First week after the residential trip…not so bad

Hey guys;

So, it’s the first week back in school after the amazing year 12 residential trip to Kanchanaburi. I must say, this week was not so bad at all, however there are a number of annoyances, mainly linked to Valentines gift order service, organized by some year 12 students.

The Valentines gift order service actually started earlier than what I expected, starting just yesterday. I ordered a rose(40 baht), a postcard(20 baht), and some chocolates(20 baht), totaling 80 baht. This is probably the most I have spent during Valentines Day, but I may have spent similar amount last year, I can’t recall exactly how much I spent last year.

But…here’s when the annoyances comes in. I ordered the things I mentioned above for one of my friend, and to my surprise, members of the trolls were actually part of the group organizing it, so they knew who I’m ordering for, what I ordered, and the message written in the postcard. And…just that, the trolls began annoying me about the order, but luckily the scale of the attack was small.

Although the scale was small, but the gifts has yet to be delivered, so…more is to come for sure. Maybe, the trolls may launch massive annoyance campaign on the day that the gifts arrived. This would intensify the seventh trolls campaign, but luckily this shouldn’t trigger the start of the eighth trolls campaign, as I only ordered gifts for one person.

Also, today I won the raffel. The raffel was organized by some of my friends who are going off to Tanzania starting tomorrow for some charity work. Each pear costs 50 baht. I bought a total of 6 pears of tickets, totaling 300 baht. I won, although the prise wasn’t exactly what I want, and is very useless. So…I guess it’s time to announce a free giveaway, but…however as with the Valentines stuff, the trolls might seize this opportunity to annoy me yet again as to who I’m giving the stuff that I won to. Combined, the annoyances relating to these 2 events would greatly intensify the seventh trolls campaign.

That’s it for now…

BTW, happy Chinese New Year. Hope all of your wishes come true, and hope you all have a great time. Sorry for being late about posting this message…

The best event of 2014!

Hey guys;

So, I’m finally back from the year 12 residential trip, and I must say, it’s the best residential trip yet! There were many fun activities, and I enjoyed all of them.

For this trip, me and the rest of year 12’s stayed at Wangdum Mountain Camp. The camp wasn’t too bad, although a bit basic. The food there was quite basic, but still alright. The weather was great, although a bit cold in the morning.

Now, on to the activities. Probably the ones that I like the most are raft building challenge on the second and third day, and team building challenge on the fourth day. Actually, on the third day I was to do trekking and mountain biking, but the teachers viewed that it will be too difficult for me to do, so I have to do rafting again (archery was also did on the second and third day). The team building challenge yesterday was fun, although I got wet yesterday on the leaking pipe challenge, because a few people in my team decided to be weird and unsensible.

Also, yesterday night, as I was walking back to my room, I came across possibly the weirdest commotion ever; probably too weird to be described.

Although it’s still January, but the greatness of this trip is enough for me to immediately give it the rating as the best event of the year, because I’m quite certain that no event else would be better than this amazing year 12 residential trip.

That’s it for now…

Residential trip begins on Monday

Hey guys;

So, after about a yer or 2 of no whole-year group residential, it is back. The year 12 residential trip is about to begin! This year, the year 12’s are going to Kanchanaburi, the same place that my year 8’s went there 4 years ago, but this time we’re staying in a camp rather than a hotel. The trip will certainly be the best event of 2014! From looking at the activities sheet, I can tell already that the trip is going to be very exciting and fun!

Now, that’s it about the trip, let’s get on to other stuff that had happened since my last post…

Throughout the second week, there has been the Rock for Philippines event, which is like Rock for Rainbow, where I get to see bands performing. It’s great, and the performances throughout the week was great, although the first day have to be canceled due to huge numbers of people, including some of the bands, were absent.

But that’s not the main point of this section…what I want to talk about the most is the trolls.

So, as stated in my last post, it is now clear that a Valentines Day gift order, or what they called ‘Valentine Poster Service’, will be taking place, and the date has been set as February 3rd (I assume it’s the date when people can start placing orders). Since then, speculations has started floating around about who I’m ordering gifts for. Once again, I’m worry that this will either lead to the intensification of the seventh trolls campaign, or the creation of the eighth trolls campaign, since I’m likely to order gifts for more than 1 people.

Also, since yesterday, I’ve started to notice that another deluge of spams is coming, and this time, the motive of the spam campaign is based once again on what happened in the news.

Yesterday, there was a bomb attack while the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) was marching on a road (I can’t remember which one it was) to encourage people to come out to join the protests. Just that, a member of the trolls immediately falsify the news and immediately drag me into the issue by blaming that I’m behind the attack plot! How evil that is! This has resulted in another spam deluge, and I’m very annoyed by this.

