Timeline of all trolls campaigns since year 7

Hey guys;

So, as said in my previous post, I’m going to compile another timeline showing all trolls campaigns that I’ve went through. As of today, the struggle against the trolls is officially over. I’m now officially liberated from the trolls once and for all, at least for the time being, as…there is no doubt that there will be trolls at university, although they may take on things in a different way compared with the high school trolls that I’ve experienced.

So, the concept of the timeline is the same as in my previous posts, but for those of you lazy people that are too lazy to use the blog’s search function, I’ll explain the concept once again.

The timeline is splitted into different trolls campaign, based on a central theme, which is…rumors that I liked a particular girl. Each campaign is started when the trolls created new rumors, but won’t officially be designated as a trolls campaign until there’s sufficient evidence that the said rumor is spreading wildly, or it had been in existence for some time (at least a month of almost continuous activities relating to the rumor), and ends when, in most cases, the trolls manufactured another rumor, or by precipitating some sort of a crisis that kills the rumor. Prototype campaigns are those that have potential to become the full blown trolls campaign, but they haven’t been around long enough, there is little activities associated with them, or they’re used as a pretext for a new full trolls campaign.

Anyways, enough of the explanations…let’s get to the timeline itself…

Early high school trolls: Late 2008 to mid 2009

The very first form of high school trolls that I encountered when entering high school, were not really in a form of a troll, but rather called ‘bullies’ since they seems to use physical means to annoy me, but at some point they showed characteristics of a modern trolls campaign, like exploiting rumors but those were not so significant.

First trolls campaign: Late 2009 to mid 2010

The first form of the trolls campaign that I saw appeared in late 2009, being triggered by someone who wrote down my top secret back then on a whiteboard. The rumor was tense at times, but I’m sure the rumor was no match for what I saw in the last 2 years or so. The highpoint of this was the Valentines rose gift thingy, but that did not cause much increase in intensity. In fact, there is an attempt to launch the second trolls campaign in late April 2010, but the campaign was rather short-lived, as I will explain further below.

Prototype for the second trolls campaign: Late April 2010 to late June/early July 2010

As mentioned above, there was an attempt to launch a new trolls campaign, and the guy behind this was successful somewhat in creating a trolls campaign. Although it was like a full trolls campaign, with the rumor spreading around, I decided to give it a prototype status because of its short life, and there were no real attempts of making it spread too rapidly. The rumor was that I liked a new girl that came to my year in late April, which is obviously not true, but this demonstrated that this kind of rumor could be successful for the trolls, and this very same scheme was used to create a rumor for the subsequent trolls campaigns, except for the prototype for the seventh trolls campaign.

Second trolls campaign: Late 2010 to April 5, 2012

This was the longest trolls campaign, and the basic methods for the trolls to annoy me for the rest of high school was pretty much set in stone. The rumor that the trolls manufactured spreads around quickly, but it wasn’t until year 10 or so that it intensified, partly because I started using Facebook ever more actively, opening a new platform for the trolls to annoy me, and I remember some of my statuses/posts dating from early 2012 have over 100 comments, consisting of nothing but troll comments! This was also the first trolls campaign that I was able to define the exact end date, and this trolls campaign was probably the only one where the end was precipitated by factors outside of the trolls’ control – the girl the trolls claimed that I like left school.

Third trolls campaign: May 23, 2012 to August 30, 2012

Well, after the second trolls campaign died down there was a gap, but then the third trolls campaign quickly take over to fill the gap. Once again, this trolls campaign was based on falsified rumors that I liked a new girl that came to my school at the start of year 10. The majority of the activities was on Facebook, hense this marked the peak of the Facebook trolls, although troll comments on Facebook continued into the first term of year 11. The highpoint of this was when the trolls threatened to declare a trolls war on me, but as it turns out this was not the case at all.

Prototype for the fourth trolls campaign: August 30, 2012 to September 11, 2012

This prototype trolls campaign was, once again, based on a rumor of the same pattern, and it is the shortest prototype trolls campaign, or indeed, the shortest trolls campaign ever. Annoyances shifted from Facebook to more in-school annoyances, as the trolls viewed that it is more effective.

