2014 summary

Hey guys;

So, it’s that time again, where the year is quickly drawing to an end. By now you might have seen news summaries of top news/events, or not, depending on news media you’re following.

So, 2014 has been a rather mixed year, with both good and bad events. Major events that grabbed the attention of the world news include eastern Ukraine crisis, the World Cup, Ebola outbreak in western Africa and disasters relating to the Malaysian Airline. Some other smaller events, but did grab the attention of news media, albeit more local, include Thai political crisis that ended in a coup in May, Asian Games in South Korea, and Thailand’s great success at the recent ASEAN football tournament.

In terms of my life, 2014 has been shaped by residential trips, that’s why I will call 2014 ‘the year of residential trips’, mainly because there were up to 4 residential trips this year, all of them were great.

So, like previous years, here are the list of best and worst events…

Best event of 2014: All the residential trips

It’s quite obvious. The fact that this year has been named the year of residential trip is already an answer as for the best event. The residential trips this year were great, if not amazing, starting off with the great Kanchanaburi trip in January, which is…absolutely amazing in terms of activities and I had a lot of fun (plus the weather was very friendly), despite some difficulties with some team members, particularly those in the group I was placed in originally. This trip was then followed by the double-phased Chiang Mai trip in March, of which the 2 phases were very contrasting in itself, from staying in a nice downtown hotel to staying in a remote lodge in the middle of the forest almost 1000m above sea level. Then comes the Khorat trip in late June/early July, which is second-best in terms of accommodation, and it is also the trip where I gained first-hand experience at building real houses, not Sim houses, and this chain of residential trip was concluded with the Mae Sot trip in early November, of which I gained experience working with kids and learn more about their lives, although communication is an issue as they only speak Burmese. This last trip was also the best, in terms of accommodation and was the first residential of this year and the first in years trip where I get to swim at the hotel swimming pool.

Second best event of 2014: MUN conferences

This, too, is also a chain of events, spanning over many months, starting off with the Pattaya Regents MUN conference in March, which is alright but some parts were sort of weird and I didn’t seem to appreciate it that much, then followed by the amazing BKKMUN in October, which is great, epic and hilarious, especially with the speeches of the German and Haitian delegates. This was followed by EISMUN IV in early November, which forms part of the Mega Week event, sitting right between the Halloween Carnival and the Mae Sot trip. The conference was also great, although the last hour was somewhat weird but at least it’s better than the Pattaya one. This chain of events was concluded with STAMUN in late November, which is alright but things didn’t seem to go my way much, particularly when I’m forced to form a partner with inexperienced delegates and draft a resolution, and…oh yes, that Russian delegate was talkative, in a way that shouldn’t happen, by asking same questions over and over again, and there’s even some arguments, to the point that I thought of raising the motion to ban him from speaking.

Third best event of 2014: The Halloween Carnival

This year’s carnival was good, although it could have been better if it didn’t rain on the day. The fact that I’m no longer helping out means that I can enjoy the carnival fully. I didn’t participate much though, but the dance was great.

Fourth best event of 2014: International Day

International Day this year was alright; the main highlight was when I participated in the game stalls organized by the year 11s; I even won some candies! Other than that, the rest of the day was alright. Some games even inspired me to propose an idea to organize something for the Christmas Fair, but that didn’t really materialize.

Fifth best event of 2014: Songkran

Songkran this year at school was great, although it’s pretty much like last year. During the 2-week long holiday, I had a lot of fun playing Songkran at Silom and…the most exclusive of this was the first and only one Songkran event, at Lumphini Park, organized by the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC). All of these 3 Songkran events were great and I enjoyed all of them.

Now, it’s time for the worst event…yes, there’s only one.

Worst event of 2014: Annoyances by the trolls

Yes, this is continuing from 2013. Throughout the first half things were pretty much normal, like previous years, but…since the start of year 13, things seem to have taken a different turn and…I started seeing the trolls using other means to annoy me; E.G saying some weird things about me. This year also saw several attempts to start new trolls campaigns, beginning on June 20th. Out of these, only 1 or 2 have actually lead to a new trolls campaign; the one on October 29th and November 4th/11th, although they both lead to the same trolls campaign, but just different rumors, and…things took another turn again, on December 9th where, as if by magic, I received a relationship status change request, which turned out to be a sort of like an attention test/seeker prank, and what happened afterwards is that the trolls had intensified their attacks. There’s no doubt that this will continue into 2015, albeit only up until May. Ask.fm trolls were also an issue, and these will likely continue into 2015.

So…that’s basically it, for the summary. Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas holiday at last!

Hey guys;

So, after a long and tiring term, it is finally time for a long holiday that will last for 3 weeks.

Overall, term 1 was amazing, with 3 MUN conferences and a residential trip to Mae Sot, although it could have been a lot better without the trolls’ annoyances and the English IOC.

So…since my last post, there’s been a handful of things that took place.

First off…of course, the trolls. They had been somewhat active recently, evidently as a result of that December 9th incident on Facebook. Apparently it all started from an ordinary Facebook chat, but then it turned into something weird and then I got a relationship status change request, so I accepted it, thinking that it’s like once of a lifetime that something this great could happen…

But…turns out it appears as if it’s a joke or something, or it’s purely just an attempt to seek attention or something, I don’t know, but…what I know is, that provoked the trolls and they launched new attacks based on what happened on Facebook. That’s bad, but at least it silenced another rumor of the seventh trolls campaign that the trolls started on November 4th/11th.

Next event that happened was the Christmas Fair yesterday. I didn’t do anything much, other than being at the Operation Smile stall, but didn’t got any job.

Next term…I don’t like it at all; especially with the mock exams, French oral and TOK presentation.

Also…there’s that Valentines Day, and it’s likely that there will be another gift ordering thing; which opens up another channel that the trolls could use to create a new rumor that would quickly turn into the eighth trolls campaign.

In terms of what I can do, I’ll just go for the same strategy – not accepting or denying any of the rumors, but only discourage and/or suppress the trolls.

Anyways, that’s it for now…