trying to launch a new rumor that would evolve into the seventh trolls campaign.

During the trip, it’s very fortunate that there were no trolls, and so…after the trip, on Monday the 10th of November, things appear to be going very well, until the next day…

…Tuesday 11th November was good, until after school, before parent/teacher/student meeting…

…What happened is, the trolls presented to me a new rumor, which appears to be linked to the incident on the morning of Tuesday, November 4th, I.E the first day of the residential trip. However the November 11th incident was very brief and after that, the trolls didn’t raise any rumors at all, until today…

…Today seems also fine, although I came across a discussion that could be seen as the spreading of the very same rumor created about a week ago, amongst people that were once active members of the trolls. That could indicate that the trolls are about to launch something big and scary, and…that is, the new seventh trolls campaign. Yes, I’d still designate it as the seventh trolls campaign, because…if this new rumor, whatever it is spreads, this will immediately demote the previously-created rumor to the status of a proxy trolls campaign. The potential time that the trolls would provoke another incident is…from what I know is…during MUN meeting this Thursday or the STA MUN conference this Saturday, but…it is also possible that it’s just another minor incident that won’t turn into something big, provided that I try to keep quiet about the matter.

Now, if this really turns into the new seventh trolls campaign, I have thought up of a new strategy. That is, I’m not going to accept or deny the rumor, but I will first try to discourage the trolls from spreading by saying something like ‘cares’ in response, and then…I will try to suppress the rumor, if it starts spreading.

So…yeah, to wrap up…things are still alright, but this could change anytime.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

What a great residential trip!

Hey guys;

So, the Operation Smile residential trip to Mae Sot has finally ended. Overall, the trip was great, although…it would have been a hundred or a thousand times better if (1) it was the whole-week trip that actually starts on Monday morning, (2) if the trolls didn’t decide to annoy me on the first day of the trip in the morning, and (3) if there were no barriers to communication/the barriers to communication can be overcom effectively.

The trip started on Tuesday, November 4th. It’s almost like any ordinary Tuesday – normal lessons, and I still carry book bag and my laptop around, and still wear typical IB student costume; it’s so normal that…the feeling of a residential trip approaching is just not there at all.

And…in addition, as mentioned, the start was marred by the trolls. They did managed to pull a punch on the day that I would expect things to go well, and what they did just showed me that the trolls did have other surprises in their hands that are designed to catch me without me knowing, but…anyways, let’s get on to the trip stuff, so as not to spoil the fun…

Me and 11 other year 13 students left for Don Muang International Airport at around 14:00. For this trip, we all went on a Nok Air flight. Not too different from the Chiang Mai trip nearly 8 months ago, but…there’s one noticeable difference. Instead of a normal walkway that connects the terminal gate to the plane, we all instead have to take a bus, and actually climb on to the plane; the same was true when we arrived at Mae Sot, although there were no busses at all, apparently because the plane was close to the terminal gate…

The hotel we stayed in was Centara, which is very good and have virtually everything – soaps, drinking water, and other basic stuff. It’s so good that some of the things I brought weren’t actually used at all.

The first night was rather normal, but…here’s when the actual stuff begins! The second day was where the main activity starts; we all went to a nearby hospital, where Operation Smile perform operations for children. At first I thought…right, things are going my way, until…

…until I found out that, 95% of the kids there were Burmese, and…the worst thing to discover is, they speak neither Thai nor English, which means that regular verbal communications are impossible. Translators did exist, but they weren’t present all the time. This literally screws up my plans; as…what I brought are completely useless as my activities all require me to explain, and subsequent live question and answer sessions. The most I can do, really, is to join what others are doing.

Oh…wait, there’s one very, very funny and weird part. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a boy came towards me. He first shooks my hands, and then…sort of hugs me, for no reason. I would want to ask him why; did he liked me or something; but I know that it’s useless if he can’t speak Thai (leaving alone English), I decided not to, but…he looks very cute.

The afternoon of November 5th was similar to the morning, although I did have fun playing with clays with another boy, and we both ended up mixing different colors of the clay and creating some weird things, but at least it’s more fun, and at the end he takes everything for himself. For dinner, the whole trip group did went to eat at a mall. I did have KFC for dinner, which is good.

November 6th was virtually the same, although I did got a new job of handing ice creams to children. This is similar to me passing down bricks during the Habitat for Humanity trip, but it’s at least a thousand times more relaxing, although still quite repetitive. At this point I did came up with the coloring game where me and some of the team member would gather some kids around and have them color something and we all would judge which one is the best, but…it’s useless since they can’t understand us; translators weren’t be that useful as well.

