STAMUN today, alright, but weird at times

Hey guys; So, the first STA MUN conference has ended, and...overall, today I must say it's not too bad for the initial conference, but there are several areas that I thing could be better. Like any other conference, today's conference kicks off with the usual opening ceremony and school photographs taking. Me and 3 other … Continue reading STAMUN today, alright, but weird at times


Update on the trolls

Hey guys; So...yeah, it's a while since I last posted. Well I've been quite busy and lazy as well... So, as the title suggests, this post will focus entirely on what's going on with the trolls, as...there's been some new stuff that I've noticed... So, as I stated that the seventh trolls campaign has begun, … Continue reading Update on the trolls

What a great residential trip!

Hey guys; So, the Operation Smile residential trip to Mae Sot has finally ended. Overall, the trip was great, would have been a hundred or a thousand times better if (1) it was the whole-week trip that actually starts on Monday morning, (2) if the trolls didn't decide to annoy me on the first … Continue reading What a great residential trip!

A great day today

Hey guys; So, the EISMUN is over. Overall...I can say, it's great! Not as hilarious and epic as the Bangkok MUN 3 weeks ago, but it's still great and enjoyable. The conference starts with the usual things - opening ceremony. Then all delegates went to their committee. I was in the Human Rights Council, along … Continue reading A great day today

The ‘Mega Week’ has begun

Hey guys; So, yesterday was the Halloween Carnival, which is...great! The fun part was the disco. Also this year I get a chance to play some games and go into the haunted house! The haunted house was not scary at all... The carnival for high school begins at around 18:00. Shortly, however, the weather changed … Continue reading The ‘Mega Week’ has begun