Some updates

Hey guys;

So, it’s a while since I last posted…

The first week after half-term wasn’t too bad, the trolls didn’t launch any new attacks as I originally thought. Also yesterday there’s the Fun Day, which is great, mainly because I won some prises (mainly candies).

First, the stuff about the trolls…

As stated, throughout the week the trolls rarely annoyed me. They may repeat their rumors, but…that’s it. They didn’t launch new trolls campaign, and they did not intensify the existing one either.

But, as ever, they may decide to launch something, at a time when I thought that the trolls had stopped annoying me. I still have to keep in mine that the trolls did knew about the Valentine thing that I ordered, and therefore can launch new attack campaigns based on that. In addition, they also knew who ordered a Valentine card for me, so…the possibility of the trolls launching Target II, as stated in my earlier posts, is still there.

One unlikely case is that the trolls may use some classroom or break time/lunch time incidents to their advantage, and launch a new trolls campaign, which is definitely annoying. I think I can already imagine who the trolls will use as a target for their next trolls campaign!

Next up, is the Fun Day…

This year’s Fun Day was not too bad. I have to go mainly because I need to help out with the rose cafe, as part of CAS. As stated, I did won some candies, from playing some games. The food was good, with pizzas and french fries. I stayed there for about 3 and a half hours, the longest time spent on Fun Day yet.

All in all, the event was good, and I would consider it a sort of a birthday present from school, mainly because the date of the event was close to my birthday.

Other than those, I guess that’s it for now…

Half-term holiday is coming to an end

Hey guys;

So, after about a week or so, the half-term holiday is finally drawing to a close. Next Monday school will start, and throughout the next half-term, there are exciting events waiting down the road. First is…of course my birthday on February 28th, second is the Pataya MUN conference, and then comes the year 12 IB Geography+ESS/Biology residential trip to Chiang Mai, both of these events are taking in March.

So, today is Valentines Day, and…turns out it was not as bad as I thought it would be, despite me writing a Valentine poem on Facebook. No trolls, nothing. That’s great!

Now, this could be the fact that it’s still holiday, and the trolls are inactive during holidays. Also another possibility is that they’re bored of commenting on my statuses. Another third possibility is that they may be planning their attack on Monday, which is the day school starts. Who knows; they may come up with new forms of attack, and, as previously mentioned, they can launch Operation Target II as well, since they knew that annoying me is now of little use in achieving their objectives.

In addition to that, they may start introducing intervening agents, in order to deter me from continuing with my ambitious relationship building plan, which is part of the much bigger plan to form the organization against trolls (OAT).

In the case of the trolls launching Target II, I think I will just intervene to hault their operations, since that’s the best thing that I can do, however there will be times that I will be unable to intervene. But if the trolls decided to introduce intervening agents and tries to deter me from proceeding with my ambitious goals, I think I will proceed with my goals anyway, as no one can stop me once I set myself a target. But I’ll have to work out what to do as the intervening agents would require me to make some changes to the plan, in terms of people to build relationships with (a.k.a potential OAT member).

Other than that, I guess that’s it for now…

Half-term holiday has begun!

Hey guys;

So, today marks the end of the first half-term of term 2, and the beginning of the half-term holiday. Yea!

Overall, this first half-term was great, thanks to the amazing year 12 residential trip to Kanchanaburi. But, annoyances still persists, and they did showed signs of intensification last week when the Valentine rose orders began. But luckily, the trolls did not intensify their activities much afterwards.

Today was like other normal school days, but…the roses, postcards and other Valentine stuff was finally delivered, and…to my surprise, I actually received something! I can’t believe that something like this would happen to me this year! At least the 80-baht investment into a huge package of Valentine gift was worth-it overall! I’m so happy!

Now, my next concern is that, the trolls may eventually use my 80-baht Valentines investment to justify their claims that I had accepted their rumors earlier that I liked someone, and so either try to intensify it greatly, or introduce an intervening agent (aka a rumor that my potential girl has a boyfriend). This could either intensify the seventh trolls campaign as for the case of the intensification of the existing rumors, or bring about the end of the seventh trolls campaign, as for the case of the introduction of an intervening agent. Valentines Day next Friday is also a day that I have to watch-out for potential attacks by the trolls, since I may decide to write a status that may relates to Valentines Day.

Also, another possible plot is, the trolls may decide to change targets, and annoy the girl the trolls had claimed that I like. This is very bad, and…I’m sure, they must have some sort of hidden agenda if they were to do this after the holiday, in which I highly doubt they will since they knew that annoying me won’t work since I could just simply say ‘cares’ as a sign that I’m ignoring the rumors. I haven’t work out the way to prevent this, but I could always intervene when the trolls decided to give their new plot, or what I will call ‘Operation Target II’, a try. What I’m particularly concern is that they could do this anytime, and there were times where I’m unable to step in and intervene, due to differences in subjects studied.

Also, I still did not forget, there are blog spies employed by the trolls. So, at any rate, they might be reading this post now, and then they would immediately spread it around, and carry out their operations, or they may plan something in secrecy, so that I became unaware, and then they would try to surprise me. But…tough, I’m always fully aware of these kinds of activities.

That’s it for now…