First week of year 13; not too bad at all

Hey guys;So, the first week of year 13 has passed, and...I can say, it's not too bad at all, and not too tiring, although there is some work to do.There were no new students in my year. This means that the trolls are limited to girls that are already in my year, unless if they … Continue reading First week of year 13; not too bad at all


Summer holiday has ended

Hey guys;So, after about 6-7 weeks, the summer holiday, the last one in my high school life, has come to an end. Tomorrow year 13 will start, and this will be my final year of high school, before moving on to university. As to which one I'm going, I'm not sure, but I'm gazing particularly … Continue reading Summer holiday has ended

Hey there

Hey guys;So, I haven't been posting in a while. Well...I was kind of lazy, and there's not much to post anyway, since it's during holiday.So, in terms of what's going on around the world, there's not much, except for a few things, and they're big things. First should all know this, the downing of … Continue reading Hey there