Trolls update

Hey guys,
So, turns out today nothing bad has happened yea!
Now, I think that’s good. I think the guy who spread the rumor may have forgotten to tell the main group of the trolls, otherwise things would have gotten worse. But it’s not…so that’s a good thing that he forgot!
Now, I had made it through the first week of the academic year, and I can say it is almost perfect. If yesterday’s event did not happen, then this first week would be absolutely perfect. Yesterday’s event spoiled it all!
At the moment, I can say that the fourth trolls campaign has started, but it’s just…not active as of yet. It will be active when the main group of the trolls found out about the rumor. If that is to happen, then my worst nightmare is confirmed. I think this is most likely on Monday since I still have English. Plus, another member of the extension of the trolls had also already knew about this, so he can spread it if he wants, which I think is very likely that he will spread this false rumor to the main group of the trolls, worsening the situation.
So far, things are quite good.

A bad day; the start of the fourth trolls campaign

Hey guys;
So, at first I thought the first week would be good, but today reveals that it’s not. Today at first it seemed to be going well, but then at lunch someone in year 11 thought that it is fun and spreads some very false news about me liking a new girl; which I can assume that must be one of the new student…which is not even true! I don’t even know her!
So, with that marks the start of the fourth trolls campaign, and the end of the third one. That shows that my prediction is correct! New trolls campaign arrives with the new academic year!
Now, I can say that the third trolls campaign is very short-lived; only 3 months from the breakout on May 23rd.
So, today, August 30th, 2012, is the start date of the fourth trolls campaign. I hope it doesn’t spread fast like the previous one!
Update: Due to this new troll campaign, I had updated the previous post to reflect the current situation.

Updated trolls timeline

Hey guys,
So, I had decided once again to compile a new version of the trolls timeline. For this purpose, I had decided to remove the previous version.
Basically this version will be similar to the previous version, but I will now group them into campaigns, based on the girl that the trolls used as a subject to annoy me.
The starting and ending of each campaign is the same; new campaign starts when they found out the new girl that I could like, and ends when the girl that the trolls used as a subject to annoy me leaves or they found another potential girl.
So, the timeline is as follows:
Early high school trolls: Late 2008 to mid 2009
The first kind of annoyances in high school that I faced was back in year 7. Back then, kids that annoyed me weren’t really trolls, but they showed some characteristics of the trolls. Instead of using love as the subject, they instead try to hurt me using physical methods, and I can say that was really bad experience for me. It finally drawn to a close when I move to ST. Andrews International School.
First trolls campaign: Late 2009 to mid 2010
Right, my new high school life has begun. The first trolls campaign started late in 2009, and it wasn’t too bad. It was the first form of annoyance that is classed as true trolls, and uses the subject of I like a girl to annoy me; a subject that continued to be used until today. It finally ended by the end of year 8.
Second trolls campaign: Late 2010 to April 5th, 2012
This started a bit later than the start of year 9; but actually tension for this has been building up since the last few weeks of year 8. The event was quite bad, especially the last bit of it that took place during this year. In fact, this campaign stretches over to year 10 and consequently, it gotten worse when I made my first wall post outside my wall, saying ‘Hi.’. From that point on, it slowly gotten worse and it ended in a dreadful way.
Third trolls campaign: May 23rd, 2012 to August 30th, 2012
After the end of the second trolls campaign, there is about 4 weeks gap. During this time, I experienced nothing more but the aftermath of the second trolls campaign. People continues to refer me to the girl that had now cease to exist, and I don’t really feel good. Eventually, the new trolls campaign did make an appearance on May 23rd, with tensions building up on the night of May 22nd. But it started off quite badly. Trolls spread out of my control! May 25th might be one of the most annoying day. Trolls attack me by tagging on Facebook, and that is really annoying. Luckily the end of year exams did help to keep the trolls calm, but after the exams were over, the trolls began to heat up again, and they even threatened to launch a troll war on June 8th; but surprisingly they did not do so. From that point on, it seems that things didn’t really get any better. It ended on August 30th, 2012.
Fourth trolls campaign: August 30th, 2012 to September 11th, 2012.
Right, immediately after the third trolls campaign ended, the fourth one occurs. This one was a bit strange since it started around a rumor created by one of the student in year 11. Even though I said that the rumor is totally false, but the trolls doesn’t seem to believe what I said, and went on to annoy me.
I can say it is not as bad as the third one, thanks to its short life. But it is long enough to make me feel really annoyed. It suddenly came to a close on September 11th, 2012.
Fifth trolls campaign: September 11th, 2012 to now.
Wow, it’s just…amazing. The fifth trolls campaign suddenly erupted! This one is just like the previous one, started without real background. It’s quite annoying, I must say. Currently it seems that the number of people known about this is still quite limited.
At the moment, things doesn’t look good. But today, it seems that a small internal conflict has occured inside the trolls, which had destabilized them a bit. I can say that it was a positive thing for me, because that means that the spread of the fifth trolls campaign will slow down. If conflicts between the trolls continue to develop, then I think eventually the fifth trolls campaign spreading will come to a halt and the trolls will fall apart and the fifth trolls campaign will eventually be demolished, as a result of the conflicts. But they can reconcile quickly and increase their strength, and that’s what I am very worry of.
That’s it for now…

Summer holiday has ended

Hello guys,
So, as of today, the long 8 weeks summer holiday has come to an end. Tomorrow will be the start of the new academic year of 2012-2013 (year 11).
So, I’m quite excited for this, as I will get to meet all of my friends once again, and most importantly, the ASDAN trips will resume, which is great. But sadly, with the arrival of year 11, we had passed the point of no return for most events like International Day, Sports Day, residential trip, and some other house events. Also, there’s high chance that Loy Katong will be possible this year, since it’s unlikely that a massive flood will occur. That is good, since last year people are disappointed that the festival had to be canceled due to the severe floods. Also, Fun Run will be gone, and that’s the thing that I’m very happy off.
Also, with the arrival of school also came the return of the trolls. Yes, they had been very inactive for the past 8 weeks and I’m very happy, but I think the happy time has ended. I don’t know if they will come up with a new way to annoy me, or will continue their old way.
That’s it for now…

Video: How to install Windows XP in VMware Workstation

The video shows you how to install Windows XP in VMware Workstation. You need Windows XP installation disk with a valid product key, Home or Professional, SP3 is recommended! You also need VMware Workstation, V8 is recommended! I think VMware Player works too, just use the latest version.
P.S this is my first proper video, and is also the first video to be posted on this blog.

Summer holiday is ending soon

Hey guys,
So, after about 7 weeks of long break, the holiday is close to ending, with only 1 week left. It’s been a very long holiday, I must say, and I liked it.
Now, with the passing away of the holiday comes both good and bad things.
First the good thing: I get to meet all of my friends again, which is what I am very well looking forward to.
Now, the bad thing: The passing away of the holiday also marks the return of the trolls, after about 8 weeks of inactivity. Now, I don’t know if they will annoy me in a more intensive way, or will continue as is. But what I really want is for the trolls to die off altogether.
Also on another note, 2012 is ending within about 4 months from the start of September. I can say so far 2012 has been a great year, with great events, but also hosts some bad/annoying events. All the time from January to June it has been fun overall, even though some events are quite devastating and annoying, I’m not going to mention what those events are; I will tell you when I write up a summary of the year in December; but I think some of you who had been following my blog, and especially those that had been following my Facebook updates, should already know the events that I described as ‘Devastating’ and ‘Annoying’.
That’s it for now…