Fourth trolls campaign: September 11, 2012 to February 18, 2013

This trolls campaign was reasonably long and painful, but not as painful and as long as the second trolls campaign. Facebook trolls have virtually died out, as the trolls shifted their full focus to annoying me in school instead. I can see at least 2 attempts by the trolls to end this trolls campaign, the first in late September was not successful, but the second one in early December almost succeeded, when the trolls decided to provoke some sort of a crisis to bring me down somewhat, but they did not succeed.

Fifth trolls campaign: February 18, 2013 to May 25/26, 2013

This was the first trolls campaign that the rumor is based on a Valentines gift. It started when one member of the trolls demanded that I hand over the list of people that I ordered gifts for. I initially refused, but eventually have to cave in to the demand. As it turns out, the person who demanded this eventually spread it around and thus, the fifth trolls campaign was born. At first the rumor focused on a single girl, and then it diversified into I don’t know, around 3-5 different girls or something, but the rumor is really getting more complicated by this time. There was an attempt to launch another trolls campaign, but it was short-lived as, the main stopper was the study leave and the IGCSE exams.

First ask.fm spam crisis: May 25/26, 2013 to June 7, 2013

This was something that I didn’t foresee would happen. It all started when I discovered ask.fm from one of the many posts in my Facebook news feed. I then decided to check it out and found it to be very easy to use and decided to share a link to my profile, unknowingly that the trolls are waiting on their news feed, ready to refresh the page so to see and to click on the link I shared, and…the result is, the very first ask.fm spam crisis was born, and it also marked a turning point as the crisis opened a new platform for the trolls to annoy me. I doubt, this was made possible by the fact that most of the trolls have finished all of their IGCSE exams by then, so they have lots of free time. The crisis was brought to an end when, due to pressures from some of my friends, I disabled my account for a while.

Sixth trolls campaign, the second  and the third ask.fm spam crises: September 13, 2013 to June 20, 2014

Once again, new academic year, new trolls campaign arrives. This time, however, the rumor did not originate in the school or from Facebook, but rather, from ask.fm. By this time, the trolls have started taking advantage of the fact that they’ll be anonymous when posting on my ask.fm, to annoy me as I will not be able to trace them. Not long after, a second ask.fm spam crisis hits, taking advantage of a news report of a fire somewhere in Bangkok. Basically, the trolls falsified the news and blaming me for starting the blaze, which is unquestionably false, and I viewed it as a propaganda by the trolls. The timing was also questionable, because…why would they want to do it on a holiday? The answer is, they want to spoil my Pattaya trip. This crisis was not brought to an end until mid November or so. In March, I saw at least 2 attempts to start a new trolls campaign, but as it turns out the trolls didn’t really put much effort into making it happen. Then, in May, the third ask.fm spam crisis hits, this time the trolls exploited my views on a certain section of the Thai criminal code and turn it into a propaganda to annoy me. One of my friend in year 10 back then attempted to intervene, but the attempt was short-lived as the campaign resumed on the night of the military coup, continuing on to the next day when the school was closed, though the crisis was short-lived either.

Prototype for the seventh trolls campaign: June 20, 2014 to October 29/November 12, 2014

This was perhaps another prototype trolls campaign that was triggered in school. It was triggered when the trolls used pressure tactics to force me to reveal the name of my best friends who were in year 7 at the time. As a result, this prototype trolls campaign was the first where the girl the trolls claimed that I like was not in my year; not 1 or 2 years younger, but 5! But the good news is that, the trolls have not managed to spread it outside of year 12 ; otherwise this would have turned into the full seventh trolls campaign already! I doubt, this was the consequence of me adopting an open friendship system. Inevitably this was the result of an incident on April Fools Day that resulted in a ban on the usage of my tutor base during lunch. Thus, I have a feeling that this prototype trolls campaign and the incident was somewhat related, and the person who precipitated the incident have probably been asked by the trolls to do so as part of their plans to launch a new trolls campaign. In the end, however, as year 13 began, the trolls did not make much attempt to turn this prototype trolls campaign into a full one.

