Some updates

Hey guys;So, it's a while since I last posted...The first week after half-term wasn't too bad, the trolls didn't launch any new attacks as I originally thought. Also yesterday there's the Fun Day, which is great, mainly because I won some prises (mainly candies).First, the stuff about the trolls...As stated, throughout the week the trolls … Continue reading Some updates


Half-term holiday is coming to an end

Hey guys;So, after about a week or so, the half-term holiday is finally drawing to a close. Next Monday school will start, and throughout the next half-term, there are exciting events waiting down the road. First is...of course my birthday on February 28th, second is the Pataya MUN conference, and then comes the year 12 … Continue reading Half-term holiday is coming to an end

Half-term holiday has begun!

Hey guys;So, today marks the end of the first half-term of term 2, and the beginning of the half-term holiday. Yea!Overall, this first half-term was great, thanks to the amazing year 12 residential trip to Kanchanaburi. But, annoyances still persists, and they did showed signs of intensification last week when the Valentine rose orders began. … Continue reading Half-term holiday has begun!