The afternoon of that day was also like the afternoon of the previous day, although I did get a chance to play a game with a kid; the game basically requires 2 players to drop colored counters into the whole, and to drop 4 in succession, I.E without being blocked. With the help of a team member from the trip group, I managed to win, although I got blocked off by the kid 2 times, but it’s still fun. Dinner was the same, although I did have some pizzas for dinner, which is great. I felt quite sad that it’s the last night of the trip though.

Today is where we all went back to Bangkok. The flight was delayed, but not too long. I missed my lunch, but the dinner seems to compensated it anyway.

Overall, this trip was great and relaxing, and I really enjoyed it. I felt sad that it’s the last residential trip ever for IB and for high school. This trip, along with 3 other residential trips this year, will form a single event that will become the best event of 2014, for sure.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

A great day today

Hey guys;

So, the EISMUN is over. Overall…I can say, it’s great! Not as hilarious and epic as the Bangkok MUN 3 weeks ago, but it’s still great and enjoyable.

The conference starts with the usual things – opening ceremony. Then all delegates went to their committee. I was in the Human Rights Council, along with a few of my friends from STA. The session starts with the usual reading of the position papers.

Then is the lobbying time, a time where all delegates form groups to draft resolutions. During the position paper reading session, I decided to just go for an open position, since that’s the easiest strategy because I can form groups with virtually anyone. The resolution drafting session lasted until break, and then continues for a little while.

The actual debating process started at between 11:00 and 11:30. I must say, this is the smoothest conference yet I’ve seen in a while with no arguments/warnings being issued – everyone just raise points of information and read out their for/against speeches, and then the voting process. There was one delegate that seems to be a bit weird and stuff, and that is the delegate of Chile, but nothing too epic/hilarious came up, unlike last time. One words of wisdom that I remembered clearly is, “nothing is perfect”. I’m not sure which delegate spoke that though. After about an hour or close to an hour, lunch starts as usual.

After lunch, the debating continues. I remembered, there was 1 resolution that did not pass with an extremely narrow margin (11 VS 13). Actually during the first round the number of people voting for and against this resolution were equal, so the second round of voting have to be called. Oh…I forgot to mention, the topic that was the most debated and entertaining to debate was the question of premature marriage.

And…like last year, there’s some fun stuff at the end, which is…the question of making gay marriage mandatory in order to control overpopulation. I find this topic very weird, and even plan to abstain, but thsadly there’s no option to abstain, if I remembered correctly. Also, since this topic is weird enough, I decided to throw in a TOK-ish question, by asking whether the resolution that is being debated conforms with theories of ethics by the 3 ancient philosophers (Bentham, Kant and Aristotle). And…at the very end there was that usual nomination thing…

After the session, everyone went back to the assembly hall/auditorium for the closing ceremony, and that basically concludes the day.

Overall, I must say, this year’s EISMUN was great. Compared with last year, this year was just about the same level, although last year was slightly more entertaining. This conference truely brought back memories of the same conference last year, where me and my other friend who left STA after year 12 represented Libya in the General Assembly. Oh…like the Bangkok MUN, I have someone taking me around the venue, for example during break and lunch. This is the second event, in the Mega Week.

Next up, just around the corner…Operation Smile residential trip!

The ‘Mega Week’ has begun

Hey guys;

So, yesterday was the Halloween Carnival, which is…great! The fun part was the disco. Also this year I get a chance to play some games and go into the haunted house! The haunted house was not scary at all…

The carnival for high school begins at around 18:00. Shortly, however, the weather changed and it rained quite heavily, that’s why this carnival is also known as the stormy Halloween Carnival. There were drinks available as well, for only 20 baht. The only game that I did played was a game where I have to throw a sponge at a target. I hit the target twice, but missed the third time.

But…the most fun part was in the disco! I enjoyed dancing, and I even got some of the candies, although I think they’re intentionally put on the floor as a trick or treat thing or something…but…yeah, it’s fun. Compared to last year’s carnival, I’d say this one was a little bit better, partly because I get a chance to play some games.

Now, why I called this ‘Mega Week’? Well, it’s the fact that there are 3 great events that are only 2 days apart, and will be completed within the duration of 7 days. The Halloween Carnival was one; up next was the EISMUN, and…Operation Smile residential trip to Mae Sot!

Anyways, that’s it for now…