Trolls update

Hey guys,So, turns out today nothing bad has happened yea!Now, I think that's good. I think the guy who spread the rumor may have forgotten to tell the main group of the trolls, otherwise things would have gotten worse. But it's that's a good thing that he forgot!Now, I had made it through the … Continue reading Trolls update


A bad day; the start of the fourth trolls campaign

Hey guys;So, at first I thought the first week would be good, but today reveals that it's not. Today at first it seemed to be going well, but then at lunch someone in year 11 thought that it is fun and spreads some very false news about me liking a new girl; which I can … Continue reading A bad day; the start of the fourth trolls campaign

Updated trolls timeline

Hey guys,So, I had decided once again to compile a new version of the trolls timeline. For this purpose, I had decided to remove the previous version.Basically this version will be similar to the previous version, but I will now group them into campaigns, based on the girl that the trolls used as a subject … Continue reading Updated trolls timeline

Summer holiday has ended

Hello guys,So, as of today, the long 8 weeks summer holiday has come to an end. Tomorrow will be the start of the new academic year of 2012-2013 (year 11).So, I'm quite excited for this, as I will get to meet all of my friends once again, and most importantly, the ASDAN trips will resume, … Continue reading Summer holiday has ended

Video: How to install Windows XP in VMware Workstation

The video shows you how to install Windows XP in VMware Workstation. You need Windows XP installation disk with a valid product key, Home or Professional, SP3 is recommended! You also need VMware Workstation, V8 is recommended! I think VMware Player works too, just use the latest version.P.S this is my first proper video, and … Continue reading Video: How to install Windows XP in VMware Workstation

Summer holiday is ending soon

Hey guys,So, after about 7 weeks of long break, the holiday is close to ending, with only 1 week left. It's been a very long holiday, I must say, and I liked it.Now, with the passing away of the holiday comes both good and bad things.First the good thing: I get to meet all of … Continue reading Summer holiday is ending soon