First week of year 13; not too bad at all

Hey guys;

So, the first week of year 13 has passed, and…I can say, it’s not too bad at all, and not too tiring, although there is some work to do.

There were no new students in my year. This means that the trolls are limited to girls that are already in my year, unless if they decided to continue the proxy campaign, or start a new one by instigating some sort of incidents where, eventually, year 12 or people in other years would be involved.

And…yesterday, I already saw a preview of what could come; when lunch finishes yesterday, as I entered my tutor room, people in my tutor (most likely the trolls) decided to mess with me; in a way that made me mad. The incident was relatively small, so I won’t go into detail, but it is a preview of what the trolls could do, under the right conditions, E.G in the common room with the presents of some year 12’s. The fact that the trolls might pick some random year 12 girls and state that I like her, even though they can’t prove it, is what I feared the most. In fact, as soon as I hit the publish button of this post, the trolls might do it straight away since they might be reading the post! I’m not sure why the trolls would want to do this, but…I guess, since it’s the last year, they might decide to go for the biggest possible attack…

Now, in terms of dealing with this…there’s no definite ways to crush rumors created by the trolls, without the involvement of teachers and/or parents, which I won’t let it happen. I could, try to be extra-repressive, and try to apply some sort of Stalinist-style of repression to forcefully crush the rumors, but…to what extent will this work is a question, as…the main challenge is to apply Stalinist-styled repression methods without using physical means is hard or impossible to do, and the present conditions wouldn’t allow such repression methods to be carried out efficiently, safely and effectively.

A more practicable option is…to continue what I already did; by saying ‘cares’ in response to false claims, which will make it impossible for the trolls to progress with their goals, no matter how hard they try.

Another possibility that just came up in my head is that, instead of picking year 10/11/12 girls, the trolls might go back to picking new girls that came last year that are still around as their next target, which, might be easier to manage, but will be equally bad.

Anyways, that’s it for now…let’s see what will happen next week…

Summer holiday has ended

Hey guys;

So, after about 6-7 weeks, the summer holiday, the last one in my high school life, has come to an end. Tomorrow year 13 will start, and this will be my final year of high school, before moving on to university. As to which one I’m going, I’m not sure, but I’m gazing particularly on London Metropolitan Universitty (more specifically, the creative writing course). I saw on Ucas and the entry requirement isn’t seem too high (15 points altogether for HL and a 4 in English, and a combined points of both HL and SL of 28). Even though my parents do have plans to send me to Mahidol University in Thailand (they even have some discussion with the campus already), but if I really want to go to the UK, I think I could try to convince my parents to change their minds. The real barrier is finance; studying in the UK is very expensive, just looking at the fees for studying there alone, and this does not include expenditures outside of campus, E.G transportation around London, food, clothes for the winter months, and leisure activities in the city.

Anyways, that’s enough of the introduction…

So, as stated tomorrow will be the start of year 13. I’m excited to meet all of my friends again, although I will indeed miss some of them who had left. It’s unlikely that there will be new students in my year, so…I won’t see anyone new, and…the plus side, the trolls won’t be able to falsely claim that I like new girls in my year, although they may resort to girls in younger years.

However, as school starts, the trolls will be back, and…a few days ago I got a tip-off that the trolls are plotting something, and scattered and isolated activities that I’ve noticed throughout the holiday also suggested the same thing; the trolls are plotting something against me, and are ready to launch it when school starts. For instance, they may continue their proxy campaign that they started in June and turn it into the proper eighth trolls campaign, or they may start a new campaign, claiming that I like some year 10/11/12 girls even though they knew that it is not true. As for the seventh trolls campaign, it’s officially dead…it seems clear to me now that the girl the trolls claimed that I like has left STA…

And…in addition to annoyances in school, I musn’t forget the trolls. They had been inactive, but they may resume when school starts. Until now I still don’t know who is behind all those spam messages on my, although the school trolls are my no.1 suspect.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Hey there

Hey guys;

So, I haven’t been posting in a while. Well…I was kind of lazy, and there’s not much to post anyway, since it’s during holiday.

So, in terms of what’s going on around the world, there’s not much, except for a few things, and they’re big things. First is…you should all know this, the downing of the Malaysian Airline flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine. I’m not too interested in this, so I’d prefer to give no comment as to who downed the plane/what’s the actual cause of the crash. Next big thing is the war in Israel’s Gaza Strip that you all, too, should have heard about if you’re following the news, which claimed hundreds of lives already, including a Thai laborer. And…last, is the outbreak of the Ebola disease that, too, claimed hundreds of lives already and may spread further.

Oh…wait, I forgot to mention about the World Cup’s last matches…

So…yeah, the 2014 Fifa World Cup has finished, and…big congrats to Germany for winning this year’s World Cup. One thing that stands out in this is…probably the fact that Brazil got crushed by Germany in the quarter-finals 7-1. That’s a big difference, I must say. But…since I’m not too interested in that either, I’m not going to give further comments on this topic.

Alright, that’s enough of world events…let’s get on to what’s up in my life…

So…since my last post, it seems that the spam has calmed down. Falsified rumors that I liked someone in year 9/10 did not resurface at all as of yet, but it may again soon or when the school opens later this month, which is what I’m fearing the most.

Also, it seems apparent to me that the girl that the trolls claimed that I liked throughout much of year 12 is leaving STA according to some messages from my friends, and…so what can that mean? That can only mean the end of the seventh trolls campaign, but…as stated this has already ended following that June 20th incident in the common room that resulted in another falsified rumor that turned into the eighth trolls campaign, but once the next trolls summary is written, the end date will now be pushed to July 4th. In addition, after the new summary, the fourth and eighth trolls campaign will no longer existed, but will be instead called proxy trolls campaigns. The new trolls campaign that may arrive next year, may take on the falsified rumors started during the holiday, or…what I’m fearing now, is another common room incident involving the new year 12’s, which will then be used to create a new rumor that I liked someone in the new year 12, which will not be good. In fact, the trolls may be thinking about doing just that already!

Other than that, there’s not much to say here…so…I guess that’s it for now…