Now, my real concern is, these spams will eventually spill out of the cyber world, and will potentially affect the residential trip. If the trolls had managed to mess up the trip by bombarding with this, I’ll be extremely mad after the trip, and I will instantly declare a cyber war on the trolls. Heck, I will even tag potential suspects on Facebook, so that they will know what happens when they decided to destroy the best event of 2014. Although, they may still bombard my account, but I will pretend not to care. But once I get back, I will find out all about it, and everyone behind the spam campaign will be vaporized. But…what I can do is, to call in external help from my good friends, in case a mass-attack based on the bombing incident occurs, and this will be the first time ever that I asked someone to intervene in the matter.

That’s it for now…

First week of term 2; not so bad…

Hey guys;

So, the first week of term 2 has passed, and…I can say, it’s not too bad.

Most importantly, the details of the upcoming residential trip was finally revealed, and from the details the trip seems very exciting, and possibly more exciting and fun than the year 10 residential trip! The hotel that the year group is staying wasn’t that good, but…who cares, anyways.

At first the week started off not so smooth, as for instance my partner for a Business presentation was absent on the day back, so I can do virtually nothing on the presentation; to the point that I thought I would have to present alone the next day. But…turns out it’s not the case; and the presentation turned out to be better than I thought it would be!

But…most importantly, the annoyances did returned, as expected. Also I had received a confirmation that a Valentines Day gift order is taking place later this month/early next month, which means that the seventh trolls campaign that is still active may intensify. Worse, the trolls may even use this event to launch the eighth trolls campaign! Yet already today when the event was revealed, speculations had started floating around already about who I’m ordering gifts for!

At this stage, it is not clear how this will turn out, but…one thing that I’m quite certain about. That is, speculations of who I’m ordering gifts for will continue to intensify, and…I doubt on the week when the orders actually take place, the trolls will immediately attack me. Yes, I can escape it by not revealing who I ordered the gifts for, but there’s a bad news. The personnel who is in charge of the orders is from year 12; and that means that he/she can reveal to the trolls who I’m ordering gifts for! Even though if this does not happen, but the trolls can still try to force me to hand them the list of people who I ordered the gifts for, in exchange for a false promise to stop annoying me, and then right when school opens after the half-term, the trolls would immediately spread the news, potentially worsening the situation.

That’s it for now…

Christmas holiday has finally ended

Hey guys;

So, after 3 weeks, the long Christmas holiday is finally coming to an end. Next Monday school will start, and marks the beginning of term 2, a term that I think I can describe it as full of exciting trips, mainly because there are 2 big residential trips, and there are chances of smaller trips, which in turn would make term 2 a great term.

However, there is one negative thing that will come along with term 2, and that is the return of the trolls. They had been very inactive during the holiday, and it’s likely that they will become active again once school starts. But that’s not my real concern…

My  real concern is the Valentines Day, which is about a month away. Last year there was gift orders organized by some year 12’s/13’s, and…they might do it again this year. Since last year’s gift orders triggered the sixth trolls campaign, my fear is, if I ordered gifts for someone, the trolls might intensify the current seventh trolls campaign, or worse, they might start the new one, the eighth trolls campaign!

At this stage, I’m not too sure how to curb these annoyances, but I can ignore them, as suggested by several people. I may try to implement that, and see how it turns out. Or, I can just not order gifts for anyone, and thus the existing trolls campaign will not be intensified and the risk of a new trolls campaign is reduced.

But…regardless, I’m sure the trolls will try to find new ways to annoy me in school.

That’s it for now…

Happy New Year!

Hey guys, and happy New Year to all of you!

2013 has officially ended, and now 2014 has begun. It’s known as the year of the horses, if you don’t know already. I hope all of you had a great time celebrating, no matter where you are, and I wish that you would succeed in whatever you’re doing throughout 2014.

As for my personal wish, here they are:

  1. Less homework.
  2. To be able to go out with friends during weekends and holiday.
  3. Improved political situation in Thailand.
  4. Less annoyances by the trolls.

As for upcoming events, I’m already looking forward to the year 12 residential trip to Kanchanaburi within 2-3 weeks time, and another residential trip in March, as well as another in June and…of course Songkran. They’re all exciting, even though this is just for the first half of the year. For the second half, I’m looking forward to International Day and Loy Krathong, and i hope this year it would be better than last year.

That’s it for now…once again, hope all of you have a great year in 2014.