Seventh trolls campaign and the fourth ask.fm spam crisis: October 29/November 12, 2014 to April 24, 2015

This was the final trolls campaign, and this campaign witnessed a number of new and unusual ways that the trolls have used to annoy me. As the trolls knew that it’s their last chance to get me, they decided to start using physical means to annoy me. The seventh trolls campaign itself began either on October 29th or November 12th, as on both days there were new rumors, although traces of this could be found as early as October 17th, or even going back as early as a wave of ask.fm spam that hit me in mid July. This seventh trolls campaign also confirmed my fear that the next trolls campaign will involve people in younger years, although to my relieve, the girl the trolls claimed that I like was only 2 years younger than me, but nonetheless the campaign itself was annoying. To my surprise, the trolls appeared to have abandoned this rumor altogether when 2015 starts. As time was running out, they decided to use a combination of pressure, threats and intimidation tactics to force me to cave into their demands, or to force me to say things that they desire. A new wave of ask.fm spam crisis also hits, this time the campaign was so bad that, I have to make a decisive decision to disable my account permanently, although this was also due to pressures from my friends and a teacher who eventually found out about it, but this is a good thing because now the trolls can no longer annoy me anonymously, and just the last week, there were no new activities at all as most, or indeed all members of the trolls decided to go on an early study leave.

To summarize, the long struggle against the trolls was inconclusive, as I wasn’t able to bring the trolls down, but the trolls wasn’t able to destroy me completely as well.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

What’s up…

Hey guys;

So, it’s been a good while since I last posted. Once again, I’m either too busy with IB, or just too lazy to post.

Since I last posted, there has been a number of events. Songkran holiday came and has just ended. Color Run event was done, and the Songkran celebration came and went on April 3rd. The trolls also showed signs of activity, but they have not launch anything major.

Let’s start with the Songkran celebration…the celebration this year was great, just like last year. Like always, the whole school assembly opens the day, followed by offerings to the monk, of which I participated and the blessings, of which I also participated. During break there was a fun game but I didn’t participate.

The real fun part was in the afternoon, of which I decided to sacrifice a period of English so that I can attend the water fight event in the field. It was amazing, and for me this year was special as it’s the very last time that I’ll get to attend Songkran celebration at STA. Despite criticisms from some of my friends, I went ahead with the water fight anyway, because…why not? It’s Thai tradition and I felt that it is my duty, as a Thai national, to preserve Thai traditions and customs, despite looming IB exams. 35 minutes of English revision is no big deal, and I can always make up for that by creating revision notes. And since I’m not aiming for 35 or higher, there’s no need for me to create fancy revision notes with amazing quotations that will get me a perfect 7 in English paper 2.

Songkran holiday was as boring as always, although I do have a good time with 2 family feasts and an amazing day playing Songkran at Silom. I took 2-3 days off revision, because…seriously, it’s Thai holiday, no one should be working or studying (revision is considered studying). And…of course, I can always make up time for that during my study leave. Once again, as I’m not aiming for 35 or higher, there’s no need to try and get full 80 marks on Business paper 1. Getting 35-50 marks on that paper should be good enough.

As for the color run, it’s not too bad, but the run itself was rather short, but still fun nonetheless.

Now, the trolls…they tried to annoy me before the holiday, but they didn’t achieve anything big, and…I doubt, with 4 days remaining, they won’t be able to get much done. Once Friday is over, I’ll be fully liberated from the trolls once and for all, and…after that date I may as well publish another timeline summary of the trolls. April 24th would also mark the end of the seventh trolls campaign, which have been on-going since October or November 2014.

Now, looking forward to the future…until June, the only events that I’m looking forward to is graduation ceremony and senior prom. The second half is kind of filled with uncertainties, but Halloween Carnival will be one of the events (yes, I’m going to visit STA on that day). Of course, any fun events at university, such as residential trips are always a possibility.

Anyways, that’s